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Distance 20 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 8.30 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily 6.5 and 8.9 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 and 9.10 a.m.
Route  Rail Liverpool

ADAMS		Isaac		butcher		Moore St.
ABBOTT		George		farmer		Glenfield
ABBOTT		Joseph		labourer	Glenfield
ALEXANDER	James		farmer		Collingwood
ALLAN		Rebecca		farmer		Sydney Rd.
ANDREWS		James		farmer		Liverpool
ARMSTRONG	George		farmer		Moorbank
ARMSTRONG	Thomas		farmer		Green Hills
ARUNDELL	George		blacksmith	Collingwood
ARUNDELL	Thomas		farmer		Bigg St.
ASHCROFT	Margaret	butcher		Macquarie St.
ATWELL		John		labourer	Bulls Hill
ATWOOD		Charles		splitter	George St.
ATWOOD		James		splitter	Cabramatta Park
BARRETT		Edward		farmer		Soldiers Flat
BARRETT		William		freeholder	Minto
BARROW		T.		fireman		Northumberland St.
BAYLY		Mrs. Charles	freeholder	George St.
BAYLY		P. N.		---		George St.
BEAL		James		labourer	Scott St.
BENT		Henry		labourer	Gillicks Cottages
BLIGH		W. R. W.	---		Collingwood Lodge
BLUNMAN		Charles		farmer		Minto
BOOTHWAY	Matthew		labourer	McMane St.
BOSSLEY		Frank		grazier		Edenson Park
BOSSLEY		J. B.		grazier		Liverpool
BOSSLEY		Tarburton	grazier		Edenson Park
BOWLES		James		chair maker	Elizabeth St.
BOYCE		Robert		fisherman	Elizabeth St.
BRAITHWAITE	W.		saddler		Macquarie St.
BROHAN		Denis		gardener	Cabramatta
BROHAN		Edward		farmer		Bernera
BROWN		J. D.		station manager	Forbes St.
BROWN		John		labourer	Campbelltown Rd.
BROWN		William		bailiff		Campbelltown Rd.
BROWN		W.		labourer	Drummond Estate
BROWNE		Clarence M. S.	---		Moore St.
BRYANT		John		farmer		Cross Roads
BRYANT		Reuben		labourer	Minto
BUCHANAN	W. F., JP	squatter	Macquarie Fields
BULGER		William		carrier		Campbelltown Rd.
BULL		James		farmer		Bulls Hill
BULL		John		freeholder	Bulls Hill
BULL		Maria		storekeeper	Terminus St.
BULL		Richard		farmer		Bulls Hill
BULL		Richard		splitter	Northumberland St.
BUNKER		Charles		storekeeper	Collingwood
BURGESS		H.		woodcutter	Drummond Hill
BURNETT		James		labourer	Collingwood
BURNSIDE	---		matron		Asylum
CAHALAN		Edward		farmer		Cairns Hill
CAMPBELL	John		farmer		Green Hills
CAMPBELL	John sen.	farmer		Green Hills
CAMPBELL	Robert		farmer		Moorbank
CAMPBELL	William		farmer		Green Hills
CAREY		Thomas		farmer		Hoxton Park
CARNEY		Patrick		labourer	Atkinson St.
CATLING		John		carrier		McMane St.
CATOR		William		labourer	Liverpool
CHAMPION	Samuel		splitter	Terminus St.
CHILDS		Archibald	farmer		Moorbank
CHILDS		Henry		farmer		Moorbank
CHILDS		John		farmer		Moorbank
CHILDS		William jun.	farmer		Moorbank
CHILDS		William		splitter	Mill Ck.
CHILDS		William sen.	farmer		Moorbank
CLEMENTS	J. F. 		JP		Woodlands
CLYDE		Robert		wheelwright	Terminus St.
