Colly Blue Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Collins	Joseph		30 Aug 1876	30y	d. Murrurundi			
Constable	Alfred		1917		son/Harry & Linda Ellen; unmarked			
Constable	George		20 Jul 1879	42y	b. Surrey Eng; h/Mary; father			
Constable	Harry	28 Aug 1870	7 Aug 1948		son/George & Mary; h/Linda Ellen; father			
Constable	Linda Ellen	30 Jun 1882	11 Jul 1923		née Brown; w/Harry; mother			
Crothers	Bridget		19 Jan 1878	67y	w/John; mother			
Crothers	Mary Ann		27 Feb 1916	74y	née Campbell; w/Thomas Henry; mother			
Crothers	Thomas Henry		21 Jan 1895	56y	son/John & Bridget; h/Mary Ann; father			
Dellar	George		1916		son/Daniel & Ellen; unmarked			
Groves	George		no date		unmarked			
Hong	Jack		no date		unmarked			
Jennings	Child 1 (Mary?)	1902	1902		dau/Alfred M & Cecile B V; unmarked			
Jennings	Child 2		no date		unmarked			
Maslin	Child		no date		unmarked

NSW Cemeteries

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