Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 – WOLUMLA

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Distance 267 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office by Merimbula steamer only.
Mail arrives at Post Town by Merimbula steamer.
Mail leaves for Sydney Wednesday 1 pm via Moruya, and by Merimbula steamer.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday 7.15 via Moruya and by Merimbula steamer.

Route – Steam Merimbula, 8 ? m. Wolumla; or, Eden or Bega, 10m. Wolumla.

ALLEN  George M.  dairy  Lithgrow Flat
ATFIELD  W.  carpenter  Three-mile Water Hole
ATKINS  James  farmer  The Basin
BALL  Austin  selector  Horse Flat
BARRINGTON  William  labourer  Back Ck.
BECK  R.  storekeeper & postmaster  Three-mile Water Hole
BEHL  P.  selector & butcher  Three-mile Water Hole
BLACK  John M.  farmer  Ayrdale
BRADY  E.  selector  Three-mile Water Hole
BRIGHT  William  dairy  The Cut Hill
BUTLER  Michael  fencer  Finger Post
CAMERON  D.  sawyer  Three-mile Water Hole
CARR  Allan  selector  Back Ck.
CLYNICK  John  saddler  Lithgrow Flat
COLLINS  James  selector  Finger Post
COLLINS  R.  wheelwright  Three-mile Water Hole
CONDON  W.  storekeeper  Three-mile Water Hole
CURRAN  Michael  selector  Long Bridge
DAVIS  John  dairy  Frog’s Hollow
DUNN  James  dairy  Lithgrow Flat
FAIRMAN  Charles  farmer  Lithgrow Flat
FAIRMAN  Joseph  carrier  Lithgrow Flat
FRAMLEY  J.  farmer  Three-mile Water Hole
GORMAN  Daniel fencer Back Ck.
GOWARD  James jun.  carrier  Big Flat
GOWARD  James W.  farmer Big Flat
GREALEY  William  dairy  Horse Flat
HANSCOMBE William  dairy  Big Flat
HILL  George  boarding house  Yellow Pinch
LAW  William  blacksmith  Back Ck.
LEWIS  Thomas  fencer  Back Ck.
LOCKHART  David  carrier  Candelo
MITCHELL  Thomas  dairy  Lithgrow Flat
MOREHEAD  William J.  dairy  Long Bridge
MCALISTER  J.  storeman  Three-mile Water Hole
MCPAUL  Robert  dairy  Big Flat
O’BRIEN  Peter  selector  Big Flat
OSBORNE  James  dairy  Lithgrow Flat
PARSONS  William  sheep farmer  Horse Flat
PECK  E.  selector  Three-mile Water Hole
PECK  Mrs. Frances  ---  Wolumla
PORTER  James  dairy  Spring Vale
RAMSEY  John  dairy  Wolumla Ck.
RAMSEY  William  dairy  Ryan Swamp
REDSHAW  R.  innkeeper  Three-mile Water Hole
REID  Nathaniel  selector  Long Bridge
REID  William  selector  Long Bridge
RYAN  Jeremiah  selector  Long Bridge
SHAW  William  painter  Frog’s Hollow
SMITH  Patrick E.  dairy  Lithgrow Flat
STENNETT  F. T.  dairy  Wolumla Ck.
TURNER  Charles  farmer  Lithgrow Flat
TURNER  Edward  farmer  Lithgrow Flat
WALKER  Edward  teacher  Back Ck.
WALKER  James  sawyer  Long Bridge
WHELAN  R.  selector  The Island, Namerulla
WHITE  T.  selector  Three-mile Water Hole
WILSON  Louis  selector  Long Bridge
WRIGHTSON  Osborne  teacher  Lithgrow Flat

Greville 1872

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