Tarcutta General Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Angel	Eric Leslie		26 Apr 1974	71y	h/Mary Ann Beatrice	Ang	D12	
Angel	Mary Ann Beatrice		22 Oct 1986	84y	née Rodd; w/Eric Leslie	Ang	D13	
Archer	Elizabeth		16 Apr 1910	58y	née Halloran; w/John; mother	RC	O6	
Archer	John		13 Jan 1938	87y	h/Elizabeth; father	RC	O7	
Ashton	Stanley Richard	8 Aug 1925	1 Jun 1993		h/Wilma Meryl; father	RC	Q11	
Baker	Valma Janette	10 Dec 1928	2 Mar 1987		née Williams; w/Geoffrey Roddick; mother	Ang	B22	
Beale	Heather Joyce	18 Nov 1949	12 Nov 1998		née White	Ang	K20	
Beattie	Ethel May		26 Oct 1985	87y	née Brown; w/Leslie James	Ang	C13	
Beattie	Gary Hall		12 Feb 1970	39y	h/Rowena; father	Ang	C12	
Beattie	Leslie James		14 May 1962	74y	h/Ethel May	Ang	C13	
Belling	Annie Jean		16 Jul 1972	76y	née Hillam; w/Arthur Bertram	Mth	E1	
Belling	Arthur Bertram		31 Jul 1974	81y	h/Annie Jean	Mth	E2	
Belling	Joan	27 Jun 1936	30 Mar 1993		née Griffiths; w/Rodger; mother	Mth	E3	
Bennett	Rhonda Mary	9 Mar 1945	15 Aug 1945		dau/Michael Leonard & Maizie	RC	O4	
Blackburn	Brian Henry	1931	1994		h/Patricia May; father	Ang	E19	
Blackburn	Patricia May	1935	1997		née Fox; w/Brian Henry; mother; gm	Ang	E19	
Bowen	Eva Ellen		4 Feb 1950	75y	w/William; mother	Ang	E7	
Bowen	Gladys Irene	26 Dec 1905	8 Jun 1997		née Hilton; w/William Thomas; mother	Ang	F1	
Bowen	Terry John	7 Sep 1975	28 Aug 1994		son/Dennis & Gayle; brother	Ang	I11	
Bowen	William		6 Oct 1951	87y	h/Eva Ellen; father	Ang	E6	
Bowes	Maud Lilian		1 Nov 1979	84y	née Paton; w/Thomas Dockeray	RC	Q23	
Bowes	Thomas Dockeray		7 Jun 1959	72y	son/Joseph & Eliza; h/Maud Lilian	RC	P19	
Bowman	Emily Jane		30 Aug 1957	61y	née Griffiths; w/Henry Whitelow; mother	Mth	C1	
Bowman	Heather Bell	20 Sep 1920	18 Oct 1995			Mth	B1	
Bowman	Henry Whitelow		2 Mar 1961	80y	h/Emily Jane; father	Mth	C1	
Brookes	Elsa Mary	20 Feb 1917	2 Jul 1989		née Schirmer; w/Trevor Broughton	Ang	C20	
Brookes	Trevor Broughton	31 Oct 1908	15 Feb 1996		or Brooks; h/Elsa Mary	Ang	C21	
Brown	Annie Adeline		25 Apr 1987	77y	née Rodd; w/Edward William; mother	Ang	E13	
Brown	C		no date			Ang	A1	
Brown	David Bruce		21 Aug 1982	17y	son; brother; acc. killed	Ang	G9	
Brown	Edward William (Ted)		21 Jun 1977	78y	h/Annie Adeline; father	Ang	E12	
Brown	Emelia May		30 Oct 1970	80y		Mth	B4	
Brown	Emily Ester		26 Aug 1971	93y	née Smith; w/Samuel	Ang	B13	
Brown	Frazer Claud Haysting	10 May 1913	1 Sep 1988	75y	h/Mona Bessie Olive; father	Ang	A25	
