Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 – WOODSIDE

Page 569
Distance 207 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday 5.30 pm and steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Sunday 2.30 pm and steamer.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Wednesday 5 am and steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday mornings and steamer.

Route – Steam Woodside.

ANDREWS  J. & R.  squatters  Nos. 1, and Stations
ANDREWS  John  farmer  Woodside
ANDREWS  J.  squatter  Yarrabrunella, Upper Manning River
ANDREWS  Joseph  sugar planter  Woodside
ANDREWS  Robert  squatter  Maryville
ANDREWS  William  farmer  Somerset
BEGBIE  Alfred D. C.  farmer  Norwood
BERWICK  Isaac  labourer  Kimbrikie
BRIMS  Daniel  ---  Tiggerah Flat, Upper Manning River
BRISLANE  John  farmer  Upper Manning River
BRUCE  Robert  farmer  Upper Manning River
CONOLLY  P.  farmer & grazier  Upper Manning River
COOPER  Alexander W.  farmer  Norwood
COOPER  John B.  farmer  Ravenswood
COOPER  Mrs. Maria  ---  Norwood
DEW  Frederick farmer  Upper Manning
DEW  Mrs. P.  farmer  Washpool
DILLON  John  farmer  Woodside
FERRIS  R. C.  farmer  Upper Manning River
FROST  S.  ---  Tiggerah Flat, Upper Manning River
GILES  Joseph farmer  Woodside
HERKER  Robert  squatter  Gangat
HOOD  James  ---  Cundle Flat, Manning River
LOOKE  James  farmer  Maryville
MACKAY  John K.  squatter  Cooplacurapa Station
MILLS  Samuel  farmer  Upper Manning River
PATON  John  ---  Cundle Flat, Manning River
PATON  Mrs. John farmer    Barrington River
RENWICK  T.  ---  Mount George, Manning River
RICHARDSON  Hu farmer  mphrey  Wyoming
STOKES  Edward  labourer  Kimbrikie
SULLIVAN  J.  farmer  Upper Manning River

Greville 1872

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