reville's Post Office Directory 1872 – WOONONA

Page 571
Distance 60 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 1 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 8.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 am.

Route – Steam Wollongong, 6 m. Woonona; or, rail Campbelltown, coach Woonona.

BENNETT  William  ---  Woonona
BLINCO  George  farmer  Woonona
BOLAND  John  farmer  Woonona
BOLAND  Michael  miner  Woonona
BOOT  Edward  miner  Woonona
BOVIS  William  labourer  Woonona
BRAWEN  Peter  gardener  Bellambi
BROWNLEE  William  farmer  Woonona
BURRELL  James  bootmaker  Woonona
CALDWELL  Annie  farmer  Bellambi
CAMPBELL  Robert  butcher  Woonona
CAMPBELL  William  butcher  Woonona
CAWLEY  John  farmer  Bellambi
CAWLEY  Michael  farmer  Woonona
CHAPMAN  William  miner  Woonona
CHAPMAN  William  gardener  Woonona
CHARLESWORTH  Abraham  farmer  Woonona
CHARLESWORTH  David  farmer  Woonona
COLLAERY  Edward  farmer  Bellambi
COLLAERY  Elizabeth  farmer  Woonona
COLLAERY  Henry  farmer  Bellambi
COLLAERY  John  farmer  Woonona
COLLINS  James  farmer  Woonona
COLLINS  John  farmer  Woonona
COLLINS  Patrick  farmer  Woonona
COLLINS  Thomas  carrier  Woonona
COX  George Docker  ---  Para Meadow
CRANE  James  splitter  Woonona
CRAWFORD  Henry  miner  Woonona
CRAWFORD  James  miner  Woonona
CROMPTON  James  sawyer  Woonona
DE HON  Andrew  pilot  Bellambi
DOBBIE  Hugh  miner  Woonona
DOWNI  James  blacksmith  Bellambi
EDWARDS  Frederick W.  innkeeper  Woonona
FARRAHER  James  farmer  Para Meadow
FARRAHER  Maria  ---  Woonona
FARRAHER  Patrick  farmer  Woonona
FARRELL  Thomas  miner  Woonona
FITZGERALD  George  labourer  Woonona
FREW  James  miner  Woonona
GARDNER  William  miner  Woonona
GEHAN  Michael  farmer  Woonona
GRAHAM  James M.  farmer  Woonona
GRAHAM  Sharman  miner  Woonona
GREEN  Alfred  ---  Woonona
HABERLE  Gottlieb  sawyer  Woonona
HARLEY  Samuel  miner  Woonona
HEFFERMAN  Patrick  farmer  Woonona
JONES  John  sawyer  Woonona
JONES  William  sawyer  Woonona
KEINSON  Edwin  gardener  Woonona
LEVEY  Barnet F.  teacher  Woonona
MAHAFFEY  William  butcher  Woonona
MITCHELL  Henry  constable  Woonona
MITCHELL  Samuel  upholsterer  Woonona
MORGAN  Aaron  miner  Woonona
MCBRIAN  John  farmer  Woonona
MCKINNON  Charles  farmer  Woonona
MCKINNON  Isabella  farmer  Woonona
MCMULLIN  John  miner  Woonona
NEVIN  Richard  blacksmith  Woonona
ORGAN  William  farmer  Woonona
PARKINSON  Henry  constable  Woonona
PECK  James  farmer  Woonona
REES  David  miner  Woonona
REEVES  Henry  farmer  Woonona
REEVES  William  farmer  Woonona
RIDLEY  James  miner  Woonona
ROBINSON  Francis  miner  Woonona
ROLFE  James  butcher  Woonona
SALISBURY  Jeremiah  splitter  Woonona
SALTER  George  farmer  Woonona
SCAMBERY  William  miner  Woonona
SEATON  James  miner  Woonona
SEDGWICK  Henry  MD  Woonona
SIMPSON  James  miner  Woonona
SKINNER  Thomas  sawyer  Woonona
SMITH  William  miner  Woonona
SWAIN  William  bootmaker  Woonona
TAYLOR  Robert  miner  Woonona
TINDELL  Charles  farmer  Woonona
VEIGEL  Jacob  carpenter  Woonona
WALLACE  Henry  bootmaker  Woonona
WHITTON  Henry  miner  Woonona
WILLIAMS  John W.  farmer  Woonona
WILSON  Peter  farmer  Bellambi
WOODS  Edward  farmer  Woonona
YOUNG  George  baker  Woonona
YOUNG  Thomas  miner  Woonona
ZIEMS  Charles  innkeeper  Woonona

Greville 1872

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