Kookabookra General Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row
Ellis	Bridget B	1900	1901	Inf	twin dau/Thomas & Bridget			
Ellis	Edith J	1900	1901	Inf	twin dau/Thomas & Bridget			
King	Charles S		1890		parents unknown			
Lang	James		Apr 1890		son/William			
Lowe	Olive		12 Sep 1892	Inf				
Lowe	Unnamed male		1 Sep 1902	Inf	son/Thomas W & Sarah			
McBride	Martin		1902	Inf	son/John & Mary A			
Meehan	Ellen		16 Jun 1898	33y	née Pearce; w/Richard Michael; mother			
Meehan	Richard Michael		28 Apr 1937	80y	son/Michael & Catherine; h/Ellen; father	

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