Cooyal Methodist Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Baker	Albert		30 Dec 1923	73y	son/Alfred & Mary A; h/Sophia; unmarked			
Baker	Sophia		24 Mar 1922	62y	née Sams; w/Albert			
Cameron	Hugh		15 Nov 1907	58y	son/James; father/Albert & Flo; broken			
Cupitt	Alfred J	1862	1869		son/George & Jane Emma; unmarked			
Cupitt	Bertie Oswald (Birdy)	4 Apr 1889	19 Jul 1910	21y	son/Emeline Ellitia Cupitt; stone broken			
Cupitt	George	1860	1869		son/George & Jane Emma; unmarked			
Cupitt	George		29 Jul 1903	70y	h/Jane Emma; father			
Cupitt	Jane Emma		1916	85y	née Norris; w/George; mother; unmarked			
Curnow	Samuel		1921	66y	h/Sophia Mary; unmarked			
Curnow	Sophia Mary		7 Oct 1915	60?y	née Cupitt; w/Walter Dyson & William (Samuel) Curnow; fallen			
Dyson	William		20 Dec 1903	58y	h/Sophia née Cupitt; reg as Walter			
Large	Sophia Elizabeth A		14 May 1903	65y	wife; stone broken			
Luck	Hannah		24 Dec 1903	52y	dau/William & Mary; sister; fallen			
Luck	Samuel Reginald		13 Mar 1918	5wks	son/Robert R & Florence; unmarked			
O'Neal	Mary Lucy		6 Jul 1884	12y	dau/John Robert & Elizabeth; stone broken			
Plumb	George A		2 Apr 1904	68y	son/George & Mary; husband; stone broken			
Saggars	James Henry		22 Jun 1907	?y10m	son; brother; broken			
Sams	Ellen		8 Jan 1911	74y	w/Charles; mother; stone broken			
Sams	Henry		3 Feb 1908	39y	son/Charles & Ellen; unmarked			
Warner	James Allen		21 May 1920	9y8m	son/James & Ellen M (née Baker)			
Warner	Maria (Sophia)		5 Aug 1902	62y	née Large; w/Frederick Hawkesbury; mother			
Warner	Valarie Joan		19 Sep 1914	3y4m	dau/Frederick & Margaret			
Yorke	(Edgar) Wallace		22 Apr 1901	7y6m	son/Robert J & Selena J; fallen

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