Louisa Creek Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Bond	William H		25 Mar 1869	13y	son/William H & Eliza			
Dent	George Robert		5 May 1875	16y	son/Thomas & Mary			
Dent	James		16 May 1866	43y	son/Thomas & Mary			
Dent	Mary Ann		16 Dec 1873	23y	dau/Thomas & Mary			
Hogan	James Harding	1827	4 Mar 1885		b. Eng; h/Eva (née Schipp); father; unmarked			
McGreal	David		Mar 1863		h/Anne (née O'Malley); father; unmarked			
Monies	Sophia		27 Feb 1861	38y	w/Thomas Saltonstall; mother; murdered			
Read	John		10 May 1878	28y	stone fallen/broken			
Robertson	Brisbane	1814	1853		b. London Eng; h/Caroline Jessie (née Marshall); acc. killed; unmarked			
Spratt	Eliza Jane		24 Jun 1859	5y2m	dau/Thomas & Mary			
Spratt	James		25 Feb 1864	1y5m	son/Thomas & Mary			
Spratt	Lilian		10?May?1883	15?y	dau/Thomas & Mary			
Spratt	Thomas		8 Dec 1889	65?y	h/Mary; father			
Young	Eliza Jane		9 Feb 1860	24y	w/William R; mother			
Young	William Henry		13 Sep 1856	2m8d	son/William R & Eliza J

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