Oberon Old Anglican Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Bateman	Mary Ann		21 Jun 1877	65y	d. Oberon; dau/Thomas			
Brien	William		22 May 1882	43y	son/John & Elizabeth			
Campbell	James		26 Jan 1879	88y	son/James & Esther			
Robinson	Jane Margaret		10 Jan 1885	63y	d. Macquarie; with William			
Robinson	William		20 Jan 1887	78y	d. West Macquarie; with Jane Margaret			
S	J		1870		footstone only remains			
S	J		1875?		footstone only remains			
Smith	Harriett Caroline		1871	Inf	dau/William & Emily			
Smith	William Henry		4 Jul 1871	30y	son/William & Mary; h/Emily; father			
Wilson	Alexander		20 Mar 1878	61y	son/James & Ann

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