Bunnan Anglican Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Blayden	Charles		16 Sep 1887	62y	h/Emily; father; d. Fern Hill			
Blayden	Emily		27 Oct 1939	89y	née Archer; w/Charles; mother			
Blayden	Richard T		3 Oct 1897	11y7m	son/Charles & Emily			
Bramley	Emily Ann		8 Nov 1920	38y	née Johnson; wAlbert; mother			
Bramley	Hannah Frances		16 Jan 1942	79y	née Pittman; w/James; mother			
Bramley	Harriet		23?Nov 1895	39y	née Holder; w/John T; mother			
Bramley	Hazel		12 Apr 1931		dau/Leslie & Margaret V (née Holder)			
Bramley	James		31 Jan 1929	67y	h/Hannah Frances; father			
Bramley	Lawrence		12 Apr 1931		son/Leslie & Margaret V (née Holder)			
Bramley	Leslie		no date		h/Margaret; marker			
Bramley	Margaret		no date		née Holder; w/Leslie; marker			
Bramley	Mary Ann		2 Jan 1905	83y	née Lilley			
Brown	Mary		10 Jul 1909	36y	wife			
Googe	Catherine		11 Nov 1917	71y	née Kinsley; w/James; mother; gm			
Googe	James		no date	55y	d.1898; h/Catherine; father; gf			
Hayward	Mary Jane		28 Feb 1974	92y	s/w Thomas Joseph			
Hayward	Thomas Joseph		22 Sep 1946	79y	s/w Mary Jane			
Holder	Margaret		10 Dec 1912	77y	w/Richard; mother			
Holder	Mary Levina		9 Jul 1908	8y	dau/Richard & Lavinia			
Holder	Richard		17 Jun 1898	72y	h/Margaret; father			
Leard	Evie S L		15 Aug 1919	17½y	dau/James B & Mary R			
Leard	Hercules George		4 Apr 1918	21y	1848 Pte 34Bn kia; son/James B & Mary R			
Leard	Joan Isobel		3 Aug 1913	2y9m	dau/James B & Mary R			
Lettice	Charles Edward		16 Jul 1967	80y	h/Florence Ada; father; ggf			
Lettice	Florence Ada		23 Dec 1969	83y	née Googe; w/Charles E; mother; ggm			
Lettice	Freda Mary		21 Feb 1928	12y7m	dau/Charles Edward & Florence Ada			
Lettice	Joseph		18 Jul 1927	75y	h/Mary Ann; father			
Lettice	Mary Ann		24 Apr 1942	86y	née Bramley; w/Joseph; mother			
Molback	Andrew (Selgin A)		19 Jan 1924	69y	d. Scone; parents' names unknown			
Moore	Charles Alfred		14 Mar 1968	98y	h/Mary Ann; father			
Moore	Mary Ann		7 Apr 1953	74y	née Seymour; w/Charles Alfred; mother			
Ray	Ann		19 Dec 1963	63y	née Matthews; w/Percival Douglas			
Ray	Clara Emily		7 Mar 1943	63y	née Googe; w/George Arthur; mother			
Ray	Donald Edward		19 Sep 1953	44y	h/Edna May (née Lettice); father			
Ray	Esther		8 Jul 1912	82y	née Reed; w/William Edward; mother			
Ray	George Arthur		27 Jul 1952	85y	h/Clara Emily; father			
Ray	Percival Douglas		31 May 1974	71y	h/Ann			
Seymour	Charles Henry	23 Mar 1890	18 Jul 1961		father/John, Pauline & Rita			
Seymour	Susan		3 Aug 1935	82y	née Lettice; w/Thomas; mother			
Seymour	Thomas		10 Nov 1921	87y	h/Susan; father			
Weber	Frederick G		7 Oct 1899	70y	son/Frederick G; d. Dunmore			
White	Stella Ann	1913	2000		dau/Albert & Emily A Bramley; w/John G

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