Owens Gap Catholic Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Dick	Maud Mary		20 Feb 1926	32y	née Quinn; w/Alfred Owen			
Quinn	Agnes Jane		18 May 1946	77y	w/Martin James; mother			
Quinn	Albert Patrick		14 Apr 1993	89y	h/Laura Dorothea			
Quinn	Cornelius John		23 Jun 1973	84y	son/Martin James & Agnes Jane			
Quinn	Herbert Denis		9 Sep 1960	61y	h/Leila Jane			
Quinn	Laura Dorothea		3 Apr 1928	24y	née Moylan; w/Albert Patrick			
Quinn	Leila Jane		14 May 1989	81y	née Honguet; w/Herbert Denis			
Quinn	Margaret Jane		6 Apr 1958	61y	dau/Martin James & Agnes Jane			
Quinn	Martin James		4 May 1945	84y	h/Agnes Jane; father			
Quinn	Michael Thomas		9 Jan 1963	67y	son/Martin James & Agnes Jane	

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