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Distance 135 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Friday 5 pm.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday noon.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Wednesday 4 pm.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday evenings.

Route – Steam Newcastle, rail Singleton, 12m. Westbrook.

BARKER        Joseph                farmer                Glendon Brook
BATTERHAM Thomas        splitter        Mundiwah
BENSON        John                farmer                Reedy Ck.
BOYCE        John                farmer                Glendon Brook
BROOKER        William                farmer                Tea Tree
BURGMAN        Mrs.                farmer                Glendon Brook
BUSH        Jacob                farmer                Reedy Ck.
CAMPBELL Donald                farmer                Reedy Ck.
CAMPBELL John                carrier                Reedy Ck.
CASEY        James                carrier                Glendon Brook
CASEY        Thomas                farmer                Glendon Brook
CLARKE        E. W.                teacher                Westbrook
DALY        John                labourer        Reedy Ck.
DUNN        James                farmer                Meranie Ck.
FITZROY        Algernon        farmer                Cooper’s Flat
FRASER        William                farmer                Westbrook
GALLAGHER William        farmer                Westbrook
GOLLAN        John                carrier                Glendon Brook
GOLLAN        Roderick        carrier                Reedy Ck.
GOLLAN        Thomas                farmer                Glendon Brook
GOUDRON        Jacob                farmer                Glendon Brook
GRAHAM        James                carrier                Westbrook
HAMILTON Isaiah                farmer                Glendon Brook
HASSET        John                farmer                Glendon Brook
HENRY        William                shepherd        Reedy Ck.
HICKEY        Thomas                farmer                Glendon Brook
HIPWELL        George                farmer                Reedy Ck.
IRVIN        George                farmer                Upper
IRVIN        John                carrier                Glendon Brook
JAGAR        William                farmer                Glendon Brook
JOHNSON        William                farmer                Glendon Brook
JOLLY        Daniel                splitter        Westbrook
JOLLY        Henry                splitter        Mundiwah
JONES        ---                carrier                Glendon Brook
MARONE        Francis                dealer                Glendon Brook
MARTIN        Thomas                carrier                Upper
MEISSNER Frederick        farmer                Glendon Brook
MENZENBUZER Philip        farmer                Mundiwah
MOODY        Mrs.                farmer                Westbrook
MOONEY        Bernard jun.        carrier                Reedy Ck.
MOONEY        Bernard sen.        farmer                Reedy Ck.
MOORE        Edward                farmer                Reedy Ck.
MOORE        Henry                carrier                Upper
MOORE        John                carrier                Cooper’s Flat
MOORE        W. H.                ---                Cooper’s Flat
MURRAY        Henry                carpenter        Mundiwah
MCKENZIE John jun.        farmer                Westbrook
MCLEOD        Alexander        farmer                Westbrook
NEVES        John                farmer                Westbrook
PEEK        Thomas                splitter        Glendon Brook
PETERS        Edward                farmer                Glendon Brook
RADNAGE        John                farmer                Glendon Brook
REITH        George                farmer                Glendon Brook
ROALS        Thomas                dealer                Cooper’s Flat
ROBERTS        George                farmer                Glendon Brook
ROBINSON Hamilton        farmer                Glendon Brook
ROBINSON Mrs.                farmer                Glendon Brook
SARGEANT William        farmer                Upper
SCHOUBERT Anthony        farmer                Glendon Brook
SHADDOCK A.                bootmaker        Glendon Brook
SMITH        John                gatekeeper        Glendon Brook
SPINKS        George                farmer                Upper
STANTON        Henry                farmer                Upper
STUBBENS Stephen        farmer                Reedy Ck.
TENNANT        James                splitter        Mundiwah
THOMAS        James                ---                Glendon Brook        
WADDELL        William                farmer                Westbrook
WAKE        William                stockman        Glendon Brook        
WALL        Edward                carrier                Glendon Brook
WETHERED Thomas                carrier                Glendon Brook
WOODS        Robert                saddler                Cooper’s Flat

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here