Black Springs New General Cemetery

Family Name	Given Names	Birth Date	Death Date	Age	Remarks	Portion	Row
??	Jack		no date		marker	Ind		
Agland	John Stanley (Jack)		15 Aug 1987	71y	h/Ellen; father	RC	B6	
Armstrong	Luke		1 Mar 1991	s.b.	son; brother	RC	J15	
Behan	Albin E G		5 Nov 1969	61y	son/John J & Rebecca; marker	RC	J13	
Behan	Alphonsus Henry		16 Sep 1970	61y	son/John Michael & Annie Jane; marker	RC	D5	
Behan	Alvin Lenius		11 Dec 1977	83y	h/Mary Eileen	RC	J11	
Behan	Annie		1932	69y	marker	RC	B4	
Behan	Arthur Henery		11 Aug 1977	77y	h/May Ann	RC	J2	
Behan	Cleveland James		9 Jun 1997	86y	son/James J & Emily	RC	H9	
Behan	Elwyn Patrick		13 Jun 1957	26y	d. of injuries	RC	J10	
Behan	Emily		20 Sep 1979		with Greg	RC	J17	
Behan	Esther Mary		29 Jul 1929	66y	née Wilds; w/James; mother	RC	H2	
Behan	Evangeline Emily		27 Sep 2006		marker	RC		
Behan	Francis L		27 Apr 1983	80y	marker	RC	D10	
Behan	Francis Mervyn		10 Apr 1979	82y		RC	J6	
Behan	Garry		1 Jul 2002	60y	marker	RC		
Behan	George William		22 Aug 1976	78y	uncle	RC	H21	
Behan	Gervase Milton (Tom)		8 Mar 1991	78y	h/Marguerite Marcella	RC	H10	
Behan	Gregory		3 Aug 1984	67y	with Emily	RC	J16	
Behan	Irene J L		18 Feb 1986	88y		RC	D7	
Behan	James		19 Feb 1914	81y	h/Esther Mary; father	RC	H2	
Behan	James Agustine		17 Aug 1962	77y	son/James & Esther Mary	RC	H3	
Behan	James Bernard		12 Jul 1970	70y	son/John Michael & Annie; marker	RC	D6	
Behan	James Joseph		10 May 1946		son/Patrick & Emily; with Noel	RC	J18	
Behan	John M		no date		marker	RC	J14	
Behan	John M		1937	86y	son/Peter & Margaret; marker	RC	B5	
Behan	Joseph Patrick		Jul 2002		unmarked	RC	H12	
Behan	Joseph Patrick Noel		18 Jan 1941		son/James Joseph & Emily; with James Joseph	RC	J18	
Behan	Joseph Vincent		6 Apr 1953	65y	son/John Michael & Annie; marker	RC	D9	
Behan	Kelvin Goldsmith (Ben)		4 Apr 1989	56y		RC	J3	
Behan	Marguerite Marcella (Peg)		29 Jan 2004	88y	née Hickey; w/Gervase Milton	RC	H11	
Behan	Mary A		1 Apr 1962	75y	marker	RC	J8	
Behan	Mary Eileen		4 Nov 1981	83y	née Baldwin; w/Alvin Lenius	RC	J12	
Behan	May Ann		2 Apr 1988	76y	née Francis; w/Arthur Henery	RC	J1	
Behan	Mona Lillian		15 May 2003	84y	marker	RC	H8	
Behan	Peter Clement		14 Aug 1967	79y	son/John & Annie; husband	RC	D8	
Behan	Rebecca		26 Jan 1948	69y	née Moran; w/John; marker	RC	J14	
Behan	Urban		6 Feb 1949	65y	son/Patrick & Emily; marker	RC	J9	
Bowyer	Rita Maree		9 Aug 1990	76y	mother	RC	F12	
Chapman	Margaret Anne		1 Dec 2003	61y	marker	Ang	C1	
Clark	Gregory Warren	8 Apr 1971	10 Sep 2003	32y	brother	RC	BB1	
Daniel	Tania Kaye		10 Aug 2000	36y	marker	Meth	A3	
Dowler	Kathleen Therese		4 Jul 1941	8y	dau/George John & Mary Emily Alma	RC	K4	
