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Distance 583 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday via Hay 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday via Hay, noon.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday 6 am via Hay.
Mail arrives at Sydney Friday 7.15 am via Hay.

Route – Steam Melbourne, rail Echuca, coach Deniliquin, 100m. Wilcannia.

ACRES  E. H.  grazier  Buckamba
BATCHLOR J. W.   ---  Wilcannia
BATES  George  grazier  Terrowotto
BATTY  Ezra  wool scourer  Reid St.
BENNETT  B.  cordial manufacturer  Reid St.
BINGHAM  Joseph  sawyer  Wilcannia
BONNEY  E. S.  grazier  Moomba Station
BONNEY  Frederick  grazier  Moomba Station
BOYD  John  innkeeper  Moomba Station
BRAYLEY  James  storekeeper  Reid St.
BROWN  E. C.  superintendent  Putha Putha
BROWN  T.  butcher  Reid St.
BUCKLEY James  baker  Reid St.
BUNWORTH  R.  blacksmith  Reid St.
BURGESS  George  coac hman  Mossgial Station
CLARKE  A.J.  saddler  Reid St.
CLARKE  W. J.  saddler  Reid St.
CRESWELL  Jane  boarding-house  Reid St.
DALE  Thomas  blacksmith  Reid St.
DAVIS  Thomas  contractor  Moomba Station
DENNIS  J. C.  boarding-house  Reid St.
DWYER  George  grazier  Tonga Station
DUNNE William  blacksmith  Wilcannia
EASTMAN  Charles  well sinker  Reid St.
FARRIER  G.  cordial manufacturer  Reid St.
FOSTER  J.  dairy  Moomba Station
GREIVES  Henry  coachman  Tarella Station
HALEY  A. T.  grazier   Nelyambo
HARRIS  G. B.  surgeon  Reid St.
HARRIS  S. A.  superintendent  Mount Murchison Station
HOOLEY  G.  draper’s assistant  Reid St.
HULL  James  innkeeper  Copago Lake
JAMES  Tudor  labourer  Tarella Station
JONES  Mrs.  housekeeper  Cultowa Station
KELLY  ---  superintendent  Billilla Station
KENAVAN  William  innkeeper  Reid St.
KENNEDY  J.  superintendent  Tarella Station
KIRKPATRICK  A.  storekeeper  Mount Murchison Station
KNOWLES  J.  storekeeper  Caulpanlin Station
LISLIE  E. W.  superintendent  Putha Putha
MARTIN  Edward  grazier  Murtie Station
MARTIN  Francis  grazier  Murtie Station
MIDDLETON  A. D.  grazier  Mena Mute
MOESCH  Francis T.  constable  Reid St.
MUNRO  Alexander  labourer  Wanaroo
MURPHY  Joseph  constable  Reid St.
MCCARTHY  Charles  labourer  Weinteriga Station
MCCURDY  James W.  storekeeper  Reid St.
MCKENNA  John  carter  Reid St.
MCKENZIE  Kenneth  superintendent  Caulpanlin Station
MCLELLAND  Alexander  superintendent  Weinteriga Station 
NEWLAND  Simpson  grazier  Mana
NUGENT  John  wheelwright  Reid St.
O’DONNELL W. J.   poundkeeper  Reid St.
OLDHAM N.  storekeeper  Weinteriga Station
OLIVE  Edward  stockman  Hurtie Station
OWEN  William  innkeeper  Copago Lake
PAGE  Theodore  labourer  Tarella Station
PARKER  Robert  carrier  Reid St.
PARKER  William  carrier  Reid St.
PATTERSON Thomas   contractor  Wilcannia
PHILLIPS  P.  butcher  Reid St.
PODGER  Chas.  superintendent  Tintinallogy Station
PRICE  John  carter  Reid St.
QUIN  Edward  storekeeper Reid St. 
RANDELL  Richard baker   Reid St.
RILEY  Patrick  labourer  Moomba Station
ROGERS  Murray  grazier  Mena Mute
ROGERS  Wm.  innkeeper  Old Tintinallogy
ROSS  John  carpenter  Reid St.
SAUL  John  carrier  Reid St.
SAUL  W. H.  carrier  Reid St.
SMITH  Charles puntman  Reid St.
SMITH  G. T.  carrier  Wilcannia
SMITH  J. A.  superintendent  Goorimpa Station
SPENCER  George  carter  Reid St.
SPINKS  James  labourer  Wilcannia
SUTTON  W. H.  storekeeper  Moomba Station
STAUGHTON  S.  grazier  Tintinallogy Station
STIVINS  Henry  hawker  Reid St.
SUTTOR G. & F.  graziers  Cultowa Station
TARDY  T. M.  superintendent  Mena Mute
TRIPP  J. P.  commission agent  Reid St.
TULLY  M. H.  overseer  Wanaroo
VARCOE  John  contractor  Reid St.
VAUGHAN  C. N.  storekeeper  Reid St.
VAUGHAN  W. E.  storekeeper  Reid St.
WALL  W. B.  drover  Mount Murchison Station
WARK  F.  superintendent  Talyealya Station
WELLIE  J.  watchmaker  Reid St.
WHITBY  E. C.  ---  Reid St.
WOORE  A.  ---  Morrabin
YOUNG  W. C.  storekeeper  Wilcannia

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here