Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 – WOLLONGONG

Page 562
Distance 66 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 pm and by steamer as opportunity
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 2 am and by steamer.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 7.15 pm and by steamer as
opportunity offers.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 am and by steamer.

Route – Rail Campbelltown, coach Wollongong; or steam Wollongong.

AHERN  James  farmer  Para Meadow
AHERN  William  blacksmith  Market St.
AHERN  William jun.  farmer  Para Meadow
AHERN  William sen.   farmer  Para Meadow
ALEXANDER William  farmer  American Ck.
ALLEN  Thos.  hay & corn dealer  Crown St.
ANDERSON  Gerald  farmer  Tow Rodger
ANDERSON  James  farmer  Para Meadow
ANDREWS  John  farmer  Para Meadow
ANSTEY  James  bootmaker  Crown St.
ARMSTRONG  Andrew  farmer  Mount Keira
ARMSTRONG  Thomas  farmer  Mount Keira
AVERY  James  farmer  Market St.
BABCOTT  John  farmer  Mount Keira
BAILEY  George  saddler  Smith St.
BAKER  William  bootmaker  Crown St.
BARKER  John  farmer  Para Meadow
BARKER  Robert  farmer  Para Meadow
BARNES  Rose  miner  Mount Keira
BAXTER  Joseph  miner  Keira St.
BAXTER  Thomas  butcher  Keira St.
BAXTER  William  farmer  Keira St.
BEADLE  George  farmer  Para Meadow
BEATLY  John  labourer  Market Square
BEATSON  Archibald  butcher  Crown St.
BELL  Archibald  miner  Mount Keira
BELL  Thomas  currier  Para Meadow
BENJAMIN  Robert  farmer  American Ck.
BENTZEN  Hans  teacher  Market St.
BEV ERLEY  H. C.  gaoler  Wollongong
BIGGAR  John  auctioneer  Crown St.
BLACKET  Russel  teacher  Harbor St.
BLAKELY  William  butcher  Garden Hill
BODE  Theodore  farmer  Para Meadow
BOLTON  James  labourer  Garden Hill
BRENNAN  John  farmer  Para Meadow
BRIGHT  John  storekeeper  Crown St.
BROOKER  James  farmer  Para Meadow
BROWN  Charles  storekeeper  Crown St.
BROWN  John  builder  Market St.
BROWN  John  landholder  Brown’s
BROWN  Thomas  farmer  Mount Nebo
BROWN  William  farmer  Mount Nebo
BROWNLEE  James  farmer  Mount Keira
BROWNLEE  William  farmer  Mount Keira
BUCKLAND  John  farmer  Dapto Rd.
BUCKLE  Charles  gardener  Mount Keira
BUCKLE  Walter  gardener  Mount Keira
BUCKLY  James  teacher  Harbor St.
BURGESS  Christopher  labourer  Wollongong
BURKE  Martin  farmer  Wollongong
BURLING  Henry  farmer  Para Meadow
BURLING  William  farmer  Kembla Ck.
BURREL  J. T.  bootmaker  Keira St.
BUSHELL  James  farmer  Para Meadow
CALDWELL  C.  farmer  Para Meadow
CALLINAN  William  gaoler  Harbor St.
CALLOWAY  James  farmer  American Ck.
CAMPBELL  Archibald  newspaper proprietor  Market St.
CARR  Peter  farmer  Cordeaux River
CARTER  James  labourer  Para Meadow
CASEY  Michael  baker  Crown St.
CHADD  John  farmer  Keira St.
CHAMBERS  S.  timber merchant  Kembla St.
CHANDLER  Philip  labourer  Para Meadow
CHARTER  Rev. Geo.(Congregational)  Smith St.
CHINNOCK  George  farmer  American Ck.
CLARK  William  hair dresser  Crown St.
COCHOUN  Samuel  currier  Crown St.
COCHRANE  William  farmer  Berkly
COCHRANE  William  saddler  Crown St.
COLE  F. R.  Customs Officer  Smith St.
COLLINS  John  farmer  Para Meadow
COLLINS  Thomas  watchmaker  Crown St.
COMMENS  George  wheelwright  Crown St.
COOK  Robert  farmer  Para Meadow
COPAS  John  householder  Crown St.
CORNFORD  James  wheelwright  Crown St.
COX  George  landholder  Summer Hill
CRAMM  James  farmer  Para Meadow
CROFT  William  tailor  Crown St.
