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Distance 431 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Sunday, Wednesday 2 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Monday 6 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday evenings.

Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, coach, via Armidale, 118 m.

NAGLE                David                shepherd        Tenterfield
NAGLE                John                stockman        Tenterfield
NOONAN                Matthew                farmer                Six-mile Swamp
OBRIEN                John                labourer        Tenterfield
OBRIEN                Michael                poundkeeper & bailiff Tenterfield
OCONNELL        Catherine        resident        Tenterfield
OCONNELL        Eugene                storekeeper        Tenterfield
ONEIL                Bernard                resident        Tenterfield
PALMER                George                farmer                Tenterfield
PASCOE                James                miner                Boonoo Boonoo
PASCOE                William                storekeeper        Boonoo Boonoo
PATRICK                William                bricklayer        Tenterfield
PAVEL                Charles                saddler                Tenterfield
PEBERDY                Thomas                storekeeper        Tenterfield
PENNY                Joseph                farmer                Tenterfield
PERRY                John                horse breaker        Tenterfield
PERRY                William                innkeeper        Bolivia
PETRIE                George                farmer                Stoney Ck.
PETTY                John                messenger        Tenterfield
PILLAR                Alexander        carter                Tenterfield
PILLAR                Henry                miner                Boonoo Boonoo
PILLAR                Thomas                farmer                Stoney Ck.
PINCHEN                Henry                printer                Tenterfield
PITKIN                George                farmer                Tenterfield
PITKIN                H. & W.                carriers        Tenterfield
PITKIN                Thomas                farmer                Tenterfield
POTTER                Edward                mail contractor        Tenterfield
POTTINGER        L. J.                ---                Tenterfield
QUIRK                Thomas                telegraph clerk        Tenterfield
RALPH                William                farmer                Stoney Ck.
RAPER                Jane                ---                Tenterfield
REID                James                carpenter        Tenterfield
REID                Mrs. Ralph        ---                Tenterfield
RIGNEY                T.                farmer                Groombridges Swamp
ROBERTS                Rev. W. H.        ---                Clifton
ROCHE                D.                constable        Tenterfield
RODGERS                Andrew                farmer                Bryans Gap
ROOK                John                farmer                Tenterfield
ROPER                James jun.        watchmaker        Tenterfield
ROPER                James sen.        boarding house        Tenterfield
RUBY                Charles                woodman                Bookookoorara
RUSSELL                James                overseer        Undercliff
SCHLUTER        John                butcher                Tenterfield
SCHULTZ                Henry                shepherd        Tenterfield
SHAFTENBURG        Francis                farmer                Tenterfield
SHEPPERD        Thomas                storekeeper        Tenterfield
SIMONS                John                farmer                Barney Downs Rd.
SMITH                Henry                warder                (Hospital)
SMITH                William                dairy                Scrub
SOMMERLAD        J. H.                gardener & farmer Tenterfield
SOPP                John                gardener        Tenterfield
SPEERING        Marcus                miner                Boonoo Boonoo
STEED                Reuben                farmer                Tenterfield
STRONG                John                farmer                Tenterfield
STUART                Charles                gardener        Tenterfield
STUMPH                Carl                tinsmith        Tenterfield
STYLES                Erasmus                builder                Tenterfield
SUNDSTRUM        H.                painter                Tenterfield
SWEENEY                Daniel                farmer                Tenterfield
TAYLOR                William jun.        carrier                Bryans Gap
TAYLOR                William sen.        farmer                Bryans Gap
TELFER                Andrew                overseer        Tenterfield
TOMPKINS        Miss Mary        teacher                Tenterfield
TOOHEY                John                constable        Timbarra Camp
TREMBLE                F.                shepherd        Mole River Station
TROLLOPE        L. J.                manager                AJS Bank
TROTMAN                Hamlet                gardener        Tenterfield
TUCKER                Alexander        telegraph & postmaster Tenterfield
TUCKWOOD        Thomas                woodman                Tenterfield
WALKER                George                draper                Tenterfield
WALSH                J. J.                teacher                Tenterfield
WARD                James                farmer & sawyer        Scrub
WARD                John                sexton                Tenterfield
WARD                William                stockman        Tenterfield
WATSON                Edward                storeman        Mole Station
WEIR                Andrew                farmer                Tenterfield
WELBURN                Thomas                farmer                Stoney Ck.
WERNER                Louis                saddler                Tenterfield
WESTBURY        John                farmer                Bryans Gap
WHELAN                Patrick                stockman        Tenterfield
WHEREAT                Edward                miller                Tenterfield
WHEREAT                Isaac                storekeeper        Lunatic Reef
WHITTON                John                butcher                Tenterfield
WHITTON                Joseph                stockman        Tenterfield
WHITTON                Luke                stockman        Tenterfield
WILLSON                Mrs. Mary        innkeeper        Tenterfield
WINTERTON        John                farmer                Barney Downs Rd.
WOODS                John                tinsmith        Tenterfield
WOODS                Mrs. C.                dressmaker        Tenterfield
WRIGHT                Edward                mail contractor        Tenterfield
WRIGHT                Richard                miner                Boorak
WRIGHT                Thomas                woodman                Tenterfield
WYMAN                Frederick        farmer                Tenterfield
YOUNG                Francis                farmer & sawyer        Scrub
YOUNG                William                storekeeper        Tenterfield
ZIMMERMAN        John                gardener        Tenterfield

NSW Cemeteries

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