Dunn	Leonard Walter		29 Mar 2006	84y	marker	RC	GG23	
English	Margaret Anne Doreen		1 Mar 1964	59y	née Grady; w/John Bernard	RC	K1	
Flynn	Mary		20 Jun 1920	Inf	dau/John & Grace	RC	H6	
Foley	Bridget		3 May 1934	85y	w/John; mother	RC	B1	
Foley	Patrick		no date		marker	RC	F1	
Foley	Thomas		24 Nov 1936	58y	son/John & Bridget	RC	B1	
Foran	James W		12 Nov 1928	54y	h/Margaret; father	RC		
Foran	Margaret		21 Dec 1953	81y	née Hanrahan; w/James; mother	RC		
Gibbons	Morton James		20 Oct 2000	76y	h/Mary Elizabeth (née Hotham); father; gf	RC	D22	
Gorman	Edward Michael		10 May 1989	58y		RC	M1	
Gorman	Esther Margaret		16 Oct 1946	14y	dau/James Michael & Lucy Ethel	RC	H1	
Gorman	James M		2 Nov 1957	73y	son/James & Margaret; h/Lucy Ethel; father	RC	H21	
Gorman	Lucy Ethel		8 Jan 1970	75y	née Behan; w/James M; mother	RC	H20	
Grady	Annie Laura		25 Dec 1999	92y	née Stapleton; w/Emmet John	RC	B5	
Grady	Bernard	1880	1936		son/John & Mary	RC	C1	
Grady	Emily		16 Feb 1977	96y	née Behan; w/James; mother	RC	B3	
Grady	Emmet John		16 Sep 1979	76y	h/Annie Laurie	RC	B4	
Grady	James		4 May 1921	60y	h/Emily; father	RC	B2	
Grady	John		12 Jan 1925	87y	h/Mary; father; marker	RC	C3	
Grady	Kevin Sylvester		14 Apr 1915	2y4m	son/Daniel & Mary	RC	A1	
Grady	Margaret	1870	Dec 1948		née Behan; w/Patrick; mother	RC	K2	
Grady	Mary		31 Dec 1925	86y	w/John; mother; marker	RC	C2	
Grady	Patrick	1864	1944		h/Margaret; father	RC	K3	
Hanrahan	Annie Elizabeth		21 Mar 1937	69y	w/John Robert; mother	RC	E4	
Hanrahan	Catherine		1942	100y	née Behan; w/marker	RC		
Hanrahan	Daphne Therese	5 Nov 1918	13 Oct 1998		née Baldwin; w/Eric Lionel	RC	M20	
Hanrahan	Dennis		28 Feb 1968	86y	marker	RC	G7	
Hanrahan	Eric Lionel	3 Jul 1911	26 May 1987		h/Daphne Therese; father; gf	RC	M19	
Hanrahan	Florence		26 May 1947	68y	marker	RC	G5	
Hanrahan	Henry Phillip		12 Feb 1950	65y	h/Lucy M; father	RC	G4	
Hanrahan	Jack		no date		marker	RC	E3	
Hanrahan	James		29 Aug 1925		marker	RC		
Hanrahan	James (Ray)		29 Jul 2005	80y	marker	RC	F7	
Hanrahan	John		21 Dec 1955	78y	marker	RC	G6	
Hanrahan	John Mark		30 Jul 1950	40y	son/Henry Phillip & Lucy	RC	G13	
Hanrahan	Joseph	16 Dec 1941	20 Jan 1942	1mth	marker	RC		
Hanrahan	Karl		23 Jul 2005	84y	marker	RC	M15	
Hanrahan	Keven Henry		10 Jul 1983	32y7m		RC	M12	
Hanrahan	Lila A		14 Dec 1973	84y	w/William A; mother	RC	M18	
Hanrahan	Lucy M		28 May 1969	79y	née Baldwin; w/Henry Phillip; mother	RC	G3	
Hanrahan	Mervyn Henry	16 Feb 1922	10 May 2003		brother; uncle	RC	G2	
Hanrahan	Patrick Virgilius		3 Jun 1937	38y	son/John Robert & Annie Elizabeth	RC	E4	
Hanrahan	Ronald William	22 Jan 1908	14 Jan 2004		h/Gaile	RC	M16	
Hanrahan	S		no date		marker	RC		
Hanrahan	Terrence Lionel	1937	Aug 1999			RC	M22	
Hanrahan	William A		17 Aug 1951	73y	h/Lila A; father	RC	M17	
Hogan	Joan		10 Nov 1984	55y	marker	RC	C13	
Hogan	Kevin Leonard		30 Jan 1990	64y	NX207939 Dvr AOC	RC	C12	
Hoolihan	Marie Therese	3 Jun 1938	11 Jul 2003	65y		RC	M23	
Hotham	Edward Joseph Harold		4 Oct 1975	58y	son/Edward Thomas & May Muriel	RC	D17	
Hotham	Edward Thomas		6 Feb 1955	67y	h/May Muriel; father	RC	D16	
Hotham	Edward William		26 Sep 1934	80y	h/Elizabeth; father	RC	D14	
Hotham	Elizabeth		2 Oct 1940	96y	w/Edward William; mother	RC	D14	
Hotham	Keith Thomas (Nugget)	10 Jun 1931	26 Oct 1997			RC	D19	
Hotham	May Muriel		27 May 1974	77y	née Martin; w/Edward Thomas; mother	RC	D16	
Hotham	Peter Allan	16 Jul 1942	28 Dec 2001			RC	D20	
Kessey	Elizabeth Marie		2 Apr 1907	40y	w/Philip Joseph; mother	RC	L1	
Kessey	Philip Joseph		17 Nov 1934	72y	h/Elizabeth Marie; father	RC	L1	
Knight	Millicent		1922		marker	Meth	A8	
Knight	William		1906		marker	Meth	A7	
Knight	William	24 Jan 1920	5 Mar 1982	62y		Meth	A4	
Moran	Charles		24 Mar 1947	90y	h/Katherine; father	RC	H18	
Moran	Edward		1924		h/Rebecca; father	Ang	B4	
Moran	James		15 Dec 1929		father	RC	J25	
Moran	Katherine		13 Jul 1916	56y	née Shea; w/Charles; mother	RC	H18	
Moran	Rebecca		1920		née Burnett; w/Edward; mother	Ang	B3	
Nightingale	Mary		26 Mar 1946	60y	dau/Charles & Catherine	RC	J23	
Russell	Patrick James		17 Sep 1912	42y	husband; father	RC	F10	
Stapleton	Alice		no date		marker	RC	L11	
Stapleton	Austin Clive (Tim)		26 Aug 1992	77y	son/Phillip J & Margaret A; marker	RC	L13	
Stapleton	Bridget Joan		18 Jul 1926	11y7m	dau/Stephen J & Louisa M	RC	M8	
Stapleton	Leslie J		17 Nov 1976	76y	marker	RC	L10	
Stapleton	Louisa May		18 Aug 1963	83y	née Stevenson; w/Stephen J; mother	RC	M9	
Stapleton	Phillip Joseph		11 Nov 1936		son/Thomas & Mary; marker	RC	L12	
Stapleton	Stephen J (Jack)		24 Aug 1920	45y	h/Louisa M; father	RC	M7	
Stapleton	Thomas James		12 Jun 1992	75y	son/Stephen J & Louisa May	RC	M10	
Van Essen	Bianca Maree	25 Apr 1998	25 Apr 1998	Inf	dau/Colin & Shelley	RC	M21	
Voytilla	Cindy		12 Aug 1982	Inf	dau/Mark & Denise	RC	D18	
Whalan	Lloyd George		26 Dec 2005		marker	Utg	B1	
Wilds	Alice M		18 Feb 1909	12y	dau/George T & Elizabeth	RC	H6	
Wilds	Emily Faith	14 Sep 1904	19 Jun 1987		née Stapleton; w/George Gordon	RC	H4	
Wilds	George Gordon	4 Aug 1895	28 May 1973		h/Emily Faith	RC	H5	
Wilds	George Patrick		1 Oct 2004	67y	marker	RC	F14	
Wilds	George T		28 Oct 1928	73y	h/Elizabeth; father	RC	H6	
Wilds	Phillip Cecil		14 May 1981	80y1m	son/Francis J & Margaret M	RC	M11

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