Gravesend Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row
Frazer	Ivon James	1915	3 Oct 1918	6y10m	son/John T & Betsy; death indexed 1921			
Hill?	Mary		29 Jun 1923?	64y				
Maidens	Elijah		11 Jan 1938	75y	son/Elijah & Sophia; h/Grace			
Maidens	Grace		14 Apr 1931	63y	née Andrews; formerly Moffett; w/Elijah			
Sneddon	Catherine		16 Sep 1931	66y	dau/James & Mary			
Stewart	J A		no date	63y	husband			
Tickle	Arthur Sydney		15 Jul 1944	61y	son/George & Mary; husband; father			
Traynor	Joseph William		21 Nov 1924	44y	h/Averas Adel May; father; unmarked

NSW Cemeteries

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