Lonely Graves Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Baxter	William	4 May 1880	8 May 1880	4days	son/Daniel & Sarah Ann: 'Tenterden' Station (a)			
Blunden	Elizabeth		4 Jun 1899	24y8m	née McGrath; w/William; mother: Yarrabin			
Brady	Paddy		1892		parents unknown: 'Carringtonbrook' Aberfoyle (a)			
Brazier	Francis William	1860	1877	17y	son/Susannah: 'Avonbrook' Aberfoyle (a)			
Brennan	James (Rev)	28 Oct 1923	26 Aug 1979		b. Ire; PP ord.1949; St James Church, Muswellbrook			
Coffey	Francis William (Rev Fr)		10 Jun 1973	59y	PP Taree; St James Church, Muswellbrook			
Cook	Charlie		1 May 1896	19y	son/Thomas & Jane; Wilsons Downfall			
Cook	Jane		18 Jan 1907	68y	w/Thomas; mother; Wilsons Downfall			
Cook	Thomas		25 Jul 1913	85y	h/Jane; father; Wilsons Downfall			
Corcoran	Patrick Thomas (V Rev)	8 Sep 1844	21 Feb 1929		b. Tipperary; pp Morpeth 1875 - 1929: RC Morpeth			
Crapp	Harriet				'Underwood' Uralla (a)			
Crofton	Alfred Orton		27 Feb 1847	5mths	son/Chidley J & Mary: Buchanan			
Crofton	Mary		16 Jan 1847	36y	w/Chidley J Crofton & Thomas Mitchell: Buchanan			
Crough	twins		c.1880s	inf	'Springfield' Llangothlin (a)			
Dixon	Frederick Horatio		23 Jan 1839	48y	Eckford Reserve, E Maitland			
Dixon	Jane		16 Apr 1875	68y	Eckford Reserve, E Maitland			
Dost	Mahomet		1881		Burke & Wills Expedition 1860-1862; no image; outskirts of Menindee			
Doyle	James C		11 Sep 1879	67y	'Osterley' Hinton			
Drabsch	child		c.1920s	inf	'Rosewood' off Tingha Road (a)			
Drabsch	Unnamed male twins		1911	inf	sons/William Richard & Christianna: Crystal Brook (a)			
Drabsch	William Richard		6 Sep 1963	84y	son/Gottrieb John & Theresa Francis; ashes: Crystal Brook (a)			
Goodwin	Mary Ann		29 Jun 1898	76y	dau/Denis & Mary A; Boggabri			
Handebo	John	1886	18 Feb 1887	9mths	son/Edward & Mary: 'Brentwood' Puddledock (a)			
Heagney	Silver Irene	12 Sep 1902	29 Sep 1902	17days	dau/Patrick & Agnes: 'Glenfairnea' Falconer (a)			
Hickey	Harold		21 Dec 1972	60y	son/Michael & Jessie Eliza: 'Forest Lodge' Wongwibinda (a)			
Hickey	Peter Gregory		11 Feb 1990	38y	'Rosewood' Aberfoyle (a)			
Hogan	Ann		7 Mar 1901	84y	w/John; Ramsgate Lane, Oberon			
Hogan	John		17 Apr 1881	64y	h/Ann; Ramsgate Lane, Oberon			
Hornery	Terence Benedict (Rev Fr)	25 Feb 1934	2 Nov 1997		Ord. 18 July 1959; St James Church, Muswellbrook			
Huntley	Edgar		11 Oct 1883	58y	d. Tenterden: 'Tenterden' Station (a)			
Jackson	(child)		1923	inf	possibly Elinor M A, dau/David A A & Alice: 'Clarenza' Wandsworth (a)			
Kalinowski	Jan		1992		beyond 'Mill Park', Uralla (a)			
Kennedy	Eliza		2 Jan 1886	32y	d. Milparinka; no image; Cobham Lake			
Knox	Unnamed female		1938	s.b.	dau/John Henry & Rose Dorothy; Snakes Gully (a)			
Lang	Andrew		obsc	Inf	headstone covered; Woodville			
Lang	Mary Dunmore		obsc		headstone covered; Woodville			
Lee	Thomas		1887	27y	no image; between Wilcannia & White Cliffs			
Lovering	Nathaniel		1910	71y	d. Tingha: creek between 'Glenore' & 'Ellerslie' (a)			
McAteer	Lillian M M	1888	1888	Inf	dau/James & Mary Theresa (née Gunning), Raleigh			
