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Distance 408 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday via Pilliga 5.30 p.m; Wednesday via
Coonamble 4 p.m; Saturday via Cassilis 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday via Pilliga, 6 p.m; Monday via Coonamble 1
p.m; Wednesday via Cassilis, noon.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday via Pilliga, 3 p.m; Tuesday via Cassilis noon;
Sunday via Coonamble 4 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Saturday evening via Pilliga; Monday via Cassilis &
Friday via Coonamble 7 a.m.
Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi; coach via Pilliga, 24 miles Baradine.

ALLEN	W. B.		grazier		Terembone	Baradine
ATKINSON H.		superintendent	Kidjar		Baradine
BAKER	Robert		labourer	---		Baradine
BARDEN	Alfred		grazier		Polly Brewan	Baradine
BEAVES	George		farmer & grazier Kienbri	Baradine
BELL	A.		grazier		Terembone	Baradine
BLACKMAN James		grazier		Nengal		Baradine
BLACKMAN John		grazier		Nengal		Baradine
BLACKSTONE Alfred	selector	Baradine Ck.	Baradine
BLACKSTONE John		selector	Baradine Ck.	Baradine
BLAKEWELL Solomon	farmer		Narran St.	Baradine
BONDER	Henry		innkeeper	Lachlan St.	Baradine
BOOTH	Joseph		drover		Teridgenie North Baradine
COLWELL	Charles		grazier		Kienbri		Baradine
COLWELL	John		grazier		Billeray	Baradine
COLWELL	Thomas		grazier		Billeray	Baradine
COOPER	William		selector	Boomi		Baradine
COUSENS	Walter		superintendent	Urawilkie	Baradine
CURTISS	Robert		labourer	---		Baradine
DAVIS	Henry		poundkeeper	---		Baradine
DAVIS	William		postmaster	Narran St.	Baradine
GARDINER George		drover		Narran St.	Baradine
GARDINER George		selector	Bungle		Baradine
HALL	John		grazier		Culnoey		Baradine
HALL	Mrs.		grazier		Urawilkie	Baradine
HUMPHRIES John		superintendent	Conanawa	Baradine
JAMES	Moses		selector	Baradine Ck.	Baradine
JAMES	Thomas		labourer	Baradine Ck.	Baradine
LLOYD	A. G.		grazier		Terembone	Baradine
MAIDEN	George		superintendent	Ballarona	Baradine
MATTHEWSGeorge		selector	Baradine Ck.	Baradine
MCMANIS	Roland		grazier		Teridgenie North Baradine
MILLER	Robert		farmer & grazier Kienbri	Baradine	
MORRISS	Grant		grazier		Warregan, Castlereagh Baradine	
MOVIES	John		grazier		Nengal		Baradine
MOVIES	Robert		grazier		Nengal		Baradine
MORINESS William	grazier		---		Baradine
PAUL	Joseph		commercial traveller ---	Baradine
PURDY	Thomas		selector	Bingegalah	Baradine
RICHARDS David		stockkeeper	Urawilkie	Baradine
SCOTT	E. O.		freeholder	Kienbri		Baradine
THOMPSON James		labourer	Narran St.	Baradine
THOMPSON James		superintendent	Teridgenie	Baradine
WATKINS & MORGAN	graziers	Kienbri		Baradine

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here