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Distance 200 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 2.15 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 8.45 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route ñ Rail Goulburn, Cobbís coach Bookham, Bogolong
AITKEN James contractor Five Mile Ck. Bookham
ARMOUR Alexander squatter Talmo Station Bookham
ARMOUR John squatter Talmo Station Bookham
ARMOUR Mathew squatter Talmo Station Bookham
ARMOUR Mathew squatter Talmo Station Bookham
BARBER Henry squatter Coonadigbee Bookham
BARBER Samuel squatter Bogolera Station Bookham
BARRY James settler Reedy Ck. Bookham
BAYLEY Patrick servant Chidowla Station Bookham
BENNET James stockman Care Flat Bookham
BODKIN George settler Five Mile Ck. Bookham
BROWN Mrs. Mary servant Five Mile Ck. Bookham
BURNS James mason --- Bookham
CARROLL Edward squatter Chidowla  Bookham
CONROY John stockman Stoney Ck. Bookham
CONROY Michael squatter Stoney Ck. Bookham
CORBY Michael sawyer Bogolera  Bookham
CUNNINGHAME Richard stockman Woolgarlo Station Bookham
DALE James squatter Bogolera Bookham
DAVIS George groom --- Bookham
DAVIS William stockman Reedy Ck. Bookham
DRUITT John teacher Bogolong Bookham
DRUMMOND James carrier --- Bookham
DRUMMOND Thomas innkeeper --- Bookham
DUGGAN Edward groom Five Mile Ck. Bookham
DUNN Edward stockman Mylona Bookham
EWINGTON Henry miner --- Bookham
FORD John shepherd --- Bookham
GARRY Bryant squatter Mylona Bookham
GARRY John squatter Mylona Bookham
GRIFFEN Ann servant Bogolera Bookham
GRIFFIN Samuel shepherd Bogolera Bookham
HANNAM John squatter Coonadigbee Bookham
HAYES Patrick teacher Chidowla  Bookham
JAMES George servant Mylona Bookham
JONES Mary Ann servant Coonadigbee Bookham
JULIEN Richard squatter Bogolong Bookham
KELLY James servant Reedy Ck. Bookham
KELLY William selector Mylona Bookham
LEHANE Jeremiah squatter Reedy Ck. Bookham
LEHANE William squatter Reedy Ck. Bookham
LOOMES James settler Two-Mile Ck. Bookham
LOOMES John settler Two-Mile Ck. Bookham
LOOMES Timothy settler Two-Mile Ck. Bookham
MAHER Michael servant Mylona Bookham
MALONY John servant Reedy Ck. Bookham
MANCH George teacher --- Bookham
MILES James miner --- Bookham
MCGREEVY James contractor Five-Mile Ck. Bookham
MCGUINESS Patrick squatter Bogolong Bookham
MCGUIRE John labourer Five-Mile Ck. Bookham
O'BRIEN James miner Stoney Ck. Bookham
PARKER William sawyer Bogolong Bookham
PATERSON Anthony selector Bogolong Bookham
PATERSON John selector Bogolong Bookham
PATERSON Mrs. John --- Illalong Bookham
PATERSON Thomas selector Bogolong Bookham
PERIE Andrew selector Talmo Bookham
PORTER James miner Woolgarlo Bookham
PRIVETT James selector Bogolong Bookham
PURTELL Patrick servant Copabella Bookham
QUIN James selector Chidowla  Bookham
QUIN James contractor Two-Mile Ck. Bookham
QUIN Jeremiah selector Chidowla  Bookham
RAWSON John sawyer --- Bookham
ROACH John squatter Chidowla  Bookham
ROACH Lawrence squatter Chidowla  Bookham
ROACH Patrick squatter Chidowla  Bookham
ROBINSON James overseer Copabella Bookham
ROBINSON Thomas squatter Care Flat Bookham
ROBINSON William storekeeper Woolgarlo Bookham
ROWLEY Joseph servant Chidowla  Bookham
SHAW Robert farmer Bogolera Bookham
SMALL Stephen farmer Coonadigbee Bookham
SULLIVAN Henry teacher Coonadigbee Bookham
SUTTON William selector Bogolong Bookham
SWIFT Amos farmer Care Flat Bookham
THOMAS Frank servant Copabella Bookham
THOMAS W. N. contractor Bogolong Bookham
THOMAS William contractor Bogolong Bookham
THOMPSON James teacher --- Bookham
TULLY William miner --- Bookham
VICQ John H. postmaster --- Bookham
WALSH John sawyer Five-Mile Ck. Bookham
WHITE James mason --- Bookham
WILLIAMS John miner Bogolong Bookham

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here