Bugaldie General Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row	
Cooper	George	1924	1933	9y	son/James & Eileen E; accidental			
Edwards	Hannah Emily		21 Apr 1925	63y	née Munns; w/Edward; mother			
Featherstone	Miriam Beatone		11 Oct 1914	44y	née McLean; w/Neil; mother			
Magann	Lily C A		23 Oct 1924	59y	née Munns; w/John; mother			
Munns	Emily		2 May 1899	67y	w/William Henry; mother			
Munns	John Lawrence		28 Mar 1924	51y	son/William Henry & Emily; brother			
Munns	William Henry		7 Oct 1896	64y	h/Emily; father			
Nash	James		31 Dec 1907	64y	h/Sarah; father			
Nash	Sarah		3 Jun 1906	65y	née Friend; w/James; mother			
Penny	Ellen		24 Jul 1880	78?y	b. Eng; née Bates; w/Robert; mother; acc. burnt; unmarked			
Penny	Robert		30 Aug 1871	79y	b. Eng; h/Ellen; father; unmarked			
Smith	Alexander		28 Jan 1902	63y	with Ann; husband; uncle			
Smith	Ann		7 Aug 1919	80y	with Alexander; aunt			
Taylor	Hilda Grace	1895	29 Apr 1928	33y	née Bowden; w/Adam			
Taylor	Ross		no date	Inf	with Hilda Grace

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