Neranie Head Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Bramble	Ernest R	1898	1898		son/John W & Harriett E; brother			
Bramble	Vera J		25 Jan 1917	25y	dau/John W & Harriett E Bramble; sister			
Campbell	Alexander		2 Jul 1910	87y	son/Alexander & Jane; father			
Cheers	Annie		26 Apr 1906	22y	nee Godwin; w/John; mother			
Godwin	George Garlick		19 Aug 1890	87y	son/John & Mary			
Godwin	Lily Jane		26 Aug 1904	11y	dau/Luke J & Elizabeth Mercy			
Godwin	Mary Ann		1 Aug 1886	54y	nee Jones; w/George; mother			
Humphreys	Alfred		14 May 1888	25y7m	son/Robert & Jane			
Newton	William		4 Feb 1907	31y	son/Jacob & Maria; h/Rachel (née Palmer); father			
Patterson	George Henry		21 Oct 1896	12y6m	son/James H & Bina Ann			
Patterson	James H		4 Oct 1894	64y	h/Bina Ann (née Kelsey); father

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