Oban Station Private Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Bennett	Hugh William		c.1870		unmarked			
Bennett	James Oban	1891	1978		h/Florence (nee Knox) & Rachel Leah; father			
Bennett	James Vivian	4 Jun 1914	4 Jun 1965	51y	son/James Oban & Florence			
Bennett	Rachel Leah	1900	1967		nee Schmutter; w/James Oban			
Bennett	William				unmarked			
Coventry	Andrew		25 Mar 1873	78y	original selector of Oban Stn in 1830; h/Margaret; father; d. Oban Stn			
Coventry	George	2 Sep 1846	26 Feb 1861		son/Andrew & Margaret; brother; d. of broken neck in fall from horse; unmarked			
Coventry	James (Jim)	22 Jan 1850	4 Jul 1929	79y	son/Andrew & Margaret; brother; next to Andrew; unmarked			
Coventry	Margaret		6 Oct 1870	61y	dau/William & Jane; w/Andrew; mother			
Crampton	Thomas John		17 Aug 1913	5y	son/John & Emily			
Francis	George		8 Mar 1922	89y	d. Glen Innes; age poss 69y			
Gardner	William		10 Sep 1860	58y	born Glasgow Scot; d. Oban			
Roberts	Robert Manuel		8 May 1920	90y	son/Robert			
Smoother	Alfred		bef 1900		drowned in Mann River, bringing supplies from Grafton; unmarked			
Thorpe	Eliza		c. 1900		from "Bonnie Gowan"; unmarked			
Unknown	Bob				labourer; unmarked			
Unknown	Frances				kitchen hand; first burial in this cemetery; unmarked

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