Coolabah General Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Brice	Arthur		no date		marker			
Burton	Mrs		no date		marker			
Coffey	John		29 Jul 1891	4y11m	d. Nyngan; son/Michael & Sarah E			
Coffey	Michael		21 Nov 1901	44y	h/Sarah E; father			
Cooney	John		6 Jan 1925	82y	son/John & Katherine; father			
Hall	William Dodds		4 Oct 1889	30y	son/Katherine; acc. killed			
Hazelton	(no given name)		no date		marker			
Kelley	Mrs		no date		marker			
Kelly	(no given name)		no date		marker			
Little	Ellen		2 Feb 1896	42y	dau/William & Mary R			
Mackay	Charles H	14 Feb 1884	6 Aug 1919		h/Ruby Victoria; father			
Mackay	Ruby Victoria	1892	1976		née Wearing; w/Charles H; mother			
McGann	John Williams Charles		3 Aug 1889	57y	b. Ireland; d. 427 mile Camp; unmarked			
Muirhead	Noeline Beatrice		1 Sep 1945	15y	dau/Dexon Henry James & Beatrice Mabel			
Ryan	John		7 Mar 1889	74y	father			
Ryan	Mary		9 Sep 1890	28y	poss. née Maloney; w/Jeremiah			
Werner	Charles		18 Jul 1913	70y	son/Godfried & Margaret; with Julia			
Werner	Julia		28 Sep 1914	64y	with Charles

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