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Distance 204 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday by Clyde steamer; Monday 4 p.m. via Braidwood.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday via Clyde; Wednesday 4 p.m. via Braidwood.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Wednesday 10 a.m. via Braidwood.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday 7.15 a.m. via Braidwood.
Route  Clyde River or Moruya Steamer, 5 miles Bergalia; or rail Goulburn & coach via Braidwood, 18 miles Bergalia.
ANDERSON Andrew farmer Coila Bergalia
ANDERSON Robert farmer --- Bergalia
BARNS William farmer --- Bergalia
BARRELL Thomas farmer --- Bergalia
BEISHELL Patrick farmer --- Bergalia
BOWEN Elijah Tuross Sawmill Co. --- Bergalia
BROCK Robert farmer --- Bergalia
BURNS John farmer --- Bergalia
CANTLEY Robert packman Tuross Bergalia
COLE Isaac labourer --- Bergalia
COLLETT Benjamin farmer --- Bergalia
CONNORS Richard farmer --- Bergalia
DANSEY Richard clerk --- Bergalia
DAVIS Thomas farmer Coila Bergalia
DONELY James farmer --- Bergalia
DONELY William barkman --- Bergalia
DONNELL Demetrius fisherman Tuross Bergalia
DONNELLY Catherine farmer --- Bergalia
DU ROSS Isabella farmer --- Bergalia
DU ROSS John farmer --- Bergalia
FLACK Charles farmer Stoney Ck. Bergalia
FLETCHER William --- --- Bergalia
GOODEN William Tuross Sawmill Co. --- Bergalia
GREIG James farmer --- Bergalia
GREY Edward farmer Stoney Ck. Bergalia
GREY William farmer Stoney Ck. Bergalia
HAMPSON Joseph farmer --- Bergalia
HARKUS William farmer Tuross Bergalia
HARPER John farmer --- Bergalia
HAWDON John --- Tuross Bergalia
HEFFERNAN John teacher --- Bergalia
HICKS William Tuross Sawmill Co. --- Bergalia
JONES Thomas fencer --- Bergalia
KELLY James farmer --- Bergalia
KEYS William farmer Stoney Ck. Bergalia
KNOX William --- Stoney Ck. Bergalia
LINDWALL Peter farmer Stoney Ck. Bergalia
MARTIN Thomas packer Coila Bergalia
MEINE Thomas farmer --- Bergalia
MERCER James farmer --- Bergalia
MOONEY John farmer --- Bergalia
MYLOTT Patrick farmer Tuross Bergalia
MCKENZIE Alexander farmer Tuross Bergalia
MCLEAN John farmer Coila Bergalia
NUNAN John farmer --- Bergalia
REID John farmer --- Bergalia
ROACH William farmer --- Bergalia
RUSSELL James farmer --- Bergalia
SLY George farmer Tuross Bergalia
SMART Albert oysterman Tuross Bergalia
SPEER Robert storekeeper & postmaster --- Bergalia
SPEER Thomas farmer --- Bergalia
STAUNTON Patrick farmer --- Bergalia
STAUNTON Thomas farmer --- Bergalia
WADDLE John bootmaker --- Bergalia
WRIGHT Henry farmer --- Bergalia

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here