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Distance 193 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Sunday 11.30 am.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Thursday 1.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday 7 am.

Route – Rail Wallerawang, Cobb’s coach Mudgee, 25m. Windeyer.

ADAMS  John  miner  Windeyer
ADAMS  Thomas  miner  Windeyer
ANDREWS  Frederick  cook  Windeyer
BADCOCK  George  miner  Meroo
BAILY  Robert  bootmaker  Long Ck.
BAKER  Edward  miner  Meroo
BEST  Thomas  farmer  Upper Meroo
BIBB  Samuel  miner  Upper Meroo
BLAMFORD  Thomas  blacksmith  Long Ck.
BOCK  Daniel  ---  Meroo
BOCKET  Richard miner   Meroo
BRENNAN  Bridget  farmer  Campbell’s Ck.
BRENNAN  Henry  farmer  Campbell’s Ck.
BROWN  Alexander  farmer  Upper Meroo
BROWN  James  miner  Meroo
BROWNLOW  Samuel  farmer  Windeyer
BURNET  John  miner  Meroo
CHAPMAN  James  miner  Campbell’s Ck.
CHAPMAN  William  miner  Windeyer
CLARK  Henry  miner  Clark’s Ck.
COLMAN  William  miner  Clark’s Ck.
COOPER  Robert  miner  Meroo
CRIMMINS  J.  miner  Campbell’s Ck.
CROWLEY  Patrick  farmer  Campbell’s Ck.
DENGATE  Thomas  miner  Spring Ck.
DICKER  Henry  catechist    Windeyer
DICKIE  John  miner  Clark’s Ck.
DINGATE  Frederick  miner  Long Ck.
DINGLE  Thomas  farmer    Pure Point
DOHERTY  Patrick  miner Meroo 
DORAN  Frederick  miner  Clark’s Ck.
EVINS  William  sheep owner  Clark’s Ck.
FABERT  John  miner  Campbell’s Ck.
FABERT  Nicholas  miner  Campbell’s Ck.
FERGINSON  Peter  miner  Clark’s Ck.
FIELD  Patrick  miner  Clark’s Ck.
FOWLES  James  miner  Campbell’s Ck.
FOX  D.  miner  Campbell’s Ck.
FOX  Michael  farmer    Meroo
FOX  Patrick  farmer    Meroo
GARDENER  John  miner  Windeyer
GIBBS  Charles  miner  Upper Meroo
GIBBS  Charles  miner  Meroo
GIBBS  Robert  miner  Meroo
GIBSON  Robert  miner  Meroo
GLASSCOCK  Robert  innkeeper  Upper Meroo
GLASSCOCK  William  miner  Meroo
GOURLEY  William  storekeeper  Clark’s Ck.
GRACE   James  miner  Upper Meroo
GROSI  Antoni  miner  Clark’s Ck.
GROVES  William  miner  Windeyer
HARWOOD  John  farmer    Meroo
HAYWOOD  Joseph  miner  Windeyer
HEAP  Henry  miner  Long Ck.
HEAP  James  farmer   Long Ck.
HOGAN  James  shepherd  Meroo
HOLLOWAY  Benjamin miner  Windeyer
HOOPER  William  miner  Campbell’s Ck.
HOTKINSON  William  miner  Upper Meroo
JINNINGS  Richard  miner  Meroo
JINNINGS  Thomas  miner  Meroo
JOHNSTON  Jacob  farmer   Long Ck. 
JONES  John  miner  Campbell’s Ck.
JUDGE  Henry  miner  Meroo
KATEN  Michael  miner  Meroo
KEPPIE  James  miner  Windeyer
KERWIN  Daniel  miner  Windeyer
KERWIN  Edward  farmer    Campbell’s Ck.
KERWIN  Patrick  farmer    Campbell’s Ck.
KERWIN  Timothy  farmer    Campbell’s Ck.
KIRK  Samuel  miner  Meroo
LAIDLOW  Alexander miner    Campbell’s Ck.
LEFLEY  Charles  miner  Clark’s Ck.
LIVINGSTON  Henry  miner  Meroo
LUCAS  Charles  farmer    Campbell’s Ck.
MATHEWS  Hugh  sheep owner  Clark’s Ck.
MORAN  Patrick  constable  Windeyer
MULHOLLAND  John  innkeeper  Windeyer
MULHOLLAND  William  storekeeper  Windeyer
MCEVOY  Lewis  senior constable  Windeyer
MCGRATH  William  farmer    Campbell’s Ck.
MCMANUS  Patrick  bootmaker  Clark’s Ck.
MCMURRAY  James  farmer    Long Ck.
MCMURRAY  John  farmer    Long Ck.
MCNAB  James  miner  Upper Meroo
MCNICHOL  Robert  miner  Windeyer
NEWTON  Henry  miner  Meroo
NICHOLS  Charles  farmer    Campbell’s Ck.
O’DONNELL  John  blacksmith  Long Ck.
OVER  Spencer  butcher  Windeyer
PARKINS  Benjamin  miner  Campbell’s Ck.
PARSONS  William  innkeeper  Clark’s Ck.
PRICE  Henry  poundkeeper  Windeyer
REDMAN  William  miner  Upper Meroo
REED  William  miner  Meroo
RICHARDSON  Martha  householder  Windeyer
RIDGEWAY  Mary  dressmaker  Clark’s Ck.
RILEY  John  miner  Meroo
ROBERTS  T.  sheep owner  Upper Meroo
ROBINSON  Arthur miner  Meroo
ROBINSON  Symon  miner  Meroo
ROSE  George  butcher  Long Ck.
RYAN  Mary  innkeeper  Long Ck.
RYAN  Thomas  farmer    Campbell’s Ck.
SEARL  James  miner  Meroo
SEGGERS  Samuel  miner  Meroo
SERGENT  Jacob  ---  Campbell’s Ck.
SIMPSON  Alex.  innkeeper  Campbell’s Ck.
SIMPSON  Thomas  miner  Clark’s Ck.
SINGLETON  Benjamin  miner  Upper Meroo
SINGLETON  Joseph  miner  Upper Meroo
SKETITON  John  miner  Meroo
SKETITON  William  miner  Meroo
SMITH  Henry  miner  Clark’s Ck.
SMITH  John  gardener  Windeyer
SMITH  John  miner  Meroo
SMITH  Robert Hancock  miner  Windeyer
SMITH  Thomas  farmer    Campbell’s Ck.
SMITH  William  miner  Meroo
SOLLER  William  miner  Meroo
SONNEY  William  miner  Meroo
STANFORD  Thomas  miner  Meroo
STEPHENS  George  miner  Meroo
STEWARD  John  miner  Meroo
SWEENEY  John  teamster  Pure Point
TARBOURNE  David  butcher  Meroo
TARRER  Richard  miner  Meroo
TAYLOR  Thomas  miner  Windeyer
TAYLOR  Thomas  teacher  Windeyer
TAYLOR  William  miner  Clark’s Ck.
THOMAS  Thomas  miner  Meroo
THOMAS  William  carpenter  Long Ck.
TUCKER  Margaret  storekeeper  Long Ck.
VIGERS  Henry  miner  Upper Meroo
WALFORD  Edmond  bootmaker  Clark’s Ck.
WALFORD  Henry  miner  Clark’s Ck.
WALFORD  Thomas  miner  Clark’s Ck.
WALKER  Frederick  miner  Windeyer
WALKER  Thomas  innkeeper  Clark’s Ck.
WARD  William  miner  Clark’s Ck.
WARNWICKE  Henry  miner  Campbell’s Ck.
WATT  James  teamster  Long Ck.
WEBSTER  Henry  miner  Long Ck.
WELLS  George  miner  Meroo
WHITAKER  Charles  miner  Spring Ck.
WHITFIELD  Charles  farmer    Long Ck.
WHITFIELD  Charles jun.  butcher  Long Ck.
WHITFIELD  Thomas  farmer    Windeyer
WHITTING  Joseph  miner  Campbell’s Ck.
WILLIAMS  John  miner  Clark’s Ck.
WILSON  Charles  miner  Meroo
WINGRAVE  Frederick  innkeeper  Long Ck.
WINTER  John  miner  Clark’s Ck.
WINTER  William  miner  Long Ck.




Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here