Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 – WOODVILLE

Page 570
Distance 98 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 10.50 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily 2.10 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.

Route – Steam Morpeth, rail East Maitland, 6m. Woodville.

APPLEYARD  William  farmer  Albion
BAKER  George  farmer  Albion
BARTON  William  farmer  Albion
BERKERDSMERE William  farmer  Jona
BISHOP  Thomas  farmer  Woodville
BRADY  John  gardener  Dunmore
BROWN  James  farmer  Jona
CAIN  James  farmer  Clifton
CAMERON  Mary  farmer  Wallalong
CARTER  John  farmer  Woodville
CARTER  Richard  farmer  Woodville
CARTER  Thomas  farmer  Woodville
CARTER  Thomas sen.  farmer  Woodville
COOPER  William  labourer  Woodville
CRUCHMAN  James  labourer  Woodville
CROAKER  Emma  householder  Woodville
DUNN  John  farmer  Old Banks
ELLIOT  Hugh  bootmaker  Albion
ELLIOT  William  farmer  Albion
FORD  William  farmer  Dunmore
FOSTER  William  labourer  Woodville
FRANTER  Reuben  farmer  Albion
GARLAND  Charles  labourer  Albion
GRAHAM  John  butcher  Clifton
GREEN  Edward  farmer  Pool Farm
HICKS  Edward jun.  farmer  Hinton
HICKS  Edward sen.  farmer  Woodville
HOWETT  George  blacksmith Woodville 
IDE  Henry  labourer Woodville 
ISLES  John  farmer  Jona
KELLEY  Patrick  farmer  Wallalong
LEGGETT  Andrew  farmer  Dunmore
LOCK  Joseph  labourer  Clifton
LONG  Benjamin  farmer  Albion
MADDEN  John  farmer  Woodville
MICHOLSON  Donald  labourer  Old Banks
MIDDLETON  Charles R.  farmer  Kessingfield
MIDDLETON  George jun.  ---  Albion
MIKERSON  William  farmer  Old Banks
MITCHELL  John  farmer  Dunmore
MUNDAY  James  teacher  Woodville
MYERS  James  farmer  Wallalong
MCALPIN  Angus  farmer  Old Banks
MCCORMICK  Robert  teacher  Jona
MCCREA  John  farmer  Jona
MCDONALD  James  farmer Jona 
MCDONALD  Roderick  farmer  Woodville
MCGUIGAN  William  toll-keeper  Dunmore
MCINNERNEY  Bartholomew  farmer  Woodville
MCINNIS  Thomas  farmer  Woodville
MCPHEE  John  farmer  Jona
MCPHEE  Mary  householder  Jona
NEWMAN  Charles  labourer  Albion
NEWTONS  Daniel  farmer  Woodville
O’NEIL  Henry  labourer  Woodville
PEARSE  John  farmer  Albion
PETTIE  David  farmer  Albion
PHILLIPS  Robert  farmer  Wallalong
POMPHETT  Peter  bootmaker Albion  
POWELL  Henry  farmer  Old Banks
READ  George jun.  farmer  Woodville
READ  George  sen.  farmer  Albion
READ  James  farmer  Woodville
ROBINS  William  farmer  Jona
SEXTON  George  farmer  Pool Farm
SHARKEY  John  dealer  Old Banks
SKINNER  Samuel  farmer  Pool Farm
SKINNER  Samuel sen.  labourer  Kessingfield
SUTERS  George  farmer  Woodville
SUTERS  John  farmer  Woodville
SWAN  William  farmer  Woodville
TITMAN  Albert  farmer  Iona
VOLMER  Carl  farmer  Iona
WARBY  Thomas  labourer  Dunmore
WILLIAMS  Charles  farmer  Iona
WINIGARDNER  Frederick  gardener  Dunmore
WYNN  John  storekeeper  Woodville

Greville 1872

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