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Distance 12 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 6.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 7.50 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 9.45 a.m.
Route  Coach daily from Clarence St. and G.P.O. 4.40 p.m.

ALLUM	George		builder		---		Bankstown
AMOS	Thomas		splitter & fencer Bark Huts	Bankstown
BAMFORD	Richard		farmer		Johnstons Bush	Bankstown
BANKS	Samuel		butcher		Bark Huts	Bankstown
BOYD	John		butcher		Bark Huts	Bankstown
BRIEN	John		woodcarter	Liberty Plains	Bankstown
BROWN	W.		woodcarter	Georges River Old Rd. Bankstown
BUTLER	Charles		cabinetmaker	---		Bankstown
BUTLER	Jesse		cabinetmaker	Georges River Old Rd. Bankstown
BUTLER	William		cabinetmaker	---		Bankstown
CAIRD	Robert		timber merchant	---		Bankstown
CARROLL	John		farmer		---		Bankstown
CLARKE	Edward		farmer		Georges River	Bankstown
CONLON	T. F.		---		Huts		Bankstown
COOK	Edward		carpenter	Georges River Old Rd. Bankstown
COOK	Henry		woodsplitter	near Salt Pan Ck. Bankstown
COOK	James		farmer		Salt Pan Ck.	Bankstown
COOK	Walter		woodcarter	Loughall	Bankstown
CRAWFORD Mrs.		---		Loughall	Bankstown
CROWE	William		farmer		---		Bankstown
DALTON	Mrs. Margaret	farmer		---		Bankstown
DAVIS	James		woodcutter	Liberty Plains	Bankstown
DAVIS	John		woodcutter	Liverpool Rd.	Bankstown
DAVIS	Joseph		woodcutter	Liberty Plains	Bankstown
DAVIS	Thomas		woodcarter	Liberty Plains	Bankstown
DENNY	Patrick		labourer	Liberty Plains	Bankstown
DRISCOLL Michael	dairy		---		Bankstown
DRISCOLL Mrs. Allen	dairy		---		Bankstown
DWYER	John		teacher		---		Bankstown
EADIE	William		labourer	Liberty Plains	Bankstown
ELDRIDGE James		charcoal dealer	---		Bankstown
FEAST	Henry		woodcarter	---		Bankstown 
FEATHERSTONE Michael	woodcarter	Georges River Rd. Bankstown
FERGUSON James		farmer		---		Bankstown
FLYN	Abraham		woodcarter	---		Bankstown
GORE	Thomas		woodcarter	---		Bankstown
GASCOYN	R.		farmer		Liberty Plains	Bankstown
GORMAN	Mrs. Isabella	farmer		Punch Bowl	Bankstown
HARDY	William		solicitor	Loughall	Bankstown
HAYNES	Michael		woodcarter	Georges River Old Rd. Bankstown
HAYNES	Henry		poundkeeper	---		Bankstown
HOCKLEY	John		contractor & woodseller Johnstons Bush Bankstown
HUNT	John		splitter & fencer ---		Bankstown
JACOBS	John		postmaster	---		Bankstown
JINGLE	William		collector	Johnstons Bush Bankstown
JONES	Thomas		innkeeper	---		Bankstown
JOSEPH	Samuel		woodcarter	Liberty Plains	Bankstown
JUBY	William		labourer	---		Bankstown
KELLY	Henry		farmer		Punch Bowl Rd.	Bankstown
LAWFORD	Mrs.		storekeeper	---		Bankstown
LUKINS	George		labourer	near Georges River Bankstown
MARTIN	Mrs. Caroline	---		Liberty Plains	Bankstown
MCAULIFF Thomas		farmer & carter	---		Bankstown
MCDONALD Alex.		shipwright	Georges River 	Bankstown
MCGORMAN John		woodcarter	near Georges River Rd. Bankstown
MCGORMAN Joseph		farmer		---		Bankstown
MCGRATH	Robert		labourer	---		Bankstown
MCQUILLAN John, sen.	innkeeper	---		Bankstown
MCQUILLAN Thomas	carrier		---		Bankstown
MCSWINEY Henry		farmer		Fair View	Bankstown
MEREDITH Alfred		splitter & fencer ---		Bankstown
MEREDITH Edward		splitter & fencer ---		Bankstown
MEREDITH Frederick	woodcarter	---		Bankstown
MEREDITH John		splitter & fencer ---		Bankstown
MEREDITH Mrs.		farmer		---		Bankstown
MEREDITH Robert		coachman	---		Bankstown
MITCHELL Richard	farmer		---		Bankstown
MOONEY	J.		farmer & dealer	Mount Lewis	Bankstown
MORONEY	Mathew Francis	general dealer	---		Bankstown
MORGAN	William		splitter & fencer ---		Bankstown
MORRIS	William		woodcutter	---		Bankstown
MOXON	Joshua		architect	---		Bankstown
NORTHCOTE John		woodsplitter	---		Bankstown
NORTHCOTE Mrs. Ann	---		---		Bankstown
NORTHCOTE William	woodcarter	---		Bankstown
OBRIEN	Patrick	 farmer & charcoal dealer Old Georges River Rd. Bankstown
PARISH	John		woodsplitter	---		Bankstown
PETIT	Charles		woodcarter	---		Bankstown
PIKE	James		woodcutter	Liberty Plains	Bankstown
PRIEST	George		bush carpenter	Bark Huts	Bankstown
RULE	John		farmer		---		Bankstown
RULE	William		woodcarter	---		Bankstown
RYAN	Michael, sen.	splitter & fencer ---		Bankstown
RYAN	Michael		woodcarter	---		Bankstown
SCANLAN	James		carrier		---		Bankstown
SCANLAN	Michael		farmer		---		Bankstown
SHEA	James		carter		---		Bankstown
SMITH	John William	woodcarter	---		Bankstown	
STACEY	James		farmer & gardener ---		Bankstown
STACEY	Joseph		farmer & gardener ---		Bankstown
THOMPSON David		splitter & fencer ---		Bankstown
THOMPSON Edward		woodcarter	---		Bankstown
THOMPSON John		blacksmith	---		Bankstown
TYNEY	James		carpenter	---		Bankstown
WARD	William		teamster	---		Bankstown
WEITE	Thomas		---		Liberty Plains	Bankstown
WILLIAMS John		woodsplitter	---		Bankstown
WILLIAMS W.		---		Liberty Plains	Bankstown
WOODWARD William	charcoal merchant ---		Bankstown
WRIGHT	William		carpenter	Liberty Plains	Bankstown

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here