Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 – WOLLOMBI

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Distance 132 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 5 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9.30 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday evenings.

Route – Steam Newcastle, rail West Maitland, coach Wollombi.

ALLEN  Edward  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
ANDREW  Isabella  farmer  Yengo Ck.
BARR  Thomas  farmer  Yengo Ck.
BOURNE  Ann  householder  Wollombi
BOURNE  Edmund  farmer  Narone Ck.
BOURNE  Giles  wheelwright  Wollombi
BOURNE  Michael  blacksmith  Wollombi
BOURNE  William  farmer  Narone Ck.
BREACH  George  farmer  Wollombi
BRIDGE  Joseph  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
BRIDGES  George  labourer  Wollombi
BROOKS  James Norton  PM  Wollombi
BUDGE  John Sinclair  farmer  Maitland Rd.
BURGESS  Charles  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
BURGESS  Leonard  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
BURGESS  William  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
CAMPBELL  Duncan  farmer  Wollombi
CASTLES  John  farmer  Wollombi
COBCROFT  William John  ---  Wollombi
CUNNEEN  Patrick  tailor  Wollombi
DALY  Robert  carpenter  Wollombi
DAVIS  David  farmer  Yengo Ck.
DAVIS  John  farmer  Yengo Ck.
DELANDER Joseph  farmer  Wollombi
DREW  Mary  householder  Wollombi
DUNLOP  Eliza Hamilton  householder  Wollombi
ELLIOTT  Alfred  clerk  Wollombi
ELLIOTT  Hannah  storekeeper  Wollombi
ELLIOTT  Mary  householder  Wollombi
FLETCHER  W.  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
FOLEY  John  farmer  Wollombi
FORBES  Alexander sen.  farmer  Yengo Ck.
FORBES  Alexander jun farmer  Wollombi  
FORBES  John  farmer  Yengo Ck.
FORREST  Thomas  constable  Wollombi
GALWAY  Margaret  householder  Wollombi
GREEN  Thomas  householder  Wollombi
GOODMAN  William  farmer  Narone Ck.
HARDCASTLE  E.  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
HARDCASTLE  J.  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
HARRIS  William Henry  surgeon  Wollombi
HENERIE  Thomas teacher  Wollombi
HICKEY  Patrick  farmer  Narone Ck.
HORNAN  Ann  householder  Wollombi
JACKSON  Henry  grazier  Big Yengo
JONES  John hawker  Wollombi
JONES  Moses  innkeeper  Wollombi
JURD  Richard  hawker  Wollombi
KEATING  Jones  bootmaker  Wollombi
KENNY  Denis  storekeeper  Wollombi
KENNY  John sen.  householder  Wollombi
KENNEDY  John  saddler  Wollombi
LAW  Georgina M.  ---  Mulla Ville
LYNCH  John sen.  farmer  Maitland Rd.
LYNCH  John jun.  farmer  Maitland Rd.
MASON  John  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
MEDHURST  John  grazier  Howe’s Valley
MEDHURST  John  farmer  Wollombi
MERRICK  Joseph  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
MILNE  John S.  surgeon  Wollombi
MILSON  D. A.  miller  Wollombi
MOORE  William  farmer  Yengo Ck.
MORTON  Andrew  farmer  Maitland Rd.
MCFARLANE  William  farmer  Wollombi
MCLAUGHLIN  Ann  householder  Wollombi
OCKWELL  Joseph  farmer  Wollombi
PARKER  Joseph  sergeant Police  Wollombi
PAYNE  Edward  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
PAYNE  Joseph  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
PRUCHIN  Joseph  farmer  Sugarloaf Ck.
REGAN  Martin  farmer  Maitland Rd.
REGAN  Peter  farmer  Maitland Rd.
ROBERTS  Robert  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
ROBERTS  Robert  bootmaker  Wollombi
SHAW  Rev. B. E.  (CE)  Wollombi
SLACK  Harold  farmer  Maitland Rd.
SMITH  Jane  householder  Wollombi
SMITH  Terence  farmer  Maitland Rd.
SMITH  Thomas  farmer  Narone Ck.
SMITH  William  labourer  Wollombi
STAPLEFORD  William  farmer  Yengo Ck.
SYLVESTER  George  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
SYLVESTER  Harold  farmer  Maitland Rd.
SYLVESTER  Harriet  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
SYLVESTER  Thomas  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
TAGGART  Charles  farmer  Howe’s Valley
TAGGART  William  farmer  Howe’s Valley
THORLEY  Edward  farmer  Wollombi
TOWNSHEND  Thomas A.  wheelwright  Wollombi
TURNER  John  farmer  Narone Ck.
WATERS  Moses  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
WALTON  James  farmer  Big Yengo
WATSON  Bridget  postmistress  Wollombi
WATSON  Samuel John  Telegraph master  Wollombi
WELLS  William  grazier  Howe’s Valley
WHITE  Sophia  farmer  Yengo Ck.
WHITEMAN  John  householder  Wollombi
WHITEMAN  Spencer  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.
WILLIAMS  Joseph  farmer  Cockfighter Ck.

Greville 1872

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