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Distance 144 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Saturday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Sunday 1. 30 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday 10.30 am, Thursday 6 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Friday 7.15 am.

Route – Rail Goulburn, 16m. Woodhouselee.

ANDERSON  Mrs.  farmer  Upper Tarlo
ANDERSON  Robert  farmer  Upper Tarlo
ARMSTRONG  James  farmer  Upper Tarlo
BURDGES  Henry  farmer  Green Flat
COGEN  James  farmer  Pejar
COGEN  Thomas  farmer  Pejar
COGEN  William  farmer  Pejar
DOOLEY  Patrick  farmer  Cottal Valley
FENWICK  Robert  innkeeper  Jouly River
FRANKLIN  Miss  teacher  Upper Tarlo
GALLAGHER  William  farmer  Upper Tarlo
GRAY  Alford  farmer  Green Flat
GRAY  Eli  farmer  Pejar
GRAY  George  farmer  Midel Ck.
GRAY  Henry  farmer  Woodhouselee
GRAY  Job  farmer  Green Flat
GRAY  Peter  farmer  Cottal Valley
GRAY  Thomas  farmer  Woodhouselee
HARVEY  James  farmer  Upper Tarlo
HERTELL  Frederick  farmer  Cottal Valley
JEFFERY  John  farmer  Cottal Valley
KILMINSTER  William farmer  Jouly River
LEARY  Michael  farmer  Upper Tarlo
LYNAM  Patrick  farmer  Upper Tarlo
LYNAM  Richard  farmer  Upper Tarlo
LYNCH  John  farmer  Pejar
MORTIMER  George  farmer  Midel Ck.
MORTIMER  Thomas  farmer  Midel Ck.
MCCALIFF  Miss  teacher  Upper Tarlo
MCCHOUSHEN John    farmer  Midel Ck.
MCCHOUSEN  Mrs.  farmer  Midel Ck.
MCDONALD  Alexander  farmer  Upper Tarlo
MCDONALD  August  farmer  Upper Tarlo
MCDONALD  C.  farmer  Upper Tarlo
MCDONALD  George  poundkeeper  Pejar
MCDONALD  John R.  farmer  Green Flat
MCDONALD  Ronald  farmer  Upper Tarlo
MCINNES  John  farmer  Upper Tarlo
MCINNES  John  carpenter  Upper Tarlo
MCINNIS  August  farmer  Upper Tarlo
MCINNIS  Peter  farmer  Upper Tarlo
MCLACHLAN  Alexander  farmer  Green Flat
MCLACHLAN  Mrs.  farmer  Clear Hills
MCLACHLAN  Robert  farmer  Clear Hills
MCLACHLAN  Ronald  farmer  Clear Hills
MCMULLEN  Thomas  farmer  Woodhouselee
NASH  Patrick  farmer  Upper Tarlo
PEACH  Eli  farmer  Woodhouselee
PEARCEY  John  farmer  Upper Tarlo
PODMORE  Arthur, JP  stockholder Woodhouselee 
PODMORE  Mrs.  stockholder  Pejar
ROBERTSON  Charles  farmer  Upper Tarlo
ROLES  Joseph  farmer  Upper Tarlo
SEARY  Patrick  farmer  Nidel Ck.
SIGGS  Richard  farmer  Pejar
SIGGS  Richard  farmer  Upper Tarlo
TURNER  William  farmer  Upper Tarlo
WARN  James  innkeeper  Woodhouselee
WETHERSPOON  Mrs.  farmer  Pejar
WETHERSPOON  William  ---  Cottal Valley
WHITE  Alfred  farmer  Pejar
WHITE  John  farmer  Pejar
WHITE  William  farmer  Pejar
WILLIBEY  John  farmer  Cottal Valley
WILLIBEY  Thomas  farmer  Cottal Valley
WILSON  William  farmer  Upper Tarlo

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here