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Distance  42 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 9 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 2 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Campbelltown, coach Appin.
ACKROYD John carpenter Wilton Appin
ARKINS Miss teacher Brook's Point Appin
ARMSTRONG John storekeeper Main St Appin
BADHAM John D. sheep farmer Appin
BEST James farmer Wilton Appin
BEST John farmer Wilton Appin
BLACKWOOD C.W. --- Cataract Appin
BLADES John farmer Wilton Appin
BLADES John stockman Nepean Lower Appin
BRAGRER John gardener Wilton Appin
BREMAN Patrick farmer --- Appin
BROWN James labourer --- Appin
BUCKLEY William innkeeper --- Appin
BUMNAT Patrick farmer --- Appin
BURKE John farmer Ousdale Appin
BURROWS Mrs. --- Wilton Appin
BUTTERLY John labourer --- Appin
BUTTERLY William labourer --- Appin
BYRNE Thomas farmer Ousdale Appin
BYRNE James farmer --- Appin
BYRNES James baker Main St. Appin
CARROLL Michael farmer Appin Lodge Appin
CLAYTON Benjamin --- Rockwood Appin
CLAYTON Mrs. --- Rockwood Appin
CLEMENTS Thomas farmer Wilton Appin
CLYNCH John carpenter --- Appin
COLEMAN John farmer --- Appin
COLLETT Arthur farmer Wilton Appin
COLLINS James groom --- Appin
COOK Jacob labourer --- Appin
COOPER William bootmaker --- Appin
CRAMPTON Charles labourer --- Appin
CROWE Mrs. --- Lissen Green Appin
CULL James constable --- Appin
CURTIS John carpenter --- Appin
DARBY Thomas labourer Wilton Appin
DARCEY Lawrence farmer --- Appin
DARCEY Patrick farmer --- Appin
DONELY Tyson butcher --- Appin
DONNELLY George bootmaker Wilton Appin
DWYER Thomas farmer Doon Farm Appin
DWYER John farmer Appin Rd. Appin
DWYER Philip storekeeper --- Appin
EAGLES Henry farmer Wilton Appin
EAGLES John farmer Wilton Appin
EAGLES Archer farmer --- Appin
ELLIOT Philip --- Stanhope Appin
ELLIOT Thomas W. --- Stanhope Appin
ETCHELLS Charles carpenter --- Appin
FAHEY Edward farmer Haidwick Appin
FAHEY James farmer Haidwick Appin
FAHEY Timothy farmer Haidwick Appin
FAULL Patrick farmer Wilton Appin
FITZGIBBON Timothy farmer --- Appin
FLYNN Garrett selector --- Appin
GRANT Frederic farmer --- Appin
GREEN Charles labourer Wilton Appin
HAMMOND William farmer --- Appin
HANGHEY Bernard farmer --- Appin
HANGHEY Edward farmer --- Appin
HANGHEY John farmer --- Appin
HARDING William bird catcher --- Appin
HARROLD Edmund labourer --- Appin
HEWITT Stephen farmer --- Appin
HIGMAN W.H. surveyor Wilton Appin
HILDERBRAND Thomas selector Cataract Appin
HIPPER Jonathan labourer --- Appin
HIPPER Joseph labourer --- Appin
HUMPHREY George labourer --- Appin
JEFPEY William farmer Wilton Appin
KEESHAN William farmer --- Appin
KELLY Thomas farmer Wilton Appin
KELLY Michael blacksmith --- Appin
KENNEDY J.M. clerk --- Appin
KING Charles labourer --- Appin
LARKIN Edward --- Windmill Hill Appin
LAUGHLIN Henry farmer --- Appin
LAUGHLIN Michael bootmaker --- Appin
LUCH William farmer Lachlan Vale Appin
MAN Samuel sexton --- Appin
MARTIN Joseph farmer Stamvell Appin
MILLAR Lockhard --- Eladale Appin
MILLAR William --- Eladale Appin
M'LULLEA John farmer --- Appin
MOON John farmer --- Appin
MOORE Patrick farmer Wilton Appin
MULHOLLAND William farmer Wilton Appin
MULHOLLAND James farmer --- Appin
MURPHY Robert farmer --- Appin
NICHOLAS Josiah farmer --- Appin
NICOL George farmer --- Appin
NICOL John farmer --- Appin
NORTH James farmer Wilton Appin
O'BOURKE John farmer --- Appin
O'CONNELL Rev. Maurice Dean R.C. --- Appin
O'HALLORAN Martin teacher --- Appin
OLLIVER William farmer --- Appin
OXENBRIDGE Edward farmer Wilton Appin
OXENBRIDGE Henry farmer Wilton Appin
OXENBRIDGE James farmer Wilton Appin
OXENBRIDGE John farmer Wilton Appin
PASSMORE John labourer Wilton Appin
PERCIVAL John farmer --- Appin
POULTON James teacher --- Appin
PRIOR Henry farmer --- Appin
ROBINSON Charles labourer --- Appin
RYAN Lanty labourer --- Appin
SHEIL Francis farmer Wilton Appin
SHEIL James farmer Wilton Appin
SHEIL Thomas farmer Wilton Appin
SIMPSON John farmer --- Appin
SPEARING Benjamin farmer Wilton Appin
STANFORD John labourer --- Appin
STANTON James farmer --- Appin
STANTON John farmer --- Appin
TURNER James labourer --- Appin
TUSKER E. --- --- Appin
TYSON James squatter Hay Appin
VICKERY Mrs. --- Rockwood Appin
WALKER Henry farmer Wilton Appin
WHITE Joseph labourer --- Appin
WHITE Levy labourer --- Appin
WILEY Henry bootmaker --- Appin
WILKINSON Rev.T.H. minister Parsonage Appin
WINDSOR John farmer --- Appin
WINDSOR William labourer --- Appin
WINTON Harry farmer Upchurch Appin
WINTON Robert farmer Upchurch Appin
WONSON Joseph farmer Wilton Appin
WONSON William jun. farmer Wilton Appin
WONSON William sen. farmer Broughton Park Appin
WONSON James farmer --- Appin
WOODHOUSE E.H. --- Mount Gilead Appin

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here