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Distance 159 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 11.45 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 5.15 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Aberdeen
ADAMS Nicholas selector Rouchell Aberdeen
ADAMS Andrew selector Rouchell Aberdeen
ARNOLD Thomas fencer --- Aberdeen
BARRY Garrett farmer --- Aberdeen
BOWEN John storekeeper --- Aberdeen
BOYL William innkeeper Halk Town Aberdeen
BRIDGE William selector Rouchell Aberdeen
CAMERON Donald farmer Brushy Hill Aberdeen
CAMERON Donald farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
CAMERON Alexander farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
CAMPBELL Donald storekeeper Rouchell Aberdeen
CANDEY Samuel farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
CARTER George farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
CLINTON John farmer Dartbrook Aberdeen
COCHRAN James farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
CONE Samuel farmer Brushy Hill Aberdeen
CUMMINGS Alexander farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
CUMMINGS Duncan farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
CUNDREY John innkeeper --- Aberdeen
CUSTLICK William farmer Brushy-Hill Aberdeen
DIGNAM William blacksmith HalkTown Aberdeen
DOYLE Lewis R farmer Dartbrook Aberdeen
DREW John stockkeeper Legenhoe Aberdeen
FLANAGAN Patrick farmer Brushy-Hill Aberdeen
FLANAGAN Thomas farmer Brushy-Hill Aberdeen
GALL Robert storekeeper Dartbrook Aberdeen
GARDNER George carrier --- Aberdeen
GARDNER James farmer --- Aberdeen
GARDNER John farmer --- Aberdeen
GARDNER W.J. farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
GRANT William teacher --- Aberdeen
HALL Ebenezer squatter Dartbrook Aberdeen
HALL Matthew squatter Dartbrook Aberdeen
HALL Mrs T squatter Dartbrook Aberdeen
HARRISON Peter farm-servant Dartbrook Aberdeen
HARRISON Samuel gardener Dartbrook Aberdeen
HARRISON Samuel farmer Sandy-Ck Aberdeen
HINDMARSH John farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
HINDMARSH Thomas farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
HONERY Henry farmer Brushy-Hill Aberdeen
HONERY Thomas farmer Brushy-Hill Aberdeen
HOOD James farmer Legenhoe Aberdeen
HOOD John farmer Legenhoe Aberdeen
HOPKINS Thomas cordial factory --- Aberdeen
HOWARD Sandy farmer Sandy-Ck Aberdeen
HURST Mrs storekeeper --- Aberdeen
JEFFREY Peter farmer Blairmore Aberdeen
JOHNSTONE James storekeeper --- Aberdeen
JONES Charles farmer Brushy-Hill Aberdeen
KENNEDY Donald farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
KENNEDY D.A. farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
KENNEDY Kenneth farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
KINKSLEY William storekeeper --- Aberdeen
LONSDALE Robert farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
LUMBBY John farmer Halk Town Aberdeen
MACKAY Angus storekeeper --- Aberdeen
MARSH Henry overseer Rouchell Aberdeen
MAY George farmer Brushy-Hill Aberdeen
MCCABE Patrick farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
MCDONALD Allen squatter Legenhoe Aberdeen
MCDONALD Donald squatter Legenhoe Aberdeen
MCDONALD John farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
MCGOLDRICK Thomas farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
MCINTYRE Mrs farmer Brushy-Hill Aberdeen
MCKENZIE Mordock storekeeper --- Aberdeen
MCKINNON John farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
MCMULLIN Mrs farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
MCNAMARA John farmer Brushy-Hill Aberdeen
MCPHEE Duncan farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
MCPHEE John farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
MCPHEE William farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
MILLER John farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
MILLER Thomas farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
MORROW John carrier --- Aberdeen
MORROW William farmer Dartbrook Aberdeen
NEILON James farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
NEILON John farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
O'MARA John constable --- Aberdeen
PATTERSON John carrier --- Aberdeen
PATTERSON Thomas postmaster --- Aberdeen
PINKERTON James farmer Brushy-Hill Aberdeen
PINTO Emanuel farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
PRINT Charles tinsmith --- Aberdeen
RICHARDSON James pound keeper --- Aberdeen
RUSSELL John farmer Sandy-Ck Aberdeen
SHORTER James carrier Sandy-Ck Aberdeen
SMITH James shepherd Rouchell Aberdeen
SPENCER Thomas farmer Rouchell Aberdeen
STEWART Samuel butcher --- Aberdeen
STUDENT Robert butcher --- Aberdeen
THOMAS John farmer Sandy-Ck Aberdeen
TRIPP Joseph farmer --- Aberdeen
TUNNELL James blacksmith --- Aberdeen
WALDNER Patrick shepherd --- Aberdeen
WHARTON John farmer Brushy-Hill Aberdeen
WHARTON William farmer Brushy-Hill Aberdeen
WHELAN Daniel blacksmith --- Aberdeen
WHICKER William farmer Sandy-Ck Aberdeen
WILEY William farmer Sandy-Ck Aberdeen

NSW Cemeteries

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