Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 – WOORE

Page 572
Distance 142 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday 9.30 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Thursday 6.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday 7.15 am.

Route – Rail Goulburn, via Mummel, 2m. Woore.

BODLE  Robert jun.  farmer  Gurrunda
BODLE  Robert sen.  farmer  Gurrunda
BODLE  William  farmer  Gurrunda
BRADY  Patrick  farmer  Pomeroy
BURKE  Mrs. Mary  farmer  Mummel
BURKE  William  farmer  Mummel
CALLAHAN  John  farmer  Gurrunda
COVES  John  farmer  Gurrunda
DOWNEY  James  farmer  Pomeroy
DOWNEY  Miles  tailor  Pomeroy
DREW  Michael  farmer  Gurrunda
FOLEY  Denis  farmer  Gurrunda
HEFFERNAN  Daniel  farmer  Pomeroy
HEFFERNAN  Denis  farmer  Pomeroy
HEFFERNAN  Jeremiah  farmer  Pomeroy
HEFFERNAN  John  farmer  Pomeroy
HEFFERNAN  Patrick  farmer  Pomeroy
HEFFERNAN  William  farmer  Pomeroy
HOLLAHAN  Patrick  farmer  Gurrunda
JEFFERY  George  farmer  Mummel
KENNEDY  Hugh  farmer  Pomeroy
KENNEDY  Thomas  farmer  Pomeroy
LENAHAN  Patrick  farmer  Pomeroy
MONAHAN  John  bootmaker  Pomeroy
MCALEER  James  farmer  Mummel
MCALEER  Owen  innkeeper  Mummel
MCCABE  Charles sen.  farmer  Pomeroy
MCCABE  James  farmer  Mummel
MCCABE  Myles  farmer  Pomeroy
MCCABE  Patrick  farmer  Pomeroy
MCCOOEY  Henry  postmaster  Woore
MCCUTCHEON  John  farmer  Pomeroy
MCDONALD  Alexander  farmer  Mummel
MCGOVERN  Patrick  farmer  Mummel
MCKAY  Peter  farmer  Pomeroy
MCLEOD  Mrs. Catherine  teacher  Mummel
NIEL  Denis  farmer  Pomeroy
NIEL  Patrick  farmer  Pomeroy
O’BRIEN  John  farmer  Pomeroy
O’NIEL  Owen  farmer  Pomeroy
PERRY  James  blacksmith  Pomeroy
REGAN  John  farmer  Pomeroy
SMITH  Patrick  farmer  Mummel
SMITH  William  farmer  Pomeroy
STORRIER  William  farmer  Mummel
WOORE  Thomas  ---  Pomeroy

Greville 1872

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