Brown	Frederick		17 Nov 1948	62y	son/Thomas & Janet; brother	Ang	B8	
Brown	James	28 Oct 1873	3 Mar 1933		h/Louisa Emily	Ang	A3	
Brown	Jean		14 Apr 2000		née Champion; w/Norman Clarence; marker	Ang	F17	
Brown	John		22 Mar 1947	57y	husband; father	Mth	B4	
Brown	Joshua		24 Dec 1933	57y	h/Sarah Anne; father	Ang	B2	
Brown	Louisa Emily	19 Sep 1874	21 Jan 1959		née Collins; w/James	Ang	A4	
Brown	Mary Kathleen Enid		23 Jun 1999	86y	née Folley; w/Robert Daniel Joshua; mother; gm	RC	S19	
Brown	Mary May		27 Dec 1926	15y	dau/Joshua & Sarah Anne	Ang	A8	
Brown	Mona Bessie Olive	30 Jun 1920	12 Mar 2000	79y	née Wilson; w/Frazer Claud Haysting; mother	Ang	A26	
Brown	Norman Clarence (Bill)		17 Jan 1991		h/Jean; marker	Ang	F16	
Brown	Phillip		1 Aug 1956	67y	son/Thomas & Janet; father; brother	Ang	B12	
Brown	Robert Daniel Joshua		7 Feb 1992	84y	h/Mary Kathleen Enid; father; gf	RC	S20	
Brown	Samuel		18 Jul 1957	87y	h/Emily Ester	Ang	B14	
Brown	Sarah Anne		9 Mar 1941	57y	née Rooney; w/Joshua; mother	Ang	B3	
Brown	Victor	1915	1915	Inf	son/Joshua & Sarah Anne	Ang	A9	
Brown	W J		no date			Ang	C15	
Brown	William		3 Oct 1939	84y	son/William & Charlotte	Ang	A12	
Brown	William John		19 Sep 1964	44y		Mth	B5	
Buckley	Emily Amelia		9 Apr 1944	64y	w/Henry George (d. 10 Apr 1945 82y)	Ang	M6	
Buckley	Stephen John		30 Oct 1971		son/Henry George & Emily	Ang	K6	
Burgan	Edward Jacob		1944		h/Elizabeth Simpson	Ang	B6	
Burgun	Elizabeth Simpson		8 Aug 1959	72y	née Brown; w/Edward Jacob; mother	Ang	B11	
Burgun	Elsie Jane	16 Jun 1912	13 May 1991		née Rodd; w/Sidney Sterriet	Ang	C10	
Burgun	Sidney Sterriet		20 Jun 1976	56y	h/Elsie Jane	Ang	C11	
Burt	Jeffrey Alton		6 Nov 1986	67y	h/Marjorie Evelyn; father	Ang	L2	
Burt	Marjorie Evelyn		16 Aug 1963	47y	née Grinham; w/Jeffrey Alton; mother	Ang	L1	
Bye	Gladys Violet		12 Jan 1987	86y	née Crichton; w/John James; mother	Ang	N10	
Bye	John Frederick		12 Apr 1948	22y	son/John James & Gladys Violet	Ang	N11	
Bye	John James		13 Feb 1974	71y	h/Gladys Violet; father	Ang	N10	
Carlo	Albert Oliver		13 Nov 1958	41y	son/Charles & Mary Ann Sarah	RC	O22	
Carlo	Charles		9 Dec 1928	55y	h/Mary Ann Sarah; father	RC	O24	
Carlo	John Robert		2 Aug 1943	39y	son/Charles & Mary Ann Sarah	RC	O23	
Carlo	Mary Ann Sarah		17 Oct 1945	72y	w/Charles; mother	Ang	N23	
Carmody	Michael Bernard		21 Jan 1914	45y	son/John & Bridget	RC	O15	
Cassie	Mabel Davinia		6 Dec 1964		w/Frederick; mother	Ang	L7	