COHEN		Andrew		farmer		Towns Head
COLLIMORE	Robert		farmer		Glebe
CONALAN		Patrick		farmer		Cairns Hill
CONLON		John		innkeeper	Cross Roads
CONLON		Thaddeus	farmer		Cabramatta
DAVIS		Geo.		station master	Railway Station
DAVIS		John		labourer	Northumberland St.
DAVIS		Sidney		farmer		Moorbank
DAYMENT		John		labourer	George St.
DENT		Henry		dealer		Cabramatta
DEVANNY		James		labourer	Collingwood
DEVANNY		Patrick		farmer		Moorbank
DEVANNY		Thomas		farmer		Moorbank
DIXON		William		splitter	Cabramatta
DONNON		John S.		labourer	McMane St.
DOYLE		James		farmer		Bulls Hill
DOYLE		Richard		farmer		Bulls Hill
DUKE		Thomas		farmer		Moorbank
DUNK		John		farmer		Moorbank
EAGAR		Edward G.	clerk		George St.
EASTON		James		baker		McMane St.
ELYARD		---		railway porter	Gatehouse
FARQUHAR	James		engine driver	Scott St.
FINNIGAN	Timothy		storekeeper	McMane St.
FLAHERTY	J. R.		clerk		Elizabeth St.
FORBES		Samuel		dealer		Drummond Hill
FRANKLIN	John		farmer		Moorbank
GALLAGHER	Thomas		farmer		Moorbank
GAZZARD		Job		labourer	Drummond Hill
GILLICK		John		innkeeper	Sydney Rd.
GRAHAM		Mrs. Mary	---		George St.
GREEN		John		farmer		Collingwood
GREY		Robert		farmer		Moorbank
GRIBBEN		James S.	teacher		Elizabeth St.
GRISDALE	Levy		railway porter	Drummond Estate
HALL		Mrs. John	---		Moore St.
HARTZE		John		carpenter	Moore St.
HATTIN		John		bootmaker	Macquarie St.
HATTON		Thomas		bootmaker	Macquarie St.
HATTON		William		currier		Macquarie St.
HAY		Timothy		farmer		White Hill
HAYNES		Paul		splitter	Bulls Hill
HEALY		James		splitter	Georges Hall
HENSON		T.		cordial maker	Elizabeth St.
HIGGERSON	John		farmer		Lansdowne
HOSKING		P. M.		cattle dealer	Northumberland St.
HOY		Timothy		farmer		Potters Hill
HURLY		John		JP		Forbes Villa
INCE		Thomas		farmer		Holdsworthy
IRVING		John		farmer		Moorbank
JOHNSON		George		storekeeper	McMane St.
JONES		William		labourer	Cabramatta
JOSEPH		Victor		tailor		Drummond Estate
KELLIGHER	Michael		farmer		Moorbank
KELLIGHER	Patrick		farmer		Moorbank
KING		Rev. Robert L.	---		Moore College
KINNEAR		Michael		farmer		Cabramatta
KNIGHT		John		farmer		Lansdowne
KNOX		Hugh		farmer		Holdsworthy
KNOX		James		farmer		Cabramatta
LACKEY		William		grazier		Moorbank
LAING		Henry		blacksmith	Bigg St.
LANE		William		farmer		Moorbank
LENNON		Arthur		---		Collingwood
LEWIS		George		farmer		Collingwood
LONG		William		teacher		Bigg St.
MAKIN		Frederick	butcher		McMane St.
MARKHAM		T.		labourer	Northumberland St.
MARSDEN		T. jun.		butcher		McMane St.
MARSDEN		T. sen.		innkeeper	Drummond Hill
MEARES		Peter		farmer		Cabramatta
MILLER		Peter		farmer		Cabramatta
MITCHELL	Robert		farmer		Liverpool
MUNRO		Alexander	carpenter	Elizabeth St.
MUNRO		James		innkeeper	Elizabeth St.
MURPHY		Hugh		storekeeper	McMane St.
MURRAY		Thomas		labourer	Collingwood
MCDONALD	Duncan		farmer		Rose Dale
MCFARLANE	Charles		labourer	George St.
MCGILVENY	John		farmer		Cabramatta
MCGRATH		James		teacher		Cabramatta
MCHUGH		Gilbert		tanner		Moore St.
MCHUGH		John		clerk		Moore St.
MCKINNON	Hugh		farmer		Camden Rd.
MCMAHON		John		innkeeper	Terminus St.
OBRIEN		James		labourer	Collingwood
OCONNEL	John		innkeeper	Moore St.	
ORR		William		butcher		Macquarie St.
PAINE		Frank		butcher		Elizabeth St.
PATERSON	Thomas		storeman	Macquarie St.
PATMORE		Josiah		plasterer	Elizabeth St.
PEARCE		Stephen		butcher		Moore St.
PEARCE		Thomas		innkeeper	McMane St.
PEARCE		William		butcher		McMane St.
PEARCY		John		farmer		Moorbank
PENNY		Benjamin	farmer		Cross Roads
PETERS		Stephen		farmer		Cabramatta
PRIDDLE		Rev. C. F. D.	(C. E.)		Parsonage
RIELLY		William		farmer		Cabramatta
ROBERTSON	Kinnear		---		George St.
ROWE		James		rail porter	Drummond Estate
RUSH		John		farmer		Gleadswood
SADLEIR		Capt. Richard	(R. N.)		Lansdowne
SADLEIR		Robert		farmer		Warwick Farm
SAUNDERS	William		carpenter	Paper Works
SAUNDERS	William		labourer	Liverpool
SCAIFE		Thomas		painter		Elizabeth St.
SCOTT		G.		wool washer	Northumberland St.
SCRIVENER	Charles A.	storekeeper	Moore St.
SEWELL		Matthew		farmer		Liverpool
SHARPE		John		farmer		Macquarie Fields
SHEPHERD	William		farmer		Moorbank
SIMPSON		Robert		farmer		Summer Hill
SIMPSON		William H.	farmer		Summer Hill
SOLE		Thomas		innkeeper	McMane St.
SOLOMON		Abraham		---		Horningsea Park
SOLOMON		Charles		---		Horningsea Park
SOLOMON		David		---		Horningsea Park
SOLOMON		Moss		---		Horningsea Park
SOLOMON		Saul		---		Horningsea Park
SOUTHWELL	Charles		wood cutter	Sydney Rd.
SQUIRES		William		labourer	Johns Farm
STEINE		John		farmer		Lansdowne
STEWART		Charles		labourer	Collingwood
STRATFORD	C.		teacher		Northumberland St.
STRONG		Dr. W. F.	surgeon		George St.
STUBBS		William		carpenter	McMane St.
STUMPT		John		farmer		Lansdowne
TAYLOR		Peter		watchmaker	Terminus St.
TEASDALE	Thomas		farmer		Holdsworthy
THOMAS		W. F.		paper maker	Paper Mills
THORNE		Charles		farmer		Moorbank
THORNE		John		farmer		Moorbank
THORNE		Thomas		farmer		Heathfield
TILLETT		George		C. E.		Moore St.
TINDALL		James		bushman		Liverpool
TINDALL		Thomas		carter		Bigg St.
TURNER		Mrs. S.		farmer		Liverpool Rd.
WEARNE		Joseph		merchant	Moore St.
WEARNE		William		publisher	Elizabeth St.
WELSON		Robert		labourer	Campbelltown Rd.
WESTON		Edward H.	grazier		Horsley Park
WHEELER		Jonas		innkeeper	McMane St.
WHITEFORD	George		storekeeper	McMane St.
WILSON		Alfred		storekeeper	Moore St.
WILSON		William		farmer		Flowerdale
WOOD		James		butcher		Lansdowne
WOODS		John		merchant	Glenfield
YOUNG		Rev. Peter	(R. C.)		George St.

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here