CROSSMAN  Moses  farmer  Para Meadow
CUMMINS  James  farmer Wesly Park 
CURR  J.  editor of newspaper  Crown St.
CUTCHER  Samuel  bootmaker  Crown St.
CUTTER  Nartin  labourer  Crown St.
DAKIN  T.  wine & spirit merchant  Crown St.
DALY  Austin  labourer  Barrella St.
DALY  Patrick  bricklayer  Barrella St.
DAVIS  John  householder  Dapto Rd.
DAVIS  Margaret  innkeeper  Corrimal St.
DAY  Thomas  farmer  American Ck.
DEAN  James  labourer  Smith St.
DENNETT  George  farmer  Mount Pleasant
DENNY  John  farmer  Para Meadow
DEVLIN  Andrew  farmer  Mount Kembla
DINGWALL  John  farmer  Mount Kembla
DOUGLASS  Rev. Arthur  ---  Crown St.
DUNCAN  Alexander  farmer  Berkly
DUNCAN  Thomas  farmer  Berkly
DUNN  George  constable  Harbor St.
EDWARDS  Aaron  farmer  Mount Keira
ELLIOTT  Robert  farmer  Five Islands
ELLIOTT  Thomas  farmer  Five Islands
EWING  Rev. T. C.  (CE)  Smith St.
FAIRS  Charles  Savings’ Bank  Smith St.
FARRELL  John  farmer  Para Meadow
FARRELL  Thomas  farmer  Mount Pleasant
FAUCETT  Benjamin  engineer  Corrimal St.
FELL  George  mariner  Para Meadow
FIDLER  Rev. W.  (Wesleyan)  Market St.
FISHLOCK  Michael  farmer  Cordeaux River
FITZGERALD  James  farmer  Kelogues
FITZGERALD  Wm.  farmer  Brandy and Water Ck.
FLANAGAN  John  farmer  Para Meadow
FLANAGAN  Michael  ---  Para Meadow
FLANAGAN  Very Rev. Dean  (RC)  Harbor St.
FOLEY  Michael  farmer  Five Islands
FOLEY  Thomas  farmer  Para Meadow
FORWOOD  John  carrier  Dapto Rd.
FRAZER  Charles  baker  Crown St.
FRAZER  James  cabinet maker  Crown St.
FROST  William  bailiff  Para Meadow
GALLAGHER  James  farmer  Para Meadow
GALLAGHER  Thomas  sawyer  Chambers’ Lane
GALVIN  Thomas  plasterer  Coombe St.
GAVINE  Peter  carpenter  Market St.
GEDDES  John  farmer  Fig Tree
GIBBONS  Edward  grocer  Crown St.
GIBBONS  John  farmer  Para Meadow
GILLAM  Thomas  farmer  Mount Keira
GILLEN  Bernard  farmer  Brandy and Water Ck.
GILLESPIE  Archibald  farmer  American Ck.
GILLIES  Edward  farmer  Para Meadow
GILMORE  Charles  farmer  Mount Keira
GLEESON  Martin  storekeeper  Crown St.
GOEBAGAN  Patrick  warder  Harbor St.
GORDON  Henry  teacher  Market Square
GRACE  Peirce  miner  Smith St.
GRAHAM  Archibald  miller  Crown St.
GRAHAM  Edward ---  Kerosene Works
GREEN  John  bootmaker  Crown St.
GRIFFIN  Daniel  butcher  Crown St.
GRIFFIN  Thomas  farmer  Five Islands
GWYNNE  James  labourer  Keira St.
GWYNNE  John  farmer  Para Meadow
HALL  George  householder  Crown St.
HAMILTON  Allen  teacher  Mount Keira
HAMILTON  Henry  baker  Crown St.
HAMILTON  William  farmer  Mount Keira
HANNON  Matthew  farmer  Para Meadow
HANNON  Patrick  farmer  Kelogues
HARRIGAN  Joseph  farmer  Para Meadow  
HARRISON  Charles  labourer  Barella St.
HART  Joseph  printer  Smith St.
HAYLES  R. T.  innkeeper  Market St.
HAYLES  William  storekeeper  Crown St.
HEAD  John  farmer  Mount Kembla
HEALY  John  storekeeper  Crown St.
HEGARTY  William  farmer  Berkly
HENRY  John  farmer  Mount St. Thomas
HERD  Andrew  painter  Corrimal St.
HESTER  Edward  farmer  Para Meadow
HEWLETT  George  bank manager  Crown St.
