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Distance 205 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday, Saturday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Friday, Sunday 2.15 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 8 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, coach via Yass, to Binalong.
ALLCROFT John carpenter --- Binalong
ANDERSON John sawyer --- Binalong
ARKINS James teacher Dickinson St. Binalong
ARKINS W. assistant storekeeper Stephen St. Binalong
ARMSTRONG A. --- Cunningham Binalong
BALLARD George shepherd Cunningham Binalong
BARDON William carrier Monteagle St. Binalong
BARRY Laurence farmer Limestone Ck. Binalong
BARTLEY Martin farmer Bangalal Binalong
BECKHAM Edgar J. P. Government cottage Binalong
BELL John overseer Cunningham Binalong
BERRY Thomas farmer Limestone Ck. Binalong
BOOTH J. shepherd Cunningham Binalong
BRADBURY James sawyer Dickinson St. Binalong
BURDEN Isaac blacksmith Monteagle St. Binalong
BYE John shepherd Bangalal Binalong
BYRNES William --- Cunningham Binalong
CAMPBELL D. H. J. P. Cunningham Binalong
CAMPBELL James farmer Back Ck. Binalong
CARTER Samuel innkeeper Manning St. Binalong
CASSIDY Edward storekeeper Cunningham Binalong
CLARKE William shepherd Mylora Binalong
COLLISON --- shepherd Cunningham Binalong
CONWAY John grazier Bangalal Binalong
COOPER Mrs. shepherd Cunningham Binalong
CREWE Michael grazier Bangalal Binalong
CUNIO Antonio gardener Queen St. Binalong
DACEY John farmer Illalong Binalong
DARJAN Lawrence J. storekeeper Manning St. Binalong
DEEN John shepherd Mylora Binalong
DEMPSEY Arthur butcher Monteagle St. Binalong
DONNELLY Thomas farmer Gallong Binalong
DULLING William shepherd Limestone Binalong
DWYER Anthony farmer Bangalal Ck. Binalong
DWYER Daniel farmer --- Binalong
DWYER James farmer Bobbera Ck. Binalong
DWYER Patrick shepherd Bobbera Binalong
DWYER Patrick shepherd Cumbamurra Binalong
DWYER Philip farmer Bangalal Ck. Binalong
FARRELL Martin farmer --- Binalong
FIELDING George sawyer --- Binalong
FLOWER Winter W. overseer Cunningham Binalong
FRAZER James stockman --- Binalong
FUTTER John S. J. P., C. C. L. Hanning St. Binalong
GALLEY Edmond shepherd Illalong Binalong
GANNON Francis bootmaker Monteagle St. Binalong
GANNON Henry farmer Bobbera Binalong
GANNON Thomas farmer Bangalal Binalong
GARRY Bernard J. farmer Mylora Binalong
GARRY Dora freeholder --- Binalong
GARRY John J. grazier Mylora Binalong
GIBBENY John farmer Back Ck. Binalong
GIBBENY Neil farmer Back Ck. Binalong
GILLICK John shepherd Cumbamurra Binalong
GODFREY William --- Cunningham Binalong
GOODWIN John shepherd Cumbamurra Binalong
GORMAN Hugh shepherd Bobbera Binalong
GRAVEY James H. teacher Cunningham Binalong
GREEN Thomas labourer Dickinson St. Binalong
HALL Henry French polisher Manning St. Binalong
HARRISON George shepherd Cumbamurra Binalong
HAWTON Edward carpenter Cunningham Binalong
HOWARD William H. storekeeper Stephen St. Binalong
HUDSON Robert constable Queen St. Binalong
JAMES George shepherd Mylora Binalong
JOBBINS Mary farmer --- Binalong
KELLY William farmer Mylora Binalong
KENNEDY Andrew farmer Manning St. Binalong
KING Michael constable Queen St. Binalong
LATEWOOD Thomas carrier Queen St. Binalong
LAWLER Valentine overseer Cumbamurra Binalong
LENEHAN Ellen midwife Monteagle St. Binalong
MARTIN John --- Cunningham Binalong
MAXWELL Timothy farmer Back Ck. Binalong
MULCAHY Michael farmer Burrowa River Binalong
MULGREW John bootmaker Stephen St. Binalong
MUNRO Daniel F. carpenter --- Binalong
MURPHY Felix storekeeper Stephen St. Binalong
MURPHY Michael farmer Manning St. Binalong
MURPHY Patrick labourer --- Binalong
MCEVOY James sawyer --- Binalong
MCDONALD John shepherd Illalong Binalong
MCMILLAN James fencer Balgalal Binalong
MCNEIL Margaret --- Queen St. Binalong
MCKENNA Patrick farmer Gallong Binalong
OAKLEY James bricklayer Queen St. Binalong
OíBRIEN John farmer Limestone Ck. Binalong
OíBRIEN Patrick farmer Limestone Ck. Binalong
PACKHAM George farmer Limestone Ck. Binalong
PATERSON Andrew B. grazier Illalong Binalong
PIERCE James shepherd Woolshed Binalong
POPPLEWELL John farmer --- Binalong
PURCELL Stephen carrier Balgalal Binalong
QUINN Patrick farmer Quinland Binalong
QUINLIVAN Thomas shepherd Woolshed Binalong
RANDALL John shepherd Cumbamurra Binalong
RANDALL William farmer Bobbera Binalong
RILEY John shepherd Cumbamurra Binalong
ROBERTSON John J. superintendent Illalong Binalong
RUMBLE William farmer Binalong St. Binalong
RYAN Daniel labourer Binalong St. Binalong
RYAN Edmond farmer Limestone Ck. Binalong
RYAN John farmer Bangalal Binalong
RYAN John N. grazier Gallong Binalong
RYAN Martin labourer --- Binalong
RYAN Michael farmer Limestone Ck. Binalong
RYAN Patrick innkeeper Queen St. Binalong
RYAN Timothy farmer Bobbera Ck. Binalong
RYAN Lawrence farmer Limestone Ck. Binalong
RYAN Timothy farmer Bobbera Binalong
SMITH William farmer Monteagle St. Binalong
STEEL William farmer Gallong Binalong
THYNNE James bailiff Queen St. Binalong
TRACY Edward blacksmith Dickinson St. Binalong
TRACY Pierce blacksmith Dickinson St. Binalong
TRACY Laurence poundkeeper --- Binalong
WARD Henry labourer Illalong Binalong
WEEKES Bartley shepherd Binalong St. Binalong
WINTTERBOTTOM W. wheelwright Stephen St. Binalong
WILLITZ G. overseer Woolshed Binalong

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here