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Distance 521 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office by Clarence River steamers
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Friday 11 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday, Saturday 1 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney by Clarence River steamers

Route  Steam Grafton, 70m. Lismore; or by Richmond River, then boat 80m. or by
land, 30m. Lismore

BAILLIE		James		blacksmith	Lismore
BARKER		Elizabeth	storekeeper	Gundarimba
BARROW		James		carpenter	Lismore
BARRY		Charles		farmer		Lismore
BEATTIE		John		innkeeper	Gundarimba
BOLEN		Owen		farmer		Lismore
BRITE		George C.	bailiff		Lismore
BROWN		Alexander	labourer	Lismore
BROWN		George H.	sawyer		Lismore
BROWN		John		labourer	Lismore
BROWN		Thomas		farmer		Lismore
BROWNING	Francis		labourer	Roseville
BROWNING	John		labourer	Roseville
BRUGGY		Jeremiah	farmer		Gundarimba
BRUGGY		John		farmer		Gundarimba
BRUGGY		Lote		farmer		Lismore
BRYANT		James		farmer		Lismore
BUGDEN		John		farmer		Gundarimba
CADLOLO		Anthony		farmer		Lismore
CAMPBELL	Alex., JP	squatter	Temstal
CAWLEY		Owen		farmer		Lismore
CAWLEY		William		farmer		Lismore
CHATFIELD	Robert		teacher		Wilsons Ridges
CLERKEN		Bernard		farmer		Lismore
COLEMAN		E.		cedar merchant & storekeeper Lismore
COOKE		Edgar		labourer	Lismore
COOPER		Benjamin	labourer	Lismore
CURRY		Archibald	storekeeper	Lismore
CURRY		Duncan		storekeeper	Lismore
CURTIN		John		carpenter	Leisters Ck.
CUSACK		Patrick		farmer		Leisters Ck.
DAVIS		Thomas		labourer	Rose Hill
DEVINE		Charles		sawyer		Lismore
DIXON		William		teacher		Gundarimba
DRYNAN		Andrew		farmer		Gundarimba
DUFFEY		Daniel		farmer		Calico Grass
EDWARDS		Benjamin	farmer		Gundarimba
EDWARDS		Edward		sawyer		Lismore
EDWARDS		Joseph		farmer		Gundarimba
EXTON		James		farmer		Blake Brook
EXTON		Thomas		storekeeper	Lismore
FITZPATRICK	Geo.		farmer		Wilsons Ridges
FLAHERTY	Edward		farmer		Gundarimba
FLAHERTY	Michael		farmer		Gundarimba
FOLEY		John		farmer		Lismore
FOLEY		Thomas		labourer	Lismore
FRAHMUELLER	Carper		farmer		Gundarimba
FREDERICKS	F.		storekeeper	Gundarimba
FRENCH		George		butcher		Gundarimba
GALLAGHER	Owen		farmer		Gundarimba
GALLAGHER	Patrick		farmer		Gundarimba
GARRARD		Alfred		farmer		Blake Brook
GARRARD		S.		squatter & farmer Boorie
GERAGHTY	James		farmer		Lismore
GERAGHTY	Patrick		farmer		Lismore
GERAGHTY	Thomas		farmer		Lismore
GIBSON		Hugh		farmer		Wilsons Ridges
GIBSON		Samuel		farmer		Wilsons Ridges
GIRARD		Alfred, JP	squatter	Lismore
GIRARD		Francis		squatter	Lismore
GLASGOW		John E.		saddler		Lismore
GREENHALTCH	Joseph		farmer		Lismore
GRIFFIN		Christopher	farmer		Lismore
GRIFFITHS	James		farmer		Lismore
HARLEY		David		farmer		Lismore
HOGAN		Daniel		constable	Lismore
HOLLINGSWORTH	Thomas		bootmaker	Lismore
HOSKINS		William		sawyer		Lismore
HOSKINS		William jun.	sawyer		Lismore
HOWARD		John		farmer		Lismore
HOWARD		Joseph		farmer		Lismore
HOWELL		Edward		cedar cutter	Lismore
JARRETT		John		farmer		Gundarimba
JOHNSON		James		labourer	Gundarimba
JOHNSON		Richard		labourer	Gundarimba
JOHNSON		Thomas		labourer	Gundarimba
JOHNSON		William		cedar cutter	Big Grass
JOHNSON		William		farmer		Wilsons Ridges
KING		Benjamin	labourer	Lismore
KING		William		farmer		Lismore
LEDGER		James		farmer		Gundarimba
LEE		John		sawyer		Lismore
LOADER		Henry		labourer	Lismore
LOFTS		Frederick	farmer		Gundarimba
LOFTS		Luke		labourer	Gundarimba
LOFTS		William		farmer		Gundarimba
LOPEZ		R. C. de B.	grazier		Gundarimba
LUMLEY		John		carpenter	Lismore
MACE		Patrick		labourer	Blake Brook
MAHER		John		farmer		Leisters Ck.
MALONE		James		farmer		Gundarimba
MALONE		John		farmer		Gundarimba
MARZOL		John		labourer	Leisters Ck.
MAXWELL		James		cedar cutter	Lismore
MOLE		Peter		farmer		Lismore
MURPHY		Edward		farmer		Lismore
MURRAY		William		farmer		Lismore
MCCAHILE	John		farmer		Gundarimba
MCCARTNEY	Alfred		farmer		Wilsons Ridges
MCDONALD	Alexander	farmer		Lismore
MCDONALD	Archibald	farmer		Lismore
MCDONALD	Duncan		farmer		Lismore
MCDONALD	Peter		farmer		Lismore
MCDONALD	Peter		farmer		Bald Hill
MCDONOUGH	Edward		farmer		Leisters Ck.
MCINTYRE	Thomas		farmer		Lismore
MCKENZIE	Charles		farmer		Lismore
MCKENZIE	James		farmer		Lismore
MCKENZIE	John		storekeeper	Lismore
MCKENZIE	Robert		carpenter	Lismore
MCLEAN		Donald		farmer		Wilsons Ridges
MCLEAN		John		farmer		Wilsons Ridges
MCQUILTY	Edward		cedar cutter	Blake Brook
MCQUILTY	Francis		cedar cutter	Blake Brook
MCQUILTY	F. jun.		cedar cutter	Blake Brook
MCQUILTY	James		labourer	Blake Brook
MCQUILTY	Owen		cedar cutter	Blake Brook
NEWTON		Walter		farmer		Wilsons Ridges
NICHOLS		George		storekeeper	Leisters Ck.
NORRIS		Vincent		farmer		Calico Grass
NYE		Edward		farmer		Rose Hill
OLIPHANT	Robert		settler		Lismore
PEAT		John		farmer		Lismore
REISE		Francis		farmer		Rose Hill
ROLSTON		John		farmer		Rose Hill
ROUANE		Matthew		farmer		Lismore
SAUL		Jeremiah	farmer		Gundarimba
SEXTON		John		farmer		Gundarimba
SEXTON		Patrick		labourer	Gundarimba
SEXTON		Thomas		farmer		Gundarimba
SHEA		John		labourer	Lismore
SHEEHAN		John		farmer		Lismore
SHELLY		Joseph		labourer	Lismore
SHWAB		John		labourer	Rose Hill
SIMES		John		farmer		Lismore
SIVENWRIGHT	John		sawyer		Blake Brook
SHEEN		Francis		sawyer		Lismore
SKEEN		Sylvester	labourer	Lismore
SMITH		Robert		farmer		Wilsons Ridges
SMITH		William		cedar cutter	Lismore
SNOW		Lemuel Griggs	contractor	Lismore
STANFORD	Charles		farmer		Lismore
STEWART		Robert		cedar cutter	Lismore
STREET		John		sawyer		Lismore
SULLIVAN	David		farmer		Lismore
SULLIVAN	James		farmer		Lismore
SULLIVAN	Michael		labourer	Lismore
SUMMERVILLE	John		farmer		Bald Hill
TAYLOR		Charles		cedar cutter	Lismore
TAYLOR		James		cedar cutter	Calico Grass
TAYLOR		John		cedar cutter	Lismore
TAYLOR		Nathan		innkeeper	Lismore
TAYLOR		Robert		farmer		Lismore
TOMEY		Denis		labourer	Bald Hill
TOWNSHEND	Edward		farmer		Rose Hill
TOZER		Henry		farmer		Lismore
VAUGHAN		Daniel		farmer		Lismore
WALKER		James Pater Field labourer	Lismore
WALKER		Lancelot	farmer		Gundarimba
WALLS		Robert		carpenter	Gundarimba
WEBSTER		James		labourer	Lismore
WEBSTER		John		labourer	Lismore
WEBSTER		William		farmer		Lismore
WEBSTER		William jun.	butcher		Lismore
WEST		Frederick	boat builder	Gundarimba
WETHERS		Daniel		farmer		Bald Hill
WHITE		Charles		farmer		Lismore
WHITE		Henry		farmer		Lismore
WHITNEY		William		farmer		Gundarimba
WILSON		Henry O. B.	freeholder	Invercargill
WILSON		W.		grazier & freeholder Monalbrie
WOODWARE	William		farmer		Gundarimba
WOTHERSPOON	Andrew		teacher		Lismore
WOTHERSPOON	James		cedar cutter	Lismore
WOTHERSPOON	Robert		cedar cutter	Lismore
WOTHERSPOON	Walter		freeholder	Lismore

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here