Cassie	Moyra Anne Alice		27 Jul 1997			Ang	L8	
Cheney	Elizabeth		20 Aug 1962	85y	w/Joseph David; mother	Ang	L6	
Cheney	Joseph David		29 May 1961	79y	h/Elizabeth; father	Ang	L5	
Clemson	??		no date			RC	O20	
Clemson	Agnes May		17 Mar 1956	64y	née Cox; w/George	RC	R2	
Clemson	Herbert Harold		24 Sep 1958	67y	son/Arthur; h/Ida Millicent	RC	O31	
Clemson	Ida Millicent		1 Feb 1982	84y	née Wild; w/Herbert Harold	RC	P32	
Clemson	L		no date			RC	O19	
Coleman	Alice Maud		8 Jul 1940	63y		Ang	M4	
Coleman	Bruce Arthur	30 Apr 1941	3 May 1941		son/Robert Arthur & Gladys Irene	Ang	M3	
Coleman	George		6 Oct 1957	81y	h/Alice Maud; father	Ang	K4	
Coleman	Robert Arthur	1904	1970	66y	son/George & Alice Maud	Ang	K5	
Coleman	Ronald Robert	14 Jun 1932	27 Jun 1993		son/George Clifford & Beryl; h/Shirley; father; gf	Ang	L9	
Coleman	Shirley	23 Jul 1982	2 Sep 2005			Ang	L10	
Collins	Jane		17 Nov 1923	83y	née Piper; w/James	Ang	A5	
Corner	A		no date			RC	O13	
Cotterell	Lindsay Mark		1956	Inf	son/Lindsay & Lola Berice	RC	P24	
Cowell	C		7 Jun 2000			Ang	H5	
Cowell	Cecelia May		31 Aug 1934	34y	née Rodd; w/John J; mother	Ang	D6	
Cowell	Stanley Athol		15 Sep 1934	12y	son/John J & Cecelia May	Ang	D7	
Cox	Bartholomew		24 Dec 1958	65y	h/Annie M (née Hilton)	RC	R3	
Cox	Emily Jane		13 Dec 1938	75y	w/John Joseph; mother	RC	R1	
Cox	John Joseph		7 Apr 1942	81y	h/Emily Jane; father	RC	R1	
Cutler	Mary		29 Dec 1957	84y	née Reardon; w/Richard	Ang	I3	
Cutler	Richard		7 Feb 1945	77y	h/Mary	Ang	I2	
Delaney	Matthew		13 Dec 1923	48y	son/Matthew & Kate	RC	O29	
Donohoe	Gordon Bede		6 Aug 1934	18y	son/Charles M & Mary A	RC	P9	
Donovan	Janie		27 Aug 1976	93y	née Bye; w/John Joseph	Ang	M21	
Donovan	John Joseph		6 Sep 1935	56y	h/Janie	RC	O21	
Earle	Pauline May (Betty)		22 Sep 1946		dau/Harold & Agnes	RC	Q7	
Edwards	George H (Pat)		24 Apr 1982			Ang	M16	
Edwards	George Henry		16 Nov 1915	77y		Ang	N18	
Edwards	George Henry		1949	64y	son/George	Ang	N18	
Eeles	Mable Amelia		14 Sep 1902		dau/Daniel & Fannie	Ang	N7	
Egan	Annie Josephine		26 Apr 1971	68y	dau/Michael	RC	Q8	
Egan	Baby		no date	Inf		RC	R8	
Egan	Michael		7 Jul 1936	72y	son/William & Anne	RC	Q1	
Fay	Baby		no date	Inf		RC	O1	
Fellows	Baby		no date	Inf		RC	O5	
Fielder	Jean Elizabeth	22 Feb 1928	20 Dec 2002			Ang	H7	
Folley	Charles Wilfred		6 May 2004	82y	father	RC	T7	
Folley	G A		2 Jun 2003			RC	T6	
Folley	Isabel Sarah		11 Mar 2000		née Hilton; w/Thomas Edwin	RC	P1	
