Somerton General Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Baker	James		no date		no details			
Cameron	Hugh A		29 Mar 1889	60y	d. Somerton; parents unknown			
Chaffey	Evelyn Olive		20 Apr 1951	56y	née Woolaston; w/Ernest Alfred			
Coombes	Hannah		23 Mar 1909	37y	dau/Jonathan & Mary			
Goodwin	Ruby		12 Aug 1901	2days	dau/George & Mary			
Maxwell	David James	17 Apr 1863	17 Feb 1908	42y	b. Co Kilskeery Ire; son/William A & Alicia			
Setchfield	Martha		28 Oct 1899	74y	w/Martin; mother			
Urquhart	Clara		20 Jan 1898	33y	dau/Thomas & Elizabeth			
Verrier	Mary Anne		16 Dec 1917	75y	w/William; mother			
Verrier	William		no date		h/Mary Anne; father			
Wood	Eliza		16 Nov 1922	75y	dau/Samuel & Mary A			
Wood	Frederick		Feb 1913	5mths	son/William J & Jessie G			
Wood	John		8 Aug 1923	77y	d. Manilla; parents unknown			
Woolaston	Alice Evelyn		18 Aug 1944	82y	née Bignall; w/George Thomas; mother			
Woolaston	George Ernest		8 Feb 1890	1y10m	son/George T & Alice Evelyn			
Woolaston	George Thomas		9 Sep 1929	71y	h/Alice Evelyn; father			
Woolaston	Gordon		24 Sep 1910	7y10m	son/George Thomas & Alice Evelyn			
Woolaston	John Charles		23 Aug 1922	57y	son/Thomas & Mary Ann; h/Edith Louisa (née Stringer); father			
Woolaston	Mary Ann		11 Oct 1905	70y	w/John C; mother			
Woolaston	Muriel Ida		24 Dec 1902	2wks	dau/John Charles & Edith Louisa			
Woolaston	Samuel John		17 Mar 1901	40y	h/Jane (née Walsh); father			
Woolaston	Thomas		9 Dec 1891	83y	h/Mary Ann; father			
Woolaston	Thomas Claverdon	4 Feb 1868	11 May 1886	18y5m	son/Thomas & Mary Ann

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