Greville's Post Office Directory 1872 – WINGHAM

Page 560
Distance 195 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday 5.30 pm and steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Sunday 11.30 am and steamer.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Wednesday 8 am and steamer direct.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday mornings and steamer.

Route – Steam direct; or via Taree, 8m. Wingham.

BALLARD  Juther  farmer  Bungay
BARNES  George  labourer  Wingham
BIRD  William  farmer  Bight
BIRD  William  farmer  Bungay
BOULTON  George  teacher  Bight
BROWN  Donald  innkeeper  Wingham
BROWN  James  farmer  Bight
BROWN  Robert  carpenter  Wingham
BROWN  Thomas  farmer  Bight
BROWN  William  jun.  hawker  Wingham
BROWN  William  sen.  carpenter  Wingham
BULLEY  Charles  farmer  Stoney Ck.
BULLEY  Philip  farmer  Stoney Ck.
CAMERON  Hugh  farmer  Bight
CAMERON  John  farmer  Bight
CAMERON  William  constable  Wingham
CAREY  Thomas  innkeeper  Wingham
COCKRANE  Joshua  storekeeper  Wingham
CREAGH  J. A.  ---  Wingham
CREAGH  Jasper  CPS  Wingham
CROPS  George  farmer  Bungay
CROPS  Henry  farmer  Belbourie
CROPS  James  jun.  farmer  Belbourie
CROPS  James  sen.  farmer  Belbourie
CUNN  Henry  farmer  Wingham
DENNY  Francis  cabinet maker  Wingham
DONKIN  Edward  farmer  Kanrack Flat
DUFF  Samuel  storekeeper  Wingham
DYER  William  farmer  Bight
EGAN  James  farmer  Bungay
FERRETT  R. James  farmer  Killawarra
FITZGERALD  John  farmer  Bungay
FITZGERALD  Joseph  farmer  Bungay
FLEMING  George  farmer  Bight
FLEMING  John  farmer  Bight
FOWLER  George  farmer  Killawarra
GLEYORN  Michael  tailor  Wingham
GRILL  George  bootmaker  Tinonee
HALL  John  surveyor  Belbourie
HALL  Thomas  teacher  Killawarra
HAWKE  Peter  farmer  Dingo Ck.
HAWKE  Samuel  farmer  Wingham
HEARKESS  John  farmer  Belbourie
HEARNINGWAY  James  farmer  Bungay
HILL  Mrs. A.  farmer  Bungay
HUIG  Charles  farmer  Bight
HURDY  James  farmer  Wingham
IRVINE  Thomas  farmer  Wingham
JACKSON  Thomas  farmer  Bight
JACOB  Stephen  farmer  Bight
*JOBBAN  Alexander  farmer  Bight
JOBBAN  David  farmer  Bight
KENIFF  Matthew  farmer  Killawarra
KENIFF  Patrick  farmer  Killawarra
KING  William  hawker  Wingham
LEES  Samuel  carpenter  Wingham
LEWIS  John  ship builder  Wingham
MANNSELL  Charles  squatter  Wingham
MARSHMAN  William  farmer  Wingham
MILGATE  George  labourer  Wingham
MOORE  Alexander jun.  farmer  Killawarra
MOORE  Alexander sen.  farmer  Killawarra
MOORE  Archibald  farmer  Killawarra
MOORE  James  farmer  Killawarra
MOORE  Robert  farmer  Killawarra
MORRIS  John  farmer  Bight
MOY  Thomas  labourer  Bungay
MCCANN  James  blacksmith  Wingham
MCDERMID  Hugh  farmer  Bight
MCDONALD  Lachlan  farmer  Bight
MCGARRIGLE  John  farmer  Bungay, Dingo Ck.
MCKAY  Donald  farmer  Bungay
MCLAUGHLAN  William farmer   Wingham
MCLEOD  Norman  farmer  Killawarra
MCMASTER  Allen  farmer  Dingo Ck.
MCMULLEN  Alexander  farmer  Bight
NORTHAM  James  farmer  Bungay, Killawarra
PATTERSON  William  squatter  Killawarra
POLLACK  John  farmer  Bight
POLLACK  Thomas  farmer  Wingham
RAMSAY   John  farmer  Dingo Ck.
RICHARDS  Israel  farmer  Bight
RICHARDS  William  farmer  Bight
RILEY  William  farmer  Wingham
SCRIVENER  Edward  farmer  Dingo Ck.
SCRIVENER  William  farmer  Belbourie
SMITH  James  farmer  Killawarra
SMITH  John  farmer  Bight
SOARS  George  farmer  Killawarra
SOMMERVILLE  William  farmer  Bight
STERLING  John  farmer  Bight
STEWARD  Donald  farmer  Bight
STEWARD  John  blacksmith  Wingham
STILES  Edward  farmer  Wingham
STONE  Robert  farmer  Wingham
STONE  William  farmer  Bight
TAYLOR  Mrs.  farmer  Bight Bight
THERLING  Benjamin  farmer  Killawarra
THOMPSON  Mathew  farmer  Belbourie
UNGER  Frederick  farmer  Bungay
UNGER  Michael  farmer  Bungay
WAISCOT  Thomas  farmer  Bungay
WALKER  John  farmer  Belbourie
WALLACE  Casper  cooper  Dingo Ck.
WALLACE  John  farmer  Wingham
WALLACE  John  farmer  Bungay
WALLACE  William  farmer  Wingham
WEEKES  John  carpenter  Wingham

* This is probably meant to be “Lobban” – a witness to the marriage in 1870 of
my husband’s great grandparents on the bride’s father’s (McDermid) farm at The
Bight (then known as Yaypo Brush) was A. Lobban. KP

Greville 1872

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