Folley	Kathleen Clara		26 Sep 1954	78y	née Archer; w/William John; mother	RC	O2	
Folley	Thomas Edwin		29 Mar 1985	68y	h/Isabel Sarah	RC	P2	
Folley	William John		9 Feb 1946	69y	h/Kathleen Clara; father	Ang	N2	
Fox	George Stephen	1908	21 Aug 1988		h/Emma A (née Spring)	Ang	A24	
Glasson	Violet Frances		5 Apr 1979	78y	née Winterbottom; w/William Henry	Ang	M21	
Glasson	William Henry		30 Dec 1957	65y	h/Violet Frances	Ang	M22	
Graham	Esma Lyla		26 Jun 1986	78y	née Cutler; w/Samuel Alexander C	Ang	I5	
Graham	Samuel Alexander C		1 Jul 1973	68y	h/Esma Lyla	Ang	I4	
Griffiths	William Henry		3 Jan 1965	74y	son/John & Jane; brother	Ang	A21	
Halloran	Catherine Ann		16 Apr 1963	16y	dau/James Patrick & Gertrude Mary	RC	T1	
Hamilton	Toby George		6 Apr 1999	s.b.	son/Jacko & Veronica; brother	Ang	E20	
Hardwick	E		no date			Ang	J10	
Hardwick	Gentilla Agnes		25 Feb 1954	62y	dau/George William & Julia	RC	P8	
Harris	William		29 Sep 1906	75y		Ang	N1	
Hartnett	Bertha		30 Nov 1973	76y	née Whiting; w/Fredrick Ernest	Ang	C17	
Hartnett	Eunice Mary	5 Jan 1924	9 Oct 1998	74y	née Keen; w/Harold Mervyn; mother	RC	U15	
Hartnett	Fredrick Ernest		4 Sep 1969	83y	h/Bertha	Ang	C17	
Hartnett	Harold Mervyn	6 Sep 1919	19 Sep 1995		h/Eunice; father	RC	U16	
Harvey	G		no date			RC	P8	
Hibberson	B		no date			RC	Q3	
Hilton	Albert Edwin	6 May 1902	30 Sep 1979		h/Eileen Agnes; father	RC	S7	
Hilton	Amy Jane		22 Apr 1978	74y	née Brown; w/Edwin James; mother	Ang	B9	
Hilton	Baby		no date	Inf		Ang	E1	
Hilton	Catherine M G	1893	1893	Inf	dau/John Thomas & Mary Jane	Ang	C4	
Hilton	E		no date			Ang	B1	
Hilton	Edwin James		27 Sep 1954	57y	h/Amy Jane; father	Ang	C9	
Hilton	Edwin Percival		2 May 1992	68y	h/Elma Merle; father; gf	Ang	D14	
Hilton	Eileen Agnes		8 Nov 1966	64y	née Packett; w/Albert Edwin	RC	S6	
Hilton	Eliza Ann		6 May 1973	91y	née Cottam; w/Joseph; mother	Ang	D2	
Hilton	Elma Merle		9 Aug 1970	50y	née Lovekin; w/Edwin Percival; mother	Ang	D14	
Hilton	Emily Ann		8 Oct 1968	96y	née Brown; w/George; mother	Ang	C8	
Hilton	George		19 Sep 1947	77y	h/Emily Ann; father	Ang	C7	
Hilton	Isabella		29 Nov 1902		née Eeles; w/Joseph; mother	Ang	N6	
Hilton	John		30 Oct 1916	74y6m	h/Mary	Ang	C1	
Hilton	John Thomas		26 Apr 1944	80y	h/Mary Jane; father	Ang	C5	
Hilton	Joseph		25 Feb 1942	68y	h/Eliza Ann; father	Ang	D3	
Hilton	Louis Jane		4 Sep 1923	43y	dau/John & Mary Hilton	Ang	C3	
Hilton	Mary		10 Jun 1930	85y4m	née Warren; w/John	Ang	C2	
