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Distance 168 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Friday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday 3 pm.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Thursday 12.30 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday 7.15 am.

Route – Rail Goulburn, 40m. Wheeo.

ABBY        Alexander        farmer                Grabben Gullen
ARNSON        Thomas                farmer                Wheeo
BARTLEY        Patrick                farmer                Wheeo
BEVEN        James                farmer                Fish River
BEVEN        John                farmer                Fish River
BEVEN        M.                farmer                Fish River
BEVEN        Thomas                farmer                Fish River
BREEN        Denis                farmer                Young
BREEN        John                farmer                Grabben Gullen
BREEN        Michael                farmer                Grabben Gullen
CAMPBELL John                blacksmith        Wheeo
CARTWRIGHT John                householder        Wheeo
CASSIDY        John                shepherd        Wheeo
CHRISTIE James                farmer                Wheeo
CHRISTIE William        farmer                Wheeo
CLANCY        Martin                farmer                Murd’s Ck.
CLANCY        Patrick                farmer                Dixon’s Ck.
CLANCY        Patrick                farmer                Grabben Gullen
CLUNE        James                farmer                Grabben Gullen
COLLINS        Robert                farmer                Jerrara Ck.
COTTER        Michael                shepherd        Taylor’s Ck.
COOPER        William                farmer                Jerrara Ck.
CORBETT        Laurence        farmer                Lost River
CROW        John                farmer                Wheeo
DEVITT        Patrick                farmer                Grabben Gullen
EAVRETT        Thomas                bootmaker        Narrawa
FARRELL        John                labourer        Wheeo
FRASER        John                farmer                Ned’s Ck.
FROST        Michael                mail contractor        Wheeo
FROST        Thomas                farmer                Wheeo
GEORGE        Frederick        farmer                Jerrara Ck.
GEORGE        George                farmer                Jerrara Ck.
GIBSON        S. F.                squatter        Narrawa        
GILLESPIE Charles        farmer                Fish River
GILLESPIE Daniel        farmer                Fish River
GILLESPIE Patrick        farmer                Fish River
GLENNAN        Michael                farmer                Jerrara Ck.
GLENNAN        Peter                farmer                Wheeo
GLENNAN        Thomas                postmaster        Wheeo
GRAY        Alexander        squatter         Byalla        
GRAY        John F.                squatter        Byalla
GRAY        John W.                squatter        Byalla
GURYIN        Thomas W.        farmer                Fish River
HACKETT        Michael                farmer                Grabben Gullen
HARRIS        George                squatter        Byalla        
HARRIS        J.                poundkeeper        Grabben Gullen
HASSETT        James                farmer                Wheeo
HAY        D.                squatter        Wheeo
HEWITT        Cornelius        farmer                Grabben Gullen
HEWITT        Lawrence        farmer                Wheeo
HEWITT        Michael                farmer                Wheeo
HOGAN        Martin                farmer                Grabben Gullen
HOGAN        Patrick                farmer                Grabben Gullen
HORAN        John                farmer                Grabben Gullen
LARMON        Patrick                farmer                Grabben Gullen
LESTRANGE William        shepherd        Walla Walla
LONG        Joseph                farmer                Grabben Gullen
LOUGHNANE James                farmer                Grabben Gullen
LOUGHNANE John                farmer                Grabben Gullen
LOUGHNANE Michael        farmer                Grabben Gullen
MACK        James                labourer        Fish River
MILLANE        John jun.        farmer & mail contractor Wheeo
MILLANE        John sen.        farmer                Wheeo
MCCON.        ---                farmer                Fish River
MCCORMACK Hugh                farmer                Wheeo
MCCORMACK Thomas        farmer                Wheeo
MCGILL        Michael                mail contractor        Wheeo
MCGILLIS Norman                farmer                Lost River
MCKNIGHT Benjamin        farmer                Jerrara Ck.
MCSORLEY Bernard        farmer                Grabben Gullen
MCSORLEY John                farmer                Grabben Gullen
MCSORLEY John                farmer                Native Dog Flat
NEIL        Patrick                farmer                Wheeo
NEWBURN        John                farmer                Walla Walla, Fish River
NEWMAN        John                farmer                Grabben Gullen
PALMER        Frederick        assistant poundkeeper Grabben Gullen
PENNING        George                farmer                Narrawa
PENNYCOCK William        storekeeper        Narrawa
PICEHURST William        blacksmith        Narrawa
POWER        Patrick                farmer                Narrawa
PRESTON        John T.                farmer                Narrawa, Fish River
PURCELL        Laurence        farmer                Lost River
REID        Alexander        farmer                Narrawa
REID        John                farmer                Narrawa
RODGERS        William                farmer                Narrawa
RYAN        Michael                farmer                Grabben Gullen
RYAN        Patrick                farmer                Wheeo
SCANLAN        Patrick                farmer                Grabben Gullen
SCOTT        George                farmer                Jerrara Ck.
SELMES        Charles                farmer                Wheeo
SELMES        Henry                farmer                Wheeo
SELMES        James                farmer                Wheeo
SELMES        James sen.        farmer                Wheeo
SHEEHEY        Edward                farmer                Wheeo
SHEPHERD J.                squatter        Wheeo
STEWARD        Frank                farmer                Wheeo
SULLIVAN Patrick        farmer                Wheeo
SULLY        Michael                farmer                Grabben Gullen
SULLY        Martin                farmer                Grabben Gullen
SULLY        Patrick                farmer                Byalla
WALSH        Robert                farmer                Wheeo
WATSON        Michael                farmer                Narrawa
WETHERS        Samuel                farmer                Grabben Gullen
WHITE        James                farmer                Wheeo

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here