Paddys Gully Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	Images
Campbell	Alexander	27 Sep 1870	5 Nov 1908		b. Inverell; son/Henry & Jane Wallace; killed by lightning; unmarked			
Campbell	Henry		30 Mar 1909	76y	son/James & Mary; h/Jane Wallace (née Ure); father; unmarked			
Campbell	Mary Ann	1878	26 Sep 1923		née Penson; w/Henry			
Newby	George Walker		17 Apr 1889	4y7m	son/William J & Margaret Knox; bur. Paddys Land			
Newby	Margaret Knox		26 Feb 1901	47y	w/William J; mother; bur. Paddys Land			
Penson	Sydney Wentworth		19 Jan 1915	68y	d. Backwater; son/William V & Eliza A; h/Isabella; father			
Ryan	Edward Mahoney (Ned)	3 Nov 1844	13 Sep 1917		b. Clarence Town; son/Michael; d. Oban			
Ryan	Sarah		15 Jul 1920	71y	née Baker; w/William Wesley & Edward Ryan; mother			
Wesley	William		24 Mar 1904		h/Sarah; father

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