Hilton	Mary Jane		5 Nov 1946	77y	née Collins; w/John Thomas; mother	Ang	C6	
Hilton	Trevor John		23 May 1990	55y		Ang	E18	
Hussell	Erris Lyla	16 Jun 1929	14 Jun 1993		née Sharp; w/Victor Roy	Ang	I7	
Ingram	Andrew		18 Jul 1964	91y	son/Andrew & Ellen; h/Maud; father	Ang	A2	
Ingram	C		no date			RC	P5	
Ingram	Francis Bernard		2 Jul 1970	63y	son/Andrew & Maude	RC	Q16	
Ingram	Geoffrey Vernon (Geoff)	9 Mar 1944	30 Dec 1985	41y	h/Robyn; father	RC	R15	
Ingram	Herbert Vernon (Vern)	3 Apr 1911	14 Sep 1989		h/Martha Hannah (née Cheney); father	RC	S16	
Ingram	J		no date			RC	P4	
Ingram	Laurence Brantford		22 Apr 1985	72y	h/Ruby Isabel	RC	Q13	
Ingram	Maud		20 Nov 1946	64y	née Brown; w/Andrew; mother	Ang	A2	
Ingram	Ruby Isabel	5 Oct 1920	8 Mar 1998	77y	née Jones; w/Laurence Brantford	RC	Q14	
Ingram	Thomas		8 Nov 1968	90y	son/Andrew & Helen	RC	Q16	
Jackson	Austin		4 Jun 1916		son/Thomas & Charlotte; brother	Ang	K1	
Jackson	Edith		3 Feb 1923	20y	dau/Thomas & Charlotte E Jackson; sister	Ang	K2	
Jolly	Patricia Jean	14 Jan 1943	23 Dec 1996	52y	w/Robert Cecil; mother	Ang	H3	
Jolly	Robert Cecil (Bob)	15 Sep 1936	10 May 2006	70y	h/Patricia Jean; father	Ang	H4	
Jones	Claude Isadore		24 Mar 1993	75y		RC	Q25	
Jones	Ivy		4 Aug 1986	69y	née McPherson; w/Thomas Henry	Ang	B18	
Jones	James		13 Dec 1954	89y		Ang	A17	
Jones	Sophia		8 Apr 1951	81y		Ang	A16	
Jones	Thomas Henry		31 Jan 1960		h/Ivy	Ang	B17	
Justice	Philip		9 Feb 1927	80y	h/Sophia	RC	O8	
Justice	Sophia		20 May 1948	92y	née Brown; w/Philip	RC	O9	
Kay	Allan		16 Aug 1979	75y	h/Vida May	Ang	F12	
Kay	Vida May		9 Oct 2000	87y	née Hawkins; w/Allan	Ang	F13	
Larkin	R J		no date			RC	P23	
Lewin	Edward Ernest	13 May 1909	4 Jan 2003		h/Irene Frances	Ang	I9	
Lewin	Irene Frances	14 Sep 1921	10 Sep 1990		née Gill; w/Edward Ernest	Ang	I8	
Lovekin	Eric Thomas	4 Apr 1926	2 May 1994		h/Lerylene; father	RC	R8	
Luke	C T		29 Aug 2001		ashes	RC	T2	
McAlister	Elizabeth Mildred		9 Dec 1970	88y	née Larkin; w/Michael Joseph	RC	Q6	
McAlister	Michael Joseph		24 Dec 1942	71y	h/Elizabeth Mildred	RC	Q5	
McCallum	Kevin Charles	29 May 1937	21 Aug 1998		h/Nyharie; father	Ang	I13	
McConville	Patrick Joseph (Paddy)		9 Oct 1990	100y		RC	R18	
McInerney	G (Mr)		no date			RC	O14	
McInerney	P (Mrs)		no date			RC	O14	
McPherson	Alexander		25 Jul 1955	84y	h/Ellen; father	Ang	M7	
McPherson	Allan Richard		2 Jul 1949	43y	son/Alexander & Ellen	Ang	M10	
McPherson	Charles Arthur		5 Aug 1978	59y	h/Thelma Agnes	Ang	M11	
McPherson	Ellen		29 Oct 1947	67y	w/Alexander; mother	Ang	M8	
McPherson	Ernest James		27 Feb 1985	72y		Ang	D18	
McPherson	Thelma Agnes		27 Aug 2001	81y	née Pigram; w/Charles Arthur	Ang	M12	
Middleton	Myrtle Irene		2 Nov 1947	37y	dau/Alexander Helen & Thurza	Ang	M9	
Moffett	Betty Esme	1 Jul 1924	25 Jul 1993	69y	w/Patrick Keith; mother	Ang	I10	
Morriss	Myra Janet		1 Sep 1970	84y	dau/William & Evelyn	Mth	C4	
Murdoch	Frances Therese	2 Nov 1917	4 Jul 1963		née Ostini; w/John	RC	S5	
Nugent	Allan David		10 Aug 1988	76y	h/Ileen G (née Harvey)	RC	R16	
Nugent	Appolonia Annie Maria		8 Oct 1973	93y	née Justice; w/Peter Henry Richard	RC	P13	
Nugent	Edward		20 Oct 1963	74y	son/James & Ellen	RC	Q21	
Nugent	Ellen		25 Jun 1918	54y	née Hartnett; w/James; mother	RC	O17	
Nugent	James		26 Nov 1940	83y	h/Ellen; father	RC	O18	
Nugent	James	30 Jun 1837	31 May 1970	82y	h/Mary May; father	RC	P15	
Nugent	John William		21 Dec 1950	26y	son/James & Mary May	RC	P17	
Nugent	M P		no date			RC	Q20	
Nugent	Mary May	6 Feb 1900	18 Nov 1959	59y	née Harmer; w/James; mother	RC	P16	
Nugent	Peter Henry Richard		16 Mar 1955	80y	h/Appolonia Annie Maria	RC	P12	
Nugent	Thomas	9 Jul 1894	27 Jul 1947	53y	son/James & Ellen	RC	O16	
O'Keefe	C		no date	Inf		Ang	N33	
O'Loughlin	J		no date			RC	O30	
Paton	Andrew		8 Jun 1952	44y	son/Andrew & Mary Ann S	Ang	M19	
Paton	Edmund		9 Dec 1964	71y	son/Andrew & Mary Ann Sarah	RC	P20	
Paton	Nellie Maude		15 Feb 1956	61y	née Jackson; w/William James	Ang	M17	
Paton	Thomas		9 Sep 1951	52y	son/Andrew & Mary Ann Sarah	Ang	N24	
Paton	Venus Unita		20 Aug 1961	58y	née Pike; w/Thomas	Ang	M20	
Paton	Victor George	1925	26 Jul 1996			Ang	I12	
Paton	Violet Alice May	22 Sep 1900	21 Dec 1999		née Jones; w/Edmund (Boy); mother	RC	Q24	
Paton	William James		22 Oct 1952	56y	h/Nellie Maude	Ang	M18	
Plum	Jean Marie	11 Mar 1927	2 Apr 1995		née Whiticker; w/Raymond; mother	RC	S21	
Podmore	George Henry		8 Jul 1922	83y	h/Mary Ann; father	Ang	J2	
Podmore	James Frederick		8 May 1956	81y	h/Susan Matilda	Ang	J3	
Podmore	Mary Ann		4 Apr 1917	66y	née Cooper; w/George Henry; mother	Ang	J1	
Podmore	Susan Matilda		7 Oct 1978	78y	née Winterbottom; w/James Frederick	Ang	J3	
Pollock	Florence May		1 Jan 1984	86y	née Jones; w/James	Ang	B19	
Pollock	James		3 Jun 1979	88y	h/Florence May	Ang	B20	
Portors	Alexander		19 Feb 1960		son/George & Mary Ann	Ang	L4	
Portors	Evelyn Alice		25 Oct 1946	44y	dau/George & Alice	Ang	M5	
Pulcell	T		no date			RC	O25	
Reardon	Susan		15 Dec 1911	63y	w/John; mother	Ang	I1	
Richardson	Baby		no date	Inf		RC	P25	
Roche	Sarah Georgina		5 Aug 1941	57y	dau/James Frederick M & Hannah	RC	Q4	
Rodd	Alfred Arnold		30 Sep 1973	66y	son/James & Elizabeth Ann; h/Ethel Caroline	Ang	D10	
Rodd	Amanda E		1918		bur. Bathurst	Ang	M1	
Rodd	Claude		22 Jan 1982	63y	h/Gwen (née Whiticker); father	Ang	G4	
Rodd	Dolly	6 Aug 1897	24 Jan 1990		née Paton; w/Ephraim James; mother	Ang	E16	
Rodd	Elizabeth Ann		28 Jan 1949	76y	née Hilton; w/James; mother	Ang	D9	
Rodd	Ephraim	1835	1915		son/James & Amanda E	Ang	M1	
Rodd	Ephraim James (Jim)		11 Mar 1988		h/Dolly; father	Ang	E15	
Rodd	Ethel Caroline	31 Oct 1904	11 Nov 1987		née Taylor; w/Alfred Arnold	Ang	D11	
Rodd	Frederick		20 Mar 1967	51y	son/Hiram Sylvester & Mary Maud	Ang	F3	
Rodd	Hiram Sylvester		19 Aug 1942	63y	h/Mary Maud; father	Ang	E4	
Rodd	James		25 Feb 1939	70y	h/Elizabeth Ann; father	Ang	D8	
Rodd	Joseph Henry		1 Jun 1968	65y	h/Sabina Elenia	Ang	E11	
Rodd	Leslie Edwin		31 Jan 1963	55y	son/Hiram Sylvester & Mary Maud	Ang	F4	
Rodd	Marguerita		4 May 1964	52y	dau/Charles & Mary Ann S	Ang	F4	
Rodd	Mary Maud		10 Oct 1927	45y	née Hilton; w/Hiram Sylvester; mother	Ang	D4	
Rodd	Sabina Elenia		8 Mar 1969	73y	née Cutler; w/Joseph Henry; mother	Ang	E10	
Rodd	Stanley Thomas		6 Oct 1980	75y	son/Hiram Sylvester & Mary Maud	Ang	F6	
Rodd	Vernon		5 Sep 1991	68y		Ang	G5	
Rodd	William Sylvester		24 Nov 1933	32y	son/Hiram Sylvester & Mary Maud; brother	Ang	D5	
Ryan	Violet Irene		29 Jul 1978			RC	T5	
Ryder	Bartholomew Joseph		5 Nov 1914		b. Gort Ire; h/Bridget	RC	O10	
Ryder	Bridget		27 Oct 1919	75y	née Cunningham; w/Bartholomew	RC	O12	
Shoemark	Benjamin		8 Jun 1949	72y	h/Selina Levina	Ang	N26	
Shoemark	Clarence R		20 Feb 1920	9y	son/Benjamin & Selina Levina	Ang	N28	
Shoemark	Mary L	1907	1984		née Howarth; w/Victor Sinclair John	Ang	N29	
Shoemark	Selina Levina		1 May 1966	83y	née Cheney; w/Benjamin	Ang	N27	
Shoemark	Victor Sinclair John	1907	1958		h/Mary L	Ang	N29	
Stanton	Henry Phillip	1908	1987		h/Mavis Winifred (née Armour)	Ang	A22	
Symons	James		21 May 1915		father	Mth	D2	
Symons	John Ormsby		22 Feb 1959		son/James & Katherine	Mth	D2	
Symons	Kathrine Georgina		8 May 1967	87y		Mth	D3	
Taylor	Harry		no date		h/Ettie	Ang	E3	
Tobin	Charles Edward		1 Jan 1972	72y	h/Doris Lavenia; father	RC	Q10	
Tobin	Charles John		17 Nov 1956	23y	son/Charles Edward & Doris Lovenia	RC	Q9	
Tobin	Doris Lavenia		4 Aug 1968	61y	née Hilton; w/Charles Edward; mother	RC	Q10	
Watson	Eric John		19 Apr 2005	78y	h/Barbara Joan (née Worldon)	Ang	F11	
White	Annie	27 Jan 1909	31 Jul 1987		w/James Horace; mother	Mth	B8	
White	Elizabeth		4 Oct 1936	79y	w/James; mother	Mth	A3	
White	Elizabeth Anne		30 Dec 1969	23y	dau/James Horace & Annie White; acc. killed	Mth	B6	
White	George		17 May 1967	75y	h/Thelma Gwendoline	Ang	K20	
White	James		18 Apr 1899	48y	h/Elizabeth; father	Mth	A3	
White	James Horace		12 Apr 1972		h/Annie; father	Mth	B7	
White	John		7 Jun 1950		son/James & Elizabeth	Ang	A15	
White	Joseph Henry		8 Apr 1974	78y	son/James	Mth	B9	
White	Samantha Lee		2 Mar 1981		child	Ang	I6	
White	Samuel David		17 Aug 1979	82y	son/James & Elizabeth	Mth	A4	
White	Thelma Gwendoline	1910	1989		née Smith; w/George	Ang	K20	
White	Walter	16 Sep 1885	14 Apr 1959		son/James & Elizabeth	Ang	B16	
Whiting	Annie Lillian		20 Jun 1998	99y10m	née Cox; w/Mervyn	RC	R5	
Whiting	Mervyn		1 Jun 1967	71y	h/Annie Lillian	RC	R4	
Whitley	Mavis Rosalie		Oct 2001		née/prev Cotter/Bunter; w/William Mervyn	Ang	C19	
Whitley	William Mervyn		26 Jul 1985	70y	h/Mavis Rosalie; father	Ang	C18	
Wild	Arthur John		12 Jun 1980	69y	h/Dorothy Edith	Ang	N32	
Wild	Baby		no date	Inf		Ang	M2	
Wild	Dorothy Edith		4 Jun 1994	82y	née Warren; w/Arthur John	Ang	N31	
Wild	Evelyn Rosie		25 Jun 1975	93y	née Cooper; w/George; mother	RC	O34	
Wild	George		17 Apr 1944	66y	h/Evelyn Rosie; father	RC	O33	
Wild	John		20 May 1949	81y	h/Sarah Jane	RC	O32	
Wild	Lottie Victoria	3 Sep 1901	25 Feb 1942	40y	née Brown; w/William G; mother	Ang	B4	
Wild	Sarah Jane	17 Apr 1875	24 Feb 1968		née Cooper; w/John	RC	O32	
Wild	Thomas J		12 Dec 1925		son/John & Anne	RC	O26	
Willis	Arthur Thomas		1 Dec 1952	76y	son/Frederick & Hannah; h/Margaret	Ang	A18	
Willis	Errol Arlan		17 Jun 2002		h/Tessabel May	Ang	F15	
Willis	Margaret		6 Feb 1966	91y	née O'Keeffe; w/Arthur Thomas	Ang	A19	
Willis	Tessabel May (Tessa)	27 Jul 1934	6 Dec 1991	57y	née Kay; w/Errol Arlan	Ang	F14	
Wilson	John Frazer		22 Aug 1920	62y	son/David & Euphemia	Ang	A10	
Worldon	Arthur		31 May 1979	75y	h/Vivian Maud; father	Ang	F7	
Worldon	Arthur William		5 Mar 1975	42y	son/Arthur & Vivian Maud	Ang	F9	
Worldon	Vivian Maud		3 Nov 1965	62y	née Rodd; w/Arthur; mother	Ang	F8

NSW Cemeteries

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