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Distance 433 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday 3 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Wednesday 11 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday evening.
Route - Steam Grafton, 20 m. Yetman.
ATKINS Charles stockman --- Yetman
BALDWIN William stockman --- Yetman
BARDEN William innkeeper Boogabilla Yetman
BENTLEY William stockman --- Yetman
BLACK Alexander stockman Tucka Tucka Yetman
BOURKE --- overseer McIntyre River Yetman
BROWN James squatter Boogabilla Yetman
BURTON Charles saddler --- Yetman
CAMPBELL Duncan stockman --- Yetman
CAMPBELL William squatter --- Yetman
CARLILL John --- Wollongruah Yetman
COLE John stockman Trigomen Yetman
COSGROVE Edward shepherd Blue Nobby Yetman
CROSS George innkeeper Wollongruah Yetman
DAWSON James well sinker --- Yetman
DEMPSEY James shepherd Blue Nobby Yetman
DICKENS Patrick shepherd Blue Nobby Yetman
DIGHT Charles squatter Tucka Tucka Yetman
DIGHT John squatter --- Yetman
DIGHT Robert squatter Tucka Tucka Yetman
DIGHT William squatter --- Yetman
DINES George squatter McIntyre River Yetman
DINES Richard squatter McIntyre River Yetman
DOWD John wool presser Blue Nobby Yetman
EZZY Abraham cattle driver --- Yetman
EZZY Benjamin postmaster and storekeeper --- Yetman
EZZY John innkeeper --- Yetman
FARRANY Henry stockman --- Yetman
FITZPATRICK J. sheep overseer Blue Nobby Yetman
FITZPATRICK John Blue Nobby Yetman
GREY J. stockman McIntyre River Yetman
GRINSELL Edward innkeeper --- Yetman
HALL Thomas carpenter McIntyre River Yetman
HINET John shearer Trigomen Yetman
HOLMES Edward squatter Mungle Ck. Yetman
HOLMES M. manager Station Yetman
HOLMES Richard squatter --- Yetman
HORNE Edward manager Boogabilla Yetman
ILEY John shearer McIntyre River Yetman
JOHNSTON Isaac shepherd --- Yetman
JONES James householder --- Yetman
JONES John builder Trigomen Yetman
KIRKEN Alexander fencer --- Yetman
LAWLER P. squatter Bengolla; McIntyre River Yetman
LAWLER W. squatter Bengolla; McIntyre River Yetman
LAURENCE John stockman --- Yetman
LOVEL G. mail contractor Boogabilla Yetman
MINGARD Henry teacher --- Yetman
MONEGEM Francis householder --- Yetman
MOORE James squatter --- Yetman
MCDONALD C. shepherd McIntyre River Yetman
MCDOUGAL M. squatter Gunyon; McIntyre River Yetman
MCLEARY --- joiner McIntyre River Yetman
MCLEOD Roderick superintendent --- Yetman
PARKER E. shepherd Boogabilla Yetman
PARKER James stock-keeper Boogabilla Yetman
PERRY --- shearer McIntyre River Yetman
PHILLIPS Thomas innkeeper Wollongruah Yetman
PLAYLE --- grazier McIntyre River Yetman
RAINBOW Alfred sawyer --- Yetman
RAINBOW William builder --- Yetman
RERKEN Alexander fencer --- Yetman
RIDER William stockman Tucka Tucka Yetman
RILEY John shearer McIntyre River Yetman
ROSS George pound-keeper --- Yetman
RUSSELL Richard cattle driver --- Yetman
SAVAGE Thomas shepherd --- Yetman
SIMPSON R. P. squatter Trigomen Yetman
SIMPSON Thomas farmer McIntyre River Yetman
SMITH Robert blacksmith --- Yetman
STAFFORD J. fencer McIntyre River Yetman
TIMMERS James stockman --- Yetman
WEE August stockman --- Yetman
WOOLEY Charles farmer --- Yetman
WOOLEY Edward farmer --- Yetman
YONG John storekeeper Trigomen Yetman

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here