Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 – WYRALLAH

Page 573
Distance 521 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office by Clarence and Richmond River steamers.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Friday 9 am and as steamers arrive.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday, Saturday 3 pm and as steamers depart.
Mail arrives at Sydney by Clarence and Richmond River steamers.

Route – Clarence and Richmond River steamers - Wyrallah.

ADAMS  Thomas  farmer  North Codrington 
ANDERSON  James  farmer  North Codrington
ARGUE  William  storekeeper  Wyrallah
BARNES  James  timber merchant  Tuki Tuki
BAXTER  Samuel  farmer  “The Street”
BONER  James  labourer  Wyrallah
BRANDON  Thomas  sawyer  Wyrallah
BRASNAHAM  Maurice  farmer  Wyrallah
BRECKENRIDGE  James  timber merchant  Wyrallah
BROWN  James  timber merchant  Tuki Tuki
BURLEY  John  carpenter  Wyrallah
BYRNES  Denis  bootmaker  Wyrallah
CAMERON  Mrs. Kenneth  farmer  Tuki Tuki
CASEY  Patrick  farmer  North Codrington
CAVANAGH  James  teamster  Wyrallah
CLARKE  Charles  undertaker  Wyrallah
CURRIE  John  farmer  Tuki Tuki
CURRIE  William  teacher  Tuki Tuki
DALEY  Thomas  sawyer  Wyrallah
DAVIS  George  stockman  Wyrallah
DAVIS  George  gardener  North Codrington
DAVIS  Arthur  farmer  North Codrington
DOLBY  Robert  farmer  Wyrallah
DOYLE  John  farmer  Wyrallah
EASTMENT  John  farmer  Wyrallah
EUSTACE  Thomas  sawyer  Wyrallah
FERRIS  James  farmer  Wyrallah
FOGWELL  George  farmer  Wyrallah
GOLDEN  James  teamster  Wyrallah
HERMAN  Charles  farmer  North Codrington
HEWITSON  William  machinist  Wyrallah
HOLPH  William  sawyer  Wyrallah
JAMES  E. James  storekeeper  Wyrallah
JENNER  James  labourer  Wyrallah
LANE  William  farmer  Wyrallah
MATHIESON  John farmer  Tuki Tuki
MERIER  James  blacksmith  Wyrallah
MILLAR  Frederick  teacher  Wyrallah
MILLS  James  teamster  Wyrallah
MOSS  Thomas  farmer  Wyrallah
MUNRO  Donald  farmer  Wyrallah
MCAUGHY  James  farmer  Wyrallah
MCINNIS  Archibald  farmer  Wyrallah
MCINNIS  John  farmer  Wyrallah
MCKENZIE  Donald  farmer  North Codrington
MCKENZIE  Hector  farmer  Tuki Tuki
MCMAHON  James  farmer  Wyrallah
MCPHEARSON  A.  farmer  North Codrington
MCPHEARSON  D.  farmer  North Codrington
MCPHEARSON  J.  farmer  North Codrington
MCPHEARSON  John  bootmaker  Wyrallah
MCPHEARSON  Hector  farmer  Wyrallah
MCPHEARSON  K.  farmer  North Codrington
MCPHEE  Hugh  farmer  Wyrallah
OAKES  Frederick  engine driver  Wyrallah
PARKER  John farmer  Wyrallah
PASKINS  James  bricklayer  Wyrallah
POLSON  Charles  farmer  Wyrallah
RATHBONE  William  farmer  Wyrallah
ROBERTSON  Alexander  farmer  Wyrallah
ROBSON  Charles  farmer  Tuki Tuki
RYAN  Patrick  builder  Wyrallah
SHERLOCK  Donald  farmer  Wyrallah
SHERLOCK  John  farmer  Wyrallah
SMITH  Charles  labourer  Wyrallah
SMITH  Thomas  farmer  Wyrallah
STEVENS  William  machinist  Wyrallah
THOMSON  John  engineer  Wyrallah
THOMSON  William  sawyer  Wyrallah
THOMSON  William  blacksmith  Wyrallah
THORBURN  Alexander farmer  Wyrallah
TICKLE  Joseph  farmer  Wyrallah
WEBBER  John  jun.  farmer  Wyrallah
WEBBER  John  sen.  farmer  Wyrallah
WILLIAMS  John  boarding house  Wyrallah
WOOLLEY  Henry  farmer  Wyrallah

Greville 1872

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