HEWLETT  William  storekeeper  Crown St.
HIGGINS  Hugh  landholder  Dapto Rd.
HILL  William  farmer  Brandy and Water Ck.
HOSKING  J. W.  chemist  Crown St.
HOUSTER  Robert  pilot  Flag Staff
HURST  William  farmer  Para Meadow
ILETT  Charles  mason  Crown St.
INNES  Chas.  commission agent  Corrimal St.
IRVINE  John  farmer  Mount Kembla
JAMES  David  farmer  Kembla Vale
JAMES  David  labourer  Crown St.
JAMES  T. H.  farmer  Spring Hill
JENKINS  Thomas  blacksmith  Corrimal St.
JOHNSON  Basil  storekeeper  Crown St.
JONES  E. A.  draper  Crown St.
JONES  Richard    carpenter  Crown St.
JUDD  Joseph  farmer  Brandy and Water Ck.
KELLY  John  labourer  Crown St.
KELLY  Michael  farmer  Berkly
KELLY  Thomas  farmer  Mount Drummond
KELLY  Thomas  mail driver  Coombe St.
KENNEDY  Hugh  bootmaker  Crown St.
KENNEDY  John  labourer  Crown St.
KIERNAN  James  labourer  Wilson St.
LAHIFF  Patrick  contractor  Market St.
LAWLOR  John  labourer  Para Meadow
LEE  Richard  householder  Crown St.
LOONEY  Michael  farmer  Mount Pleasant
LYNCH  James  labourer  Crown St.
LYNCH  Martin  farmer  Para Meadow
LYONS  William  surgeon  King St.
LYSAGHT  Andrew  farmer  Para Meadow
MAEKEL  Philip  post and telegraph master  Market St.
MAKIN  John  clerk  Corrimal St.
MAKIN  Joseph  carrier  Corrimal St.
MAKIN  William S. jun. innkeeper Crown St.  
MAKIN  William S. sen.  agent  Court St.
MANNIX  John  farmer  Mount Keira
MARR  H. J.  land owner  Mount St. Thomas
MARTIN  Joseph  farmer  Para Meadow
MASSY  John  fisherman  Illawarra Lake
MEAD  James  labourer  Crown St.
MEGARVEY  Robert  constable  Harbor St.
MEHARG  John  cooper  Crown St.
MILLER  George  saddler  Crown St.
MILLER  Thomas  miner  Mount Keira
MILLER  William  farmer  West Dapto
MOORE  John  carpenter  Moore’s Lane
MORAN  Michael  farmer  Cordeaux St.
MORTON  John  surgeon  Smith St.
MOUET  John  farmer  Berkly
MURPHY  Cornelius  warder  Crown St.
MURPHY  James  labourer  Market Square
MURPHY  James W.  ---  Kembla St.
MURPHY  Peter  farmer  Mount Keira
MURPHY  Richard  farmer  Mount Keira
MCCABE  Francis  land owner  Russell Vale
MCCANN  James  farmer  Mount Keira
MCCOURT  James  farmer  Para Meadow
MCCOURT  William  printer  Wollongong
MCCREADY  John  bootmaker  Coombe St.
MCDONALD  William  farmer  Mount Keira
MCDONNELL  John  baker  Crown St.
MCGOLDRICK  Thomas  farmer  Mount Keira
MCKENNON  Rev. R.  (Presbyterian)  Smith St.
MCKENZIE  Alexander  farmer  Ellengowrie
MCLOUGHLAN  James  saddler  Crown St.
MCMAHON  Patrick  farmer  Para Meadow
MCNAMARA  Thomas  farmer  American Ck.
NASH  Thomas  farmer  Para Meadow
NEAVES  Edward  fisherman  Five Islands
NEAVES  George  fisherman  Five Islands
NOOTKFIELD  William  dairy  Para Meadow
O’BRIEN  Laurence  farmer  Mount Kembla
O’DONNELL  Francis  farmer  Five Islands
O’DONNELL  John  farmer   Five Islands
OLIVER  John  freeholder  American Ck.
O’NEIL  Denis  farmer   Berkly
O’NEIL  John  farmer   Berkly
O’NEIL  Michael  farmer   Calderwood
O’NEIL  Peter  miner  Mount Keira
O’NEIL  Timothy  farmer   Berkly
ORGAN  George  innkeeper  Crown St.
ORMSBY  Sydney  warder  Market Square
ORPHIM  James  carpenter  Corrimal St.
OSBORNE  Alexander  farmer   Mangerton
OSBORNE  Thomas  tanner  Crown St.
OSBORNE  William  ---  Garden Vale
OSBORNE  William  auctioneer  Market St.
OWEN  Percy  solicitor  Market Square
PALMER  David  bootmaker  Crown St.
PARKE  Samuel  farmer  Mount Ousley
PARSONS  Acquilla  tinsmith  Crown St.
PARSONS  Alfred  painter  Crown St.
PARSONS  Enos  tinsmith  Crown St.
PARSONS  Hiram  farmer  Para Meadow
PARSONS  Joseph  farmer  Cordeaux River
PARSONS  Matthew  farmer  Para Meadow
PARSONS  Reuben  ironmonger  Crown St.
PAYNE  John  blacksmith  Crown St.
PIKE  William  carpenter  Harbor St.
PINCHIN  George  cordial maker  Crown St.
PIPE  Henry  bootmaker  Crown St.
PORTER  James  farmer  Kelogues
PRATT  Richard  labourer  Mount Keira
PULLMAN  Thomas  carpenter  Market St.
QUILTY  Martin  carpenter  Kembla St.
REDDALL  T. A.  landowner  Crown St.
ROBERTSON  Walter  bank manager  Crown St.
ROWLES  William  miner  Mount Keira
RYAN  John  carpenter  Smith St.
RYAN  John  farmer  Para Meadow
RYAN  Thomas  carpenter  Smith St.
SCOTT  L. W.  chemist  Crown St.
SEARLE  Edwin  labourer  Market St.
SHANNON  John  farmer  Five Islands
SHEEFFE  George  surveyor  Crown St.
SHEIL  Dennis  labourer  Crown St.
SHERIDAN  James  sergeant Police  Harbor St.
SHIP  Thomas  labourer  Mount Keira
SKERRITT  Peter  carpenter  Crown St.
SLADEN  Alfred  teacher  Crown St.
SLOAN  Peter  labourer  Wilson St.
SMITH  C. F.  auctioneer  Glebe
SMITH  C. S.  draper  Crown St.
SMITH  C. T.  landowner  Bustle Cottage
STANDBRIDGE  Thomas  farmer  Kentish Ck.
STEWART  Alexander  farmer Mount Keira
STONE  Henry  farmer  American Ck.
STUMBLES  S.  dairy  Hopefield
STUMBLES  Samuel  butcher  Corrimal St.
TAYLOR  Robert  ---  Market St.
THACKERY  Henry  ---  Crown St.
THORNTON  Ralph  farmer  Mount Keira
THORNTON  Robert  miner  Bulli
THORNTON  Thomas  farmer  Mount Keira
THRIFT  George  bootmaker Crown St.
THURKETTLE  Edgar farmer   Berkly
TILDSLEY  Charles  clerk  Crown St.
TRATT  John  blacksmith  Bulli
TURKINGTON  w.  farmer  Berkly
TURNER  A. A.  CPS  Church Hill
WADDINGTON  Harrison  teacher  Berkly
WALDRON  Alfred  farmer  Spring Hill
WALDRON  Hubert  farmer  Spring Hill
WALKER  John  blacksmith  Crown St.
WALKER  William  farmer  American Ck.
WAPLES  Charles  butcher Crown St.
WARING  George  householder  Kembla St.
WARING  Richard  solicitor  Kembla St.
WATERS  Martin  labourer  Barrella St.
WELCH  Thomas  blacksmith  Crown St.
WELLER  John  labourer  Market St.
WILEY  Edward  farmer  Mount Keira
WILLIAMS  Dennis  farmer  Para Meadow
WILLIAMS  John  tailor  Crown St.
WILLMOT  John  watchmaker  Crown St.
WILSHIRE  Joseph  landowner Garden Hill
WILSON  Alexander  farmer  Tow Rodger
WILSON  Rev. W. A.  (Primitive MethodBarrella St.ist)  
WILSON  S. A.  teacher  Cordeaux River
WILSON  Walter  gardener  Kembla St.
WISEMAN  C. A.  draper  Crown St.
WISEMAN  W. J.  wheelwright  Crown St.
WOOD  J. S.  householder  Market St.
WOODWARD  Francis  solicitor   Commercial Chambers
WOOLARD  M. H.  vigneron  Garden Hill
WRIGHT  J. E.  farmer  Balgowrie
ZIEMS  Frederick  farmer  Tow Rodger

Greville 1872

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