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Distance 106 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 3.10 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 8.50 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 am.
Route - Rail Rydal, Cobb's coach Yetholme, on road to Bathurst.
ALEXANDER William farmer Usedale Ck. Yetholme
BAKER Henry sawyer --- Yetholme
BAKER James sawyer --- Yetholme
BAKER Thomas farmer Kirk Connell Yetholme
BALLDING John labourer --- Yetholme
BARNETT Austin farmer Kirk Connell Yetholme
BARNETT Edward farmer --- Yetholme
BELL William farmer --- Yetholme
BERRY Henry farmer Usedale Ck. Yetholme
BOJI John sawyer --- Yetholme
BROWN George labourer --- Yetholme
BROWN James sawyer --- Yetholme
BURRAGES Robert labourer --- Yetholme
BUSSETT Thomas sawyer --- Yetholme
BYWATER John pound-keeper Kirk Connell Yetholme
CALDWELL Thomas teacher Kirk Connell Yetholme
CAMERON Daniel innkeeper Red Bank Yetholme
CAMPBELL John farmer Green Swamp Yetholme
CHUE George sawyer --- Yetholme
DAVIDSON A. labourer Kirk Connell Yetholme
DAVIDSON W. R. --- Kirk Connell Yetholme
DAVIS James sawyer --- Yetholme
DOWTON Jesse labourer --- Yetholme
DOWTON Jesse sen. farmer --- Yetholme
DREW Henry labourer --- Yetholme
DWYER John farmer Usedale Ck. Yetholme
EAGEN Patrick farmer --- Yetholme
EGAN Patrick farmer Usedale Ck. Yetholme
GORMAN E. labourer Kirk Connell Yetholme
GREEN John carrier --- Yetholme
HARRIS Joseph butcher --- Yetholme
HEAD George sawyer --- Yetholme
HOLLAN Patrick labourer --- Yetholme
JOYCE William sawyer --- Yetholme
KERWICK Edward labourer Badger Brush Yetholme
KERWICK John farmer Badger Brush Yetholme
LEARY John labourer Green Swamp Yetholme
MACKABEE Thomas farmer --- Yetholme
MAHAR James innkeeper Green Swamp Yetholme
MARA Edmond jun. labourer Kirk Connell Yetholme
MARA Edmond sen. farmer Kirk Connell Yetholme
MARA John labourer Kirk Connell Yetholme
MARA William labourer Kirk Connell Yetholme
MARGORM Robert farmer Usedale Ck. Yetholme
MILLER John labourer --- Yetholme
MORAN Michael farmer Usedale Ck. Yetholme
MURRAY James farmer Kirk Connell Yetholme
MURRAY John farmer Kirk Connell Yetholme
MCALIEL Henry farmer --- Yetholme
MCCAULEY Thomas labourer Green Swamp Yetholme
MCDOWALL James sawyer --- Yetholme
MCKINNON John farmer --- Yetholme
OíLEARY John farmer Green Swamp Yetholme
PARKER John innkeeper --- Yetholme
PROSSER John farmer Usedale Ck. Yetholme
ROBERTS C. innkeeper Green Swamp Yetholme
ROBERTS James sawyer --- Yetholme
ROBERTS Mary storekeeper Kirk Connell Yetholme
RYAN Michael farmer --- Yetholme
RYAN Richard farmer Green Swamp Yetholme
RYAN Thomas farmer --- Yetholme
RYAN Thomas labourer --- Yetholme
SEAMEAN George sawyer --- Yetholme
SHIRTLY Peter carrier --- Yetholme
SHURLAW Hugh blacksmith Green Swamp Yetholme
SINNOTT Moses farmer Kirk Connell Yetholme
SMITH John farmer Kirk Connell Yetholme
SPARGO James carrier --- Yetholme
THORNTON Charles farmer --- Yetholme
TURNER Charles farmer --- Yetholme
TURNER John farmer Kirk Connell Yetholme
WALLSHAW John farmer --- Yetholme
WATERS Charles sawyer Usedale Ck. Yetholme
WILLIAMS Charles sawyer --- Yetholme
WILLIAMS Edward sawyer --- Yetholme
WILLIAMS John sawyer --- Yetholme
WOODGATE John bootmaker --- Yetholme
WRIGHT William toll-keeper Green Swamp Yetholme

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here