Neurea Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row
Cook	John		8 Jan 1886	64y	stonemason; b. England; d. Wellington			
Coulter	Henry		11 Jan 1892	37y	drover; prob b. Victoria; parents' names unknown			
Fletcher	William Watkins		23 May 1898	82y	b. Yorkshire Eng; not married; bur. Bell River homestead			
Gobear	Richard		29 Jul 1870	110y	b. Portugal; over 30 years in Australia			
Watts	Florence Catherine		4 Dec 1885	16mths	b. Black Creek; dau/Reuben & Mary Ann (nee Crane); drowned			
Yuile	Alice		23 Nov 1899	81y	b. Ireland; dau/Alexander McMullen & Alice (nee Mumigal); found dead

NSW Cemeteries

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