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Distance 179 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday 6 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Thursday 9 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, 51 miles Binda.
BAKER Charles farmer Crookwell Grove Binda
BRAY John landholder Binda Vale Binda
BRIGHT George householder Breakfast Ck. Binda
BRIGHT Robert landholder Breakfast Ck. Binda
CARR Henry farmer & grazier Funny Hill Binda
CARUTHERS John farmer Kangaloolah Ck. Binda
CARUTHERS Joseph landholder Kangaloolah Ck. Binda
CLEMENTS J. farmer & grazier Silverís Ck. Binda
CLEMENTS William grazier Burwood Binda
COLBERT Charles superintendent Jamesís Park Binda
CRAMP Alfred farmer Avondale Binda
CRAMP Benjamin farmer --- Binda
CRAMP George farmer Briars Binda 
CRELLY William farmer Diamond Swamp Binda
CROWE John farmer Spring Ck. Binda
CROWE John teacher Walner Binda
DORAN Charles farmer Hyde Park Binda
DRUIT Louis landholder Land of Nod Binda
ELDRIGE James farmer Oak Park Binda
ELDRIGE William farmer Long Swamp Binda
ELVINS Thomas landholder Blanket Flat Binda
EVANS Alexander farmer Monkís Ck. Binda
EVANS Christopher farmer Kangaloolah Ck. Binda
EVANS G. jun. storekeeper Junction Point Binda
EVANS George sen. landholder & grazier  Evanís Dale Binda
EVANS John farmer Sapling Ck. Binda
EVANS William householder Evanís Dale Binda
FAHEY Michael farmer Islington Binda
FRAZER Alexander junr. farmer Saw Pit Binda
FRAZER Alexander sen farmer Saw Pit Binda
GILLARD William grazier Binda Vale Binda
HAILSTONE William landholder Crokerís Ck. Binda
HAMSTEAD William farmer Gather Hill Binda
HANSEN Henry farmer Long Swamp Binda
HAY G. D. (J. P.) grazier Woodville Binda
HEARN James landholder & grazier  Salisbury Place Binda
HEARN John landholder & grazier  Salisbury Place Binda
HONE Charles farmer Green Rock Farm Binda
HONE Thomas farmer Sawyerís Ck. Binda
KEATS John miner Victoria Reef Binda
KENNEDY R. senior constable Police Station Binda
KING George farmer Markdale Binda
LARKHAM John landholder Markdale Binda
LEWIS Christopher landholder & grazier  Jerrara Binda
LINCOLN S. S. miner Victoria Reef Binda
MADIGAN William farmer & carrier Kenilworth Binda
MARKS Elijah landholder Markdale Binda
MARKS James householder Dixons Binda
MARKS Richard landholder Markdale Binda
MARKS William landholder Black Spring Binda
MARSHALL James, jun. farmer Black Spring Binda
MARSHALL James, sen. farmer Black Spring Binda
MUNRO William farmer Hyde Park Binda
MCCLUNY John blacksmith Queen St. Binda
MCDONALD A. E. mail contractor Islington Binda
MCDONNELL A. farmer Round Water Hole Binda
MCDONALD T. J. landholder Lucky Swamp Binda
MCDONALD William junr. poundkeeper --- Binda
MCDONALD William sen. postmaster --- Binda
MCGUIRK Thomas householder Land of Nod Binda
MCINTOSH Alex farmer Round Water Hole Binda
MCKAUGHAN Alexander landholder & grazier Long Nose Binda
MCKINNON Flora farmer Monkís Ck. Binda
NEWMAN William teacher Markdale Binda
NOGY A. miner Victoria Reef Binda
OíBRIEN John inn & storekeeper Queen St. Binda
PARKER George householder Jerrara Binda
PEARCY Edmund householder Mulgowrie Binda
PECKER William farmer Crooked Corner Binda
PENNINGTON Catherine farmer Islington Binda
QUINCE Edward grazier Crookwell River Binda
QUINCE John E. farmer Markdale Forest Binda
REID Joseph landholder Supper Ck. Binda
RETFORD Robert householder Silverís Ck. Binda
ROBERTSON Angus miner Victoria Reef Binda
ROBERTSON J. inn & storekeeper Queen St. Binda
ROBERTSON Lachlan jun. farmer Long Swamp Binda
ROBERTSON Lachlan sen. landholder Crooked Corner Binda
SHEPHERD James householder Kangaloolah  Binda
SHEPHERD Joseph landholder Kangaloolah  Binda
SHEPHERD William householder Kangaloolah  Binda
TUNNICLIFF Francis farmer Little Diamond  Binda
VITLER W. householder Markdale Forest Binda
WATSON George farmer Hyde Park Binda
WEBSTER Charles S. farmer Gargrave Binda
WEBSTER Edward teacher Queen St. Binda
WEBSTER E. A. landholder Lucky Swamp Binda
WEBSTER George McDonald landholder Lucky Swamp Binda
WEAVERS Thomas householder Long Swamp Binda
WHITE Louis farmer Neilís Ck. Binda

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here