Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 – WOMBAT

Page 567
Distance 235 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday, Saturday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday, Monday 6.45 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Monday, Wednesday 6 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7.15 am.

Route – Rail Goulburn, Cobb’s coach, via Young – Wombat.

ALLEN  John  grazier  Stoney Ck.
ANDERSON  Albert  farmer  Back Ck.
ATKINSON  George  blacksmith  Wombat
BAILES  John  farmer  Wombat
BARNES  Thomas  miner  Wombat
BARNES  William  miner  Wombat
BEATTIE  George  farmer  Wombat
BRENNAN  Patrick  farmer  Demondrille
BROOKS  William  farmer  Two-mile Ck.
CHAMBERLIN  R. W.  farmer  Demondrille Ck.
CLANCEY  Denis  farmer  Demondrille Ck.
COGHLAN  Daniel  farmer  Wombat
CONNELL  Patrick  farmer  Wombat
CORMACK  Christopher  miner  Wombat
DALEY  John  farmer  Wombat
DODD  Michael  shepherd  Back Ck.
DUNSMORE  James  dairy  Wallendbeen
DWYER  Philip  farmer  Nubba
EKINS  Charles H.  storekeeper  Wombat
FRATER  David B.  farmer  Wombat
GEEVES  Alfred  farmer  Wombat
GORDON  Samuel  farmer  Nubba
GRAHAM  Thomas  labourer  Wombat
GUNN  Alexander  farmer  Wombat
GUTHRIE  Samuel farmer  Demondrille
GUTHRIE  William  farmer  Wombat
HARRIS  William  labourer  Wombat
HART  Arthur  farmer  Wombat
HOARE  Patrick  farmer  Wombat
HOLLIS  Samuel  blacksmith  Wombat
HOLMAN  Samuel  innkeeper  Wombat
HOLMES  Charles  farmer  Wombat
HUMPHRIES  Samuel  farmer  Tumbleton Ck.
IZZARD  ---  farmer  Nubba
JAMES  Samuel  storekeeper  Stoney Ck.
JOHNSTONE  Michael  farmer  Wombat
KENNY  Matthew  farmer  Nubba
KILDEA  John  farmer  Wombat
KILDEA  Patrick  farmer  Wombat
KING  John  grazier  Berthong
KLIEN  James  baker  Stoney Ck.
LAWLESS  William  farmer  Wombat
LEHMAN  Carl  innkeeper  Stoney Ck.
LEWINGTON  Charles  innkeeper  Wombat
LOUGHNANE  Michael  constable Wombat 
LOWRY  William  farmer  Wombat
LYONS  George  storekeeper  Wombat
MAHER  Thomas  farmer  Nubba Wombat
MAYON  William  farmer  Wombat
MINEHAN  James  farmer  Wombat
MCARTHUR  R. P.  miner  Wombat
MCDERMOTT  John  farmer  Back Ck.
MCDERMOTT  T. A.  farmer  Back Ck.
MCDONALD Charles  farmer  Nubba
MCKAY  James  farmer  Nubba
MCKENNA  Patrick  farmer  Wombat
MCSWEENY  John  farmer  Wombat
NEEDHAM  Thomas  miner  Wombat
NOONAN  James  farmer  Demondrille
O’MEARA  Michael  farmer  Stoney Ck.
PHILLIPS  Thomas  farmer  Wombat
PREST  Robert  dealer  Wombat
RENTOVIL  David  carpenter  Wombat
RILEY  Edward  farmer  Nubba
RIVERS  Mrs. M. A.  innkeeper  Wombat
ROBERTSON  G. M.  farmer  Wombat
RYAN  Andrew  miner  Wombat
SHEEDY  William  farmer  Back Ck.
SMITH  James  teacher  Wombat
SOLOMON  Meyer  storekeeper  Wombat
STANIFORTH  C. H.  farmer  Back Ck.
TATUM  J. H.  labourer  Wombat
TAYLOR  Edward  labourer  Wombat
TAYLOR  James  labourer  Wombat
TAYLOR  William  labourer  Wombat
TEECE  Jeremiah  farmer  Wombat
THOMPSON  George  farmer  Nubba
THOMPSON  James  carpenter  Wombat
WAINWRIGHT  Charles  farmer  Wombat
WALL  Patrick  farmer  Stoney Ck.
WATSON  Walter  constable  Wombat
WEBB  Charles  farmer  Wombat
WELLS  Nathaniel  farmer  Wombat
WELLS  Samuel  farmer  Wombat
WHITTLE  Edward  sawyer  Wombat
WHYBROW  William  farmer  Wombat
WILLIAMS  John  farmer  Wombat
WILSON  John  miner  Wombat
YERBURY  Edward  farmer & miner  Wombat
YERBURY  Mrs. Sarah  innkeeper  Wombat

Greville 1872

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