McAuliffe	Michael Francis (Rt Rev Mons)	22 May 1889	14 Oct 1938		b. Ire; PP Muswellbrook; St James Church, Muswellbrook			
McGill	Robert		1 Feb 1882	37y	h/Rachel Jane (née Kennedy); father; acc. killed; "Box Ridge" Gulargambone			
McGrath	Alfred		12 May 1898	17y	son/John & Catherine: Yarrabin			
McGrath	Catherine		25 Oct 1918	69y	née Hogan; w/John; mother: Yarrabin			
McGrath	Una May		18 May 1895	4y?m	dau/James & Ida; Yarrabin			
McPherson	Betsey		3 Sep 1863	18y	dau/George & Mary (Drowse?); w/Angus: Glen Alice			
Meehan	Henry James		14 May 1985	59y	'Springfield' Wards Mistake (a)			
Meehan	Michael		22 Oct 1891		parents unknown: 'The Vale' Wards Mistake (a)			
Miles	Annie	1886	8 Jul 1886	14days	dau/Josiah & Annie: Angel Close Forster			
Miles	Barbra Mary	1892	22 Mar 1893		dau/Josiah & Annie: Angel Close Forster			
Muir	Isabella Ninia		obsc		headstone covered; Woodville			
Muir	Robert		obsc		headstone covered; Woodville			
Nealon	Thomas A (V Rev)		28 Dec 1913	72y	PP Raymond Tce: Raymond Tce RC			
Newberry	Marjorie M		1928	inf	dau/Albert F & Clara L: 'Killarney' Wards Mistake (a)			
O'Donohoe	Joseph (V Rev)	May 1861	11 Jan 1945	83y	b. Virginia Co Cavan Ire; PP: Raymond Tce RC			
O'Neill	Thomas James		7 Mar 1914	37y	no image; Old Albermarle Stn; between Wilcannia & Menindee			
Penenton	John (Capt)		18 Apr 1885	95y	b. Nottinghamshire: Angel Close Forster			
Penson	Martha Hamilton		31 Oct 1904		née Hibbert; w/Julian Lionel; mother: 'Granite Springs' Backwater (a)			
Reeves	Sarah Jane		Jun 1947	86y	dau/John & Sarah: 'Cromarty' (a)			
Reid	Jane Bertha		1886	21y	dau/John & Bertha; no image; Tintinallogy Stn; between Wilcannia & Menindee			
Rixon	Hannah Priscilla		14 Oct 1883	2y3m	dau/David & Maria:'Forres' orchard, Black Mountain (a)			
Ross	Paddy		1918		son/James & Charlotte; Aboriginal man: Old Rockvale (a)			
Russell	Arthur C	1916	1916	inf	son/Henry J & Annie L S: 'Westleigh' Rockvale (a)			
Saunders	Unnamed female		1863	inf	Williams Rd, Uralla (a)			
Schlieffen	F W (The Piano Tuner)		13 Mar 1906	60y	b. Germany; drowned; no image; Mays Creek bank, nr Sapphire Qld			
Serano	Caroline		1903	43y	née Lee; dau/John; w/Henry: Wollomombi (a)			
Shaefer	Charles Angus		26 Jun 1941	inf	son/John Norman & Ellen Eileen: 'Glenella' Brockley (a)			
Sherwood	James		14 Oct 1861	35y	Kurrajong Heights			
Sloan	James	7 Jul 1807	22 May 1859	51y	b. Sorn Ayrshire Scot; h/Marion (née Stoddart); father: Billimari			
Starr	Thomas		1884		son/Thomas & Susanna: 'Flowery Dale' (a)			
Taylor	James Stephen	16 Jan 1862	18 Dec 1870	8y	son/William & Elizabeth; drowned Nattai R; Nattai Riverbank			
Teege	George		c.1900	inf	'Pinetrees' Puddledock (a)			
Thompson	Charlie		no date		'Lynoch' (a)			
Todhunter	Henry Ernest		29 Nov 1864	9m18d	son/Henry Mallon & Emily Clara (née Tompson; Mudgee			
Wade	Mrs		c.1885		'Fitzroy' paddock (a)			
Whitton	Rose		13 Aug 1919	56y	w/William; mother; Ballimore			
Williams	Christiana Nicol		illeg		mother; Wolgan Valley			
Wood	Marguerita			inf	Bridge St, Uralla (a)			
Wright	Clyde	Dec 1914	Dec 1914	inf	son/Edmund E & Catherine: 'Brentwood' Puddledock (a)

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