Mount Thorley Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Andrews	Cecile Frances (Merle)		27 Jan 1978	67y	w/Samuel George; mother	Ang		
Andrews	Samuel George		18 Aug 1987	79y	h/Cecile Frances; father	Ang		
Brown	Alfred C		9 Mar 1946	82y	h/Mary; father	Ang		
Brown	George Thomas		29 Sep 1969	82y	w/Maud	Ang		
Brown	Mary M		3 Oct 1942	75y	w/Alfred; mother	Ang		
Brown	Maud		13 Aug 1963	86y	w/George Thomas	Ang		
Cameron	Thyra Jane		13 Dec 1929	50y	nee Thorley; w/Neil	Ang		
Carter	Agnes Mary	1869	1946		nee Thorley; w/Thomas; marker	Ang		
Carter	Almanda Rebecca		29 Jul 1963	82y	nee Thorley; w/George James; mother	Ang		
Carter	George James		5 Jan 1951	76y	h/Almanda Rebecca; father	Ang		
Carter	Harold Forbes		25 Jun 1994		h/Mary Carmel; father; gf; brother	Ang		
Carter	Mary Carmel		25 Sep1988		w/Harold; mother; gm	Ang		
Carter	Stanley Walpole		no date		marker	Ang		
Killen	Adeline Grace M		1946	4days	dau/William Richard & Doris Victoria; marker	Ang		
Killen	Doris Victoria		10 Oct 1988	83y	nee Thorley; w/William Richard; mother	Ang		
Killen	William Richard		20 Mar 1975	72y	h/Doris Victoria; father	Ang		
Stokes	Alan Iseley		4 Dec 1996	93y	h/Olga May; father; gf	Ang		
Stokes	Olga May		16 Jan 1968	56y	w/Alan Iseley; mother; gm	Ang		
Thorley	Albert John Griffith		6 Dec 1948	81y	h/Pearlie	Ang		
Thorley	Alma Adeline	1885	1942		w/Frank; mother; marker	Ang		
Thorley	David		29 Oct 1930	84y	h/Mary Jane; father	Ang		
Thorley	Frances Joyce		16 Nov 1993	72y	w/Robert James; mother	Ang		
Thorley	Frank	1875	1961		h/Alma Adeline; father; marker	Ang		
Thorley	Margaret Jane		22 Jun 1972	64y	dau/Robert Henry & Margaret	Ang		
Thorley	Mary Jane		3 Oct 1935	90y	w/David; mother	Ang		
Thorley	Melba Adeline		22 Oct 1992	81y	dau/Frank & Alma Adeline Thorley	Ang		
Thorley	Pearlie Elizabeth		18 Mar 1968		w/Albert John Griffith	Ang		
Thorley	Philip D S	1888	1977		son/David & Mary Jane; marker	Ang		
Thorley	Robert James		30 Apr 1999	84y	h/Frances Joyce; father	Ang		
Thrift	Martha Stella		11 Dec 1984	95y	nee Hobden; w/William John Thomas Ross; mother	Ang		
Thrift	William John Thomas Ross		5 Jul 1960	81y	h/Martha Stella; father	Ang

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