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Distance 132 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, via Braidwood, Friday via
Bungonia, 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Friday 11 am, Saturday 1.30 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday 9 am.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday 7.15 am.

Route – Rail Marulan, 22m. Windellama.

ARMSTRONG  Bridget  farmer  Windellama
BEALS  Doctor  teacher  Olean
BOND  William  sawyer  Mullengullengah
BONEER  William  miner  Olean
BRITTON  Joshua  farmer  Windellama
BROOHE  George  storekeeper  Windellama
BROWN  John  farmer  Windellama
BURCHER  George H.  grazier  Windellama
BURTON  Joseph  farmer  Windellama
CARTWRIGHT  Elizabeth  farmer & postmistress  Windellama
CARTWRIGHT  Elizabeth Ann  ---  Windellama
CARTWRIGHT  James J.  selector  Windellama
CARTWRIGHT  Richard W.  farmer  Windellama
CARTWRIGHT  Thomas C.  selector  Windellama
CHESTERTON  John  farmer  Big Wells Flat
CHESTERTON  John jun. selector   Windellama
CROKER  John J.  farmer  Windellama
CROKER  Samuel  farmer  Olean
CROKER  William  farmer  Olean
DALTON  John  brickmaker  Mullengullengah
ENGLISH  Michael  farmer  Olean
GODBER  James  farmer  Windellama
GROISE  Frederick  farmer  Windellama
HARVEY  Isaac  selector  Windellama
HOCKEY  Samuel  farmer  Windellama
HOCKEY  Thomas  farmer  Windellama
HUGGINS  Mary  farmer  Budgong
LARKAM  John  farmer  Windellama
LEACY  John  farmer  Windellama
LITTLE  Henry  selector  Windellama
LITTLE  John jun.  farmer  Windellama
LITTLE  John sen.  farmer  Windellama
LOCKHART  William  farmer  Windellama
MONTGOMERY  Matthew  teacher  Windellama
MULLER  George    bootmaker  Windellama
MCGAW  Robert  farmer  Windellama
NETTLETON  George  farmer  Windellama
NETTLETON  William  farmer  Windellama
OAKENDON  Alice  farmer  Budgong
POVEY  W.  blacksmith  Mullengullengah
ROBERTS  Charles  farmer  Boro
ROBERTS  James  farmer  Curry Ck.
ROBERTS  Peter  farmer  Boro
ROBERTS  Robert jun.  farmer  Popham’s Ck.  
ROBERTS  Robert sen.  farmer  Bronti
SMITH  Andrew  farmer  Windellama
STURGES  David  farmer  Boro
STURGES  James  farmer  Boro
SWEENEY  John  farmer  Windellama
SWEENEY  Thomas  farmer  Windellama
TAYLOR  John  farmer  Windellama
TEMPLE  Joseph  miner  Olean
WATSON  William  selector  Windellama
WHITTAKER  John  miner  Olean
WOODGER  Jesse  farmer  Windellama
WOODS  William  miner  Olean
WRIGHT  Peter  miner  Olean

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here