Pinkett Catholic Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Heidemanns	Leopold	1 Dec 1914	24 Aug 1966		husband; father; gf			
Newberry	Dennis Patrick	11 Oct 1962	1 Aug 1964		son/Lancelot Kennedy & Yvonne Hazel			
Newberry	Genevieve Valerie		20 Aug 1987	73y	w/Thomas Walter; mother			
Newberry	Jeffrey William		1 Dec 1950	17mths	son/Arthur Amos & Edna Joan			
Newberry	Mary Jane		26 Apr 1977	86y	née Meehan; w/Patrick; mother			
Newberry	Patrick		12 Oct 1950	76y	h/Mary Jane; father			
Newberry	Thomas Gerard		21 Jul 1946	Inf	son/Thomas Walter & Genevieve Valerie			
Newberry	Thomas Walter		26 Aug 1982	68y	h/Genevieve Valerie; father			
Walsh	Anthea Newbury		27 Oct 1964	Inf	dau/Robert & Gabrielle

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