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Distance 188 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 2.45 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 1.45 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, 4 m. Blandford
ABBOTT Benjamin landowner --- Blandford
ABBOTT Mrs. Fanny landowner Glengary Blandford
ABBOTT William, J. P. landowner --- Blandford
ARNDELL George squatter --- Blandford
ARNDELL James squatter --- Blandford
ARNDELL Miss --- --- Blandford
AVARD Henry landowner --- Blandford
BAKER Robert farmer --- Blandford
BAKER Silas farmer --- Blandford
BARCLAY D. miner --- Blandford
BEER Eli superintendent Road Works  --- Blandford
BENHAM William householder --- Blandford
BROUGHTON  John drover --- Blandford
BUDD George labourer --- Blandford
BURKE John labourer --- Blandford
BURROWS Frederick blacksmith --- Blandford
BUTLER James labourer --- Blandford
CANTWELL  Thomas carrier --- Blandford
CARY James landowner --- Blandford
CARY Jeremiah landowner --- Blandford
CARY John landowner --- Blandford
CLEAR James selector --- Blandford
CLEAR Thomas selector --- Blandford
CLIFFORD  James farmer --- Blandford
CLIFFORD  John farmer --- Blandford
COHEN Bernard storekeeper --- Blandford
CORISH Andrew railway contractor  --- Blandford
DOHERTY Maurice innkeeper --- Blandford
DONOGHUE  James selector --- Blandford
DONOGHUE  Martin butcher --- Blandford
DONOGHUE  Owen sub-contractor --- Blandford
DONOGHUE  Richard butcher --- Blandford
DOYLE Thomas landowner --- Blandford
DOYLE William landowner --- Blandford
DUGGAN Patrick labourer --- Blandford
DWYER Stephen labourer --- Blandford
EDWARDS Joseph labourer --- Blandford
FADDEN Michael labourer --- Blandford
FAIRBAIRN  James stock-keeper --- Blandford
FALLON Patrick farmer --- Blandford
FAULKENNIER  George farmer --- Blandford
FAULKENNIER  John carrier --- Blandford
FILSON Edward bootmaker --- Blandford
FINLAN Thomas landowner --- Blandford
FOSTER Thomas postmaster --- Blandford
FREDERICK  Richard storekeeper --- Blandford
FYNN Rev. Patrick minister --- Blandford
GILMORE William labourer --- Blandford
GLEESON Michael farmer --- Blandford
GORMAN Jeremiah farmer --- Blandford
GRAHAM William landowner --- Blandford
GREER James farmer --- Blandford
GREER Joseph carrier --- Blandford
GRIFFIN Oliver blacksmith --- Blandford
HALL Benjamin farmer --- Blandford
HALL Robert farmer --- Blandford
HALLINAN  Francis labourer --- Blandford
HALLINAN  John householder --- Blandford
HANK Philip shepherd --- Blandford
HANNAFORD  Henry farmer --- Blandford
HANNAFORD  John farmer --- Blandford
HANNAFORD  Miss M. J. --- --- Blandford
HARPUR George labourer --- Blandford
HARRIET Mrs. --- --- Blandford
HARTMAN Joseph landowner --- Blandford
HARTMAN Philip landowner --- Blandford
HARWARD William carrier --- Blandford
HASSETT James farmer --- Blandford
HAYDON Caroline landowner --- Blandford
HAYDON Peter landowner --- Blandford
HAYDON Thomas clerk --- Blandford
HEILER Martin farmer --- Blandford
HILL Thomas carpenter --- Blandford
HODDLE George selector --- Blandford
HODDLE James selector --- Blandford
HODGES --- butcher --- Blandford
JOHNSON Peter labourer --- Blandford
LACY Dennis farmer --- Blandford
LAND Thomas labourer --- Blandford
LAURENCE  George landowner --- Blandford
LEADER James farmer --- Blandford
LYONS Charles labourer --- Blandford
MILLS M. C. (C. E.) catechist  --- Blandford
MULLENS Daniel farmer --- Blandford
MULLENS Patrick farmer --- Blandford
MULLINS Patrick farmer --- Blandford
MUNRO Hugh storekeeper --- Blandford
MUNRO Hugh (sen.) storekeeper --- Blandford
MUNRO Mrs. Catherine --- --- Blandford
MURPHY Daniel teacher --- Blandford
MURPHY Dennis landowner --- Blandford
MURPHY John farmer --- Blandford
MCDONALD  Thomas landowner & carrier --- Blandford
MCGIVENY  Anne --- --- Blandford
MCGIVENY  James landholder --- Blandford
MCGIVENY  Jane landholder --- Blandford
MCGIVENY  John  landholder --- Blandford
MCMAHON Daniel farmer --- Blandford
MCMAHON John farmer --- Blandford
MCMILLAN  Edward labourer --- Blandford
MCNAMARA  Mrs. W. --- --- Blandford
NEIL James miner --- Blandford
NEWIT Ellen --- --- Blandford
NEWMAN John carrier --- Blandford
NICHOLLS William labourer --- Blandford
NORTHEY James landowner --- Blandford
NORTHEY James jun. carrier --- Blandford
NORVAL George farmer --- Blandford
O'BRIEN Patrick labourer --- Blandford
O'DONNELL  Charles carrier --- Blandford
O'HAGEN Rev. minister --- Blandford
ORAM James labourer --- Blandford
ORAM Jeremiah builder & fencer --- Blandford
ORAM Job labourer --- Blandford
PERKINS John landowner --- Blandford
PETERS J. superintendent Railway Works ---  Blandford
PETERS John mason --- Blandford
PETHICK Benjamin landowner --- Blandford
PHILLIPS  John landowner --- Blandford
PIGOTT John jun. farmer --- Blandford
PIGOTT John sen. farmer --- Blandford
POGSON John brickmaker --- Blandford
PRESTON John brickmaker --- Blandford
RATTENBERRY  --- --- --- Blandford
RAY William contractor --- Blandford
REYNOLDS  Ann --- --- Blandford
REYNOLDS  G. R. contractor --- Blandford
ROONEY Patrick contractor --- Blandford
SCANLON Dennis farmer --- Blandford
SCANLON Michael farmer --- Blandford
SHANAHAN  Dennis farmer Murrulla Blandford
SHANAHAN  John farmer Murrulla Blandford
SHANAHAN  Peter farmer Murrulla Blandford
SHAW J. J. --- --- Blandford
SHAW William bricklayer --- Blandford
SINGLETON  Isaac sub-contractor --- Blandford
SINGLETON  Thomas --- --- Blandford
SMITH James dealer --- Blandford
SUCKLING  John L. squatter --- Blandford
SWEENEY John farmer --- Blandford
SWEENEY Michael carrier --- Blandford
TATE John bootmaker --- Blandford
TODD James blacksmith --- Blandford
TOOTHE Patrick labourer --- Blandford
WARD Robert carrier --- Blandford
WARREN William labourer --- Blandford
WEBB William farmer Box Tree Blandford
WELLS John carrier --- Blandford
WHITE F. R. (J. P.) landowner --- Blandford
WHITE John farmer --- Blandford
WILDE Abraham farmer --- Blandford
WILSON Charles carrier --- Blandford
WILSON Henry carrier --- Blandford
WOODS Joseph labourer --- Blandford
WOODS George selector --- Blandford
WOODS William wheelwright --- Blandford
WRIGHT Percy --- --- Blandford
WRIGHT P. W. (J. P.) landowner --- Blandford
WYNN James carpenter --- Blandford
YATES William farmer --